Mora has changed his tune on Vick

We posted earlier today a blurb regarding the comments from former Falcons and Seahawks coach Jim Mora, regarding his former quarterback, Mike Vick.

Appearing on WGR 550 in Buffalo, Mora talked up his former starting quarterback.

“Michael was a positive influence in locker room.  A good worker . . . 
Mike was always the last guy to leave every day.  He watched as much
film as anybody.  All that stuff was a bunch of media talk,” Mora said.

As Rosenthal pointed out, Vick himself has admitted that he wasn’t a good worker, and that he was the first guy to leave, not the last.

It’s possible, as one of you explained in an e-mail, that Vick’s soul-purging strategy upon reinstatement to the NFL included admitting to anything and everything.  (If so, it’s a shame he wasn’t interviewed by O.J. Simpson.)  But as one of you noted in the comments, Mora was singing a different tune about Vick before Vick rejoined the NFL.

Specifically, Ed Werder of ESPN said in an interview with Mora that “you always stated your
belief that [Vick] was a quarterback, and could succeed at the position.”

Because he was my quarterback,” Mora said, grinning.

So why is Mora talking Vick up if he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying?

It could be that he’s eyeballing a career in the media, and that he’s commencing the Joey Sunshine/Jonny Gumdrops routine of never saying anything bad about anyone. 

Or maybe Mora wants to be the Bills’ next defensive coordinator.

Or maybe Mora is eyeballing a spot on the Philly coaching staff.  After all, the Eagles are hoping to snooker someone into giving up more than they should for Vick, and Mora definitely would be helping the cause if he helps generate some genuine interest in Vick.

20 responses to “Mora has changed his tune on Vick

  1. what was the point of the O.J. jab in your article? wait a minute why am i asking, u’ll just delete this comment because u can’t take criticism.

  2. It’s simple. Talking poorly about Vick does nothing to help Mora in any future endeavors. There is no upside. That’s why you put on a happy face, support your past players, and thus becomes a more likable guy.

  3. Jim Mora is a pathological lier. He will say anything to anyone to get or retain a job. Maybe he can get a job at USC with lier Lane. The funny thing is years ago you could get away with it. But now anything you say can go around the world in the blink of and eye. And this meat head just doesn’t get it.

  4. so, three, four comments in a row not published, have I made your hitlist? Or will you publish this one to make me look insane?? Either way, cheers! (p.s. Just delete my account if you can’t take the things you yourself stand for.)

  5. WarrenMoonGOAT, have you ever read the comments? Florio doesn’t censor much of it.
    The OJ comment was pretty weak though.

  6. What was the point of any of this?! Who cares … I mean, good to call-out that Buffalo might want Vick, and there *may* or *may not* be good, past blood between coach/potential coach/potential QB … but to kill so many pixels on this like 9 paragraph bout of nonsense?!?

  7. Levito says:
    January 21, 2010 1:20 PM
    WarrenMoonGOAT, have you ever read the comments? Florio doesn’t censor much of it.
    yeah i come here quite often throughout the day, and most of my comments don’t get posted a few comments yesterday from the Warner retiring article were deleted

  8. WarrenMoonGOAT says:
    January 21, 2010 12:53 PM
    what was the point of the O.J. jab in your article? wait a minute why am i asking, u’ll just delete this comment because u can’t take criticism.
    wow- are you kidding? do you ever read any of the comments besides your own? seems to me that at least 50% of the comments on any given story are some kind of rant about how PFT, Florio, Smith, or Rosenthal sucks! And it seems like they print every last one of them.
    sometimes I’m actually surprised at how much hate mail they print… don’t know what you’ve been looking at…

  9. Vick didn’t throw that (chuckle) “OC” Gregg Knapp under the bus. Gregg Knapp can’t coach. Anyone. Ever.
    The offense was the most frustrating thing about the 2001-2003 49ers. Play-calling was the most frustrating thing to Vick when played with Knapp as coordinator (if all else fails, Vick… RUN!) When your quarterback runs for 1000 yards in a season, he’s running for his life. That’s because Knapp was such a genius that Vick was on HBO telling people that when he lined up, the defense would tell him what the play was. And all he could do was change direction and run, run , run!
    And then, Knapp was with the RAIDERS. Yep! That juggernaut. Then he went to Seattle and stunk it up there.
    So Vick didn’t throw Knapp under the bus. They were fired for their terrible coaching BEFORE Vick was pinched for dogfighting.

  10. Maybe Mora is planning to fight dogs and when he gets caught will blame it on Vicks influence?

  11. Eagles’ Vick details ‘double life’ in new television series
    Associated Press
    WOW! Cant Believe Florio missed this story…He usually posts everything Vick on here to boost ratings!

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