Mora remains a big Vick backer

JimMora.jpgJim Mora Jr. hasn’t worked with Michael Vick since 2006, but he’s still propping up Vick like he’s Mora’s QB1.  Speaking on WGR 550 in Buffalo Thursday, Mora defended Vick on a variety of levels.

“I’ve always said this about Mike,” Mora said.  “Our kids are our greatest treasure.  I’d allow Vick to babysit my kids.”

Mora said that should let you know how he feels about Vick the person, and he has no qualms with Vick the football player either.  Buffalo is being mentioned as a potential landing spot for Vick, and Mora endorsed the move. He even says Vick’s reputation as a slacker in Atlanta was overblown.

“Michael was positive influence in locker room. A good worker . . .  Mike was always the last guy to leave every day.  He watched as much film as anybody.  All that stuff was a bunch of media talk,” Mora said.

Huh? Vick admitted that he didn’t take his job seriously enough in Atlanta.  In his 60 Minutes interview, Vick said he’s heard the accusations that he was the last to arrive to the building and the first to leave.  And that they were all true.

So why is Mora still covering for Vick four years later?

It’s possible Mora has a “Jimmy Sunshine” switch he can’t turn off; he’s eternally optimistic about his players to the media. A conspiracy theorist might suggest Mora is interested in the defensive coordinator job in Buffalo.  (Okay, it was Florio who suggested it over IM.)

The hosts asked Mora about the open position, and he didn’t answer the question directly.  He just said Chan Gailey is a very good coach and Bills fans should give him a chance. 

We’ve heard that take somewhere before.

35 responses to “Mora remains a big Vick backer

  1. Just curious of Herpes Anonymous requires members to only say positive things about people in the group.

  2. Here’s the deal about Michael Vick.
    You can sell me that he tortured/mutilated those dogs because he was raised by scumbags who taught him the animals were just objects.
    You can sell me that it was even HUMANE to kill the dogs who were injured in the fight (though, of course they wouldn’t be in danger if not for Vick.)
    However, here’s where you lose me:
    You want to kill those dogs? You put a silencer on a gun and do it quickly and painlessly.
    You kill those dogs in the manner Vick did because you ENJOY it.
    You don’t hang them, dump water on them & electrocute them, drown them or grab them by the neck & slam them face first into the concrete until dead unless you get off on it for whatever reason.
    I am a diehard, 20 year Buffalo Bills fan. A season ticket holder who buys WAY too much merchandise every year. And I will DROP this team the second that lowlife signs his name on a contract for Buffalo.
    (pssssssssst, don’t tell anyone, but he was a pretty damn crappy QB on a pure football level)

  3. Sounds to me like Mora wants the OC job with the Bills… that is, once they sign Vick. He won’t be calling the plays, Chan will, but I’m sure he’ll take whatever he can get right about now.

  4. Robert P. says:
    January 21, 2010 10:40 AM
    You want to kill those dogs? You put a silencer on a gun and do it quickly and painlessly.
    Aren’t silencers illegal?..
    You sick, sick man. lol

  5. A good connection between chan Gailey and Jim Mora Jr is Tim Lewis, former defensive backs coach and defensive coordinator with the Steelers while Gailey was there. Tim Lewis was Mora’s defensive backs coach last year and a candidate for the coordinator position himself, particularly if Gailey is adamant about going to the 3-4 defense

  6. Nobody has ever accused either Mora of being a genius. There is a reason that the younger one has been fired twice………

  7. Pa-thetic. Losers of a feather stick together.
    If the NFL has standards, neither of these guys will have jobs next season.
    Sounds like the Bills could be desperate and stupid enough to do it, but it’d be a bad move. Vick’s past his prime, is only going to decline, and is a crummy long-term investment. He’s never been a leader. Besides, the Bills have a good QB–Fitzpatrick can throw circles around washed-up Vick. They should focus on building up other aspects of their team.

  8. @Robert P
    So much righteous indignation. Give it a rest. Seriously. You cant tell me that you really give a shit about someone killing a bunch of mangy pit bulls. They werent your dogs, or my dogs. They were Vick’s dogs.
    Now, I can understand if you’d rather not hear about any of it. I know I wouldnt. But your protest reeks of insincerity. It reeks of someone who’s looking for something or someone to hate. (Atually, I think most people who are unusually outspoken about Vick fall into this category)
    As for quarterback play, Vick couldnt do any worse than anyone you’ve had in Buffalo since Jim Kelly hung em up. Yeah, I know…you’ll argue that point. But you know I’m right.

  9. Don’t forget that Vick also admitted he doesn’t watch film because he said it would do him no good because defenses played him far differently than they played other QBs.
    Sounds like Mora has been drinking Vick’s bong-water.

  10. Considering all the Vick to Buffalo talk going on during last season and now again this offseason Mora seems to be trying to set himself up for the OC job in Buffalo if they are stupid enough to think Vick is a good starting QB.

  11. @ Robert P –
    I agree 100%. I have been a Bills fan since the mid 80’s when i was old enough to start paying attention to football. I’ve lived in south florida for all those years and had to deal with Dolphins fans and never once did I consider rooting for another team but if they sign Vick i will be pledging my allegience to ……. well not the fins….the Jags will be leaving soon….. I guess it would have to be the Bucs ( my 84 year old grandmother loves the Bucs so why not).
    Please Ralph and Co. you have spent the last 10 years shitting on your fans from Wade Phillips to Mike Mularky to Dick Jauron…. from Rob Johnson to JP Losman to Ryan Fitzpatrick please please please DO NOT sign Vick.

  12. I DESPISE Mora the son. He always talks out of both sides of his mouth and he’a a whiny little pussy. Just last year he said something negative about Vick’s abilities as a QB and he was asked why he always up-talked Vick when he was in Atlanta and he said BECAUSE HE WAS MY QB.

  13. Michael Vick, Freddy Jackson & Marshawn Lynch all on the same team? I’ll take it. Now focus on shoring-up the O-Line, make a decision on who to keep at WR & TE (outside of Evans & Nelson) and the O is starting to look competitive.

  14. @cornerdenizen
    My post is not insincere in the slightest.
    Michael Vick is a disgusting psychopath.
    He’s not Donte Stallworth.
    He’s not a guy who made a stupid decision and got a combination of what he deserved/horrible luck (a sober driver can hit a guy running across a highway & not using a crosswalk).
    And the point is, that it doesn’t have to be Michael Vick.
    It could be Peyton Manning who mutilated those dogs.
    The point is that you don’t sell your soul to the Devil just to make a friggin Wildcard playoff game.
    And this is coming from a DIEHARD fan. Some things are more important than football.
    If my Buffalo Bills sign Michael Vick, go to Toronto and have them spend their money to support dog killers.
    p.s. I’ll take a few “mangy pitbulls” over you any day.

  15. I have a Pit that I rescued from North Carolina. Best dog i have ever owned. I usually can forgive people once they have been “punished”, but I don’t know. I can’t get over that he killed dogs. People get pissed off because of Tebow Warner and Kitna thanking God after success, but then love Vick? What’s this world coming to?
    Vick is a great player and could make a huge impact for the Bills. He was a Salary cap cancer though. Since his stock went down Buffalo could afford him. I can’t emotionally get behind him though.

  16. It’s also a possibility that Vick confirmed those reports because he wanted the public to see that he accepts full responsibilty for his actions, and that nit-picking on what he did or didn’t do, or arguing for himself on the matter, would be recieved negatively by the public.

  17. But why wouldn’t Mora like Vick. He is full of courage. Just ask the Eagles…
    Maybe hes just afraid Vick will send Marcus after him if he says anything bad.
    Who is the worst Vick anyway?
    Mike or Marcus?

  18. @Robert P
    First, Im not quite sure how to interpret your final comment. Was I petitioning to be your pet?
    I agree, some things are more important than football. Perspective, for one. While Im admittedly not a dog killer, and have no understanding of how anyone could derive pleasure from it, Im not so sure dog killing is the worst crime ever committed.
    I mean, Vick actually went to prison for it.
    Yet someone like, I don’t know….Donald Rumsfeld told bold face lies about his reasons for invading Iraq. It resulted in a war that has cost millions of lives (mostly human but some canine, I suppose) but has no real goal, purpose, or end.
    But Rumsfeld was never punished.
    Just seems strange to me.

  19. Jim Kelly this morning stated he would not like to see Michael Vick in a Bills uniform. Kelly is a ambassador for the team and has nothing to do with player personal BUT his words still carry great weight in Bills Country

  20. i hope the eagles keep vick/kolb and trade mcnabb to his buddy TO’s team for the 1st round pick we gave them for peters…well even throw in westbrook!

  21. I think Mora’s comments just indicate that he’s the kind of guy who has faith in others even when most would have lost it. It’s not a bad quality and if everyone had the same outlook the world wouldn’t be such a bad place. But it isn’t exactly an accurate world view. And no I don’t think he’s lobbying for work by saying this. If Mora were the Machiavellian sort he would have feathered his nest sufficiently with the Seahawks and Atlanta to have ridden out the pressures of regime change. He has demonstrated clearly that he’s not a political animal, just a guy with good intentions who doesn’t qualify his statements to appeal to everyone.

  22. @cornerdenizen
    Agreed, worse crimes have been committed.
    Then again, you can always say that.
    Where’s the line?
    Example: The most common Vick defense is “He did his time! The past is in the past!”
    However, I guarantee you if Michael Vick had raped a 5 year old boy, you and everyone else wouldn’t be crying out to the heavens for justice.
    Yes, I am also well aware that raping a child & killing a dog are two different crimes, however, they still take the same KIND of sick mind who is willing to torture another living creature for their own enjoyment.
    (and by the way, if you don’t think Michael Vick was getting sexually aroused by his bloodlust of torturing those dogs, you are being naive)

  23. Cornerdenizen says:
    January 21, 2010 12:22 PM
    I agree, some things are more important than football. Perspective, for one. While Im admittedly not a dog killer, and have no understanding of how anyone could derive pleasure from it, Im not so sure dog killing is the worst crime ever committed.
    I mean, Vick actually went to prison for it.
    No he didn’t. He spent zero time in prison for killing any creature.
    Just because something wasn’t the “worst crime ever committed” a fan not wanting a guy on their team who did it to the point he would give up his tickets is in your eyes a warped sense of perspective? I couldn’t agree less.

  24. Ya know what. I could get behind Vick. I could get behind anyone so long as they help my team win. As long as I don’t have to be the one who damns people for what they do or have done. I just care about W’s

  25. Wow people are willing to give up their team and jump on another one because Mike Vick might join them… The hell kind of football fans are you?

  26. @CanadianVikingFan
    I agree. Players come and go but YOUR TEAM is YOUR TEAM. Unless of course they are one of those people that have “their other favorite team” or “they are my favorite AFC team and that team is my favorite NFC team”. I couldn’t imagine not being a Vikings fan no matter how many times thay have pulled my heart out through my chest. Steeler fans, and Packer fans don’t turn their backs on their teams, EVER!

  27. @ zappa & canadianvikingfan
    In the 1930’s a guy with some unpopular ideas came along in Germany.
    People stuck by him through anything to stick by their “team” (country).
    Anyone remember how that one turned out?
    Don’t be a sheep.
    Don’t spend your hard-earned money to root for this lowlife scum of the Earth just because he puts on a uniform of your favorite team.
    In short, grow the eff up.

  28. @ Robert P.
    You are insane.
    Firstly you don’t have to root for Vick, you root for your team..
    Secondly how do I need to “grow the eff up.” You’re the one who is preaching like a madman and comparing Vick to Adolph Hitler. No one, not even a dog killer should ever be compared to him unless they commit crime and disparity on that level which Vick did not.
    You should check into a mental health clinic..

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