PFT Daily: January 21, 2010

We’ve already looked generally at the AFC title game, and we’ve picked the Jets to win the game.

So let’s look at what the Jets need to do to win the game.

Other than, you know, score more points than the Colts.


12 responses to “PFT Daily: January 21, 2010

  1. I honestly don’t see how anyone could think the jets beat the colts in this game. You’re all insane. Absolutely insane.

  2. I wouldn’t count the Jets out, they remind me an awful lot of the Ravens when they won it all. Big D good running, half-ass QB. I would root for the jets if it were not for the fact that I think their coach is an un-mitigated ASS hole, so I am going to hope the Manning picks “em apart.

  3. The Jets will be down two scores by mid-way through the second quarter. Its not like Manning had trouble moving the offense in Week 16 against them, he was well on his way to a 300 yard day.
    The Colts will go up and the Jets will be forced to throw the ball 25+ times, which means multiple turn-overs from Sanchez.
    The Colts JUST did this to the Ravens last week – forced them to win through the air and they wound up scoring 3 points, and Flacco is better than Sanchez. Taking the Jets to WIN this game, nevermind the spread, is insane.
    The Colts are at home. The Colts have Peyton Manning.
    The Jets don’t even deserve to be there (Houston should’ve gotten that last wild card spot). Their ride ends Sunday night, bet on it…

  4. This just in: NBC has announced Conan will replace Florio. He’s taller [who isn’t?] and knows considerably more about football.

  5. I think the Jets can go down by 14 and still win, but point taken. I would put the # they can’t go down by at 18+ in the 2nd half before they abandon the gameplan.
    They have got to mix it up more.

  6. This pundit (Florio) is the ONLY one picking the jets, go figure.
    BUT I must thank the jets for getting the bolts to inflate. The AFC West is happy, Norv signs an extention.

  7. The graphic on Peyton Manning’s post season stats is eyebrow-popping. 16 games, 4000+ yards, 24 TDs.. for all intents & purposes that’s another full season.

  8. i can not stand ignorant fans like you sirsupersouthern. How can you possibly say they dont deserve to be there? obviously your football knowledge is zero to none because a team that beats two playoffs teams on the road deserves to be in the AFC Championship. Use your head and stop being so arrogant.

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