Receivers lack confidence in Leinart

M.Leinhart.jpgKurt Warner’s retirement talk has forced the Cardinals to consider a future without him.  Doubts remain about the next man up in Arizona: Matt Leinart.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic says Leinart has to re-gain the trust of his receivers.  “Everyone can say all the right things about believing in him, but
Leinart’s inaccuracy this season eroded confidence among the receiving
corps,” Somers writes.

Leinart also faces questions about his passion for football.  He’s turned around the perception regarding lax work habits the last two years, but it’s difficult to measure up to Warner.

The receivers’ lack of confidence speaks more to Leinart’s talent than work ethic.  After four years in the NFL, we still have no idea whether Leinart is good enough to succeed as a starting quarterback.

The Cardinals hope they don’t have to find out in 2010.

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  1. “The Cardinals hope they don’t have to find out in 2010.”
    But the other 31 teams in the NFL certainly do.

  2. Sooner or later, Kurt Warner will retire and the Cards will need to make a decision on Leinart. I don’t thnk Ken Whisenhunt is sold on Leinart and would not be surprised to see the Cards sign a veteran QB, ostensibly to be the backup but in reality to compete for the starting job, should Warner decide to hang it up this offseason.

  3. They better find out soon enough, or they’re going to have completely wasted a first round pick and Leinert will end up starting on some other team.

  4. what exactly did leinart do to you or florio that you constantly dog this guy?how is he supposed show he is a nfl qb when he plays behind a all pro qb?what he is supposed to set records in the 10 min. he plays a year?what about how he played his first year before he was injured?I guess the lesson he should have learned is before a young rich kid has a party in the off season he should invite some laywer turned football expert first right? let the guy play a season before you label him a is not his fault his coach did not draft him and he does not fit his system.I can’t wait until he is released or traded to another team and does well and we read about how you knew he would be good once he got a chance.

    “after four years in the NFL, we still don’t know if Leinart can take a team into the playoffs.”
    “After four years in the NFL, we still have no idea whether Leinart is good enough to succeed as a starting quarterback.”
    I see what you did here, you let someone else write you articles and then change one line. Although, I’m sure this is very common in your line of work.

  6. I never thought accuracy was his issue. I have just always doubted his arm strength and speed of delivery.
    That’s the big adjustment that AZ receivers would hae to make.
    From a guy who can take a snap, progress through reads and put it RIGHT where it needs to be to a guy who tends to take forever to get the ball out and then sort of LOFTS it to the receiver.
    Big difference in styles and mechanics.

  7. what a bunch of nonsense. i’m not a leinart fan, personally i think he sucks, but the writer claims that everyone “says the right thing” and yet this writer still goes with his theory that confidence in leinart has eroded, all while offering ZERO proof.
    talk about a writer with an agenda. pathetic.

  8. I am curious to see if Pete Carroll makes a play for Leinart to let him compete for a role on the Seahawks. I believe Seneca Wallace’s contract is about up & Hasselback’s best days are clearly behind him.

  9. No way Lionheart makes it in the NFL. When Jesus Warner retires this offseason, Zona will trade for McNabb. McNabb will have his great recievers to throw at their feet, and he’ll be close to home becuase he lives there already. That way when the fans what to vandalize his lawn he can at least be there to defend it, by smiling a lot and throwing chunky soup cans over there head and at their feet.
    But I digress, everyone lacks confidence in Matt Lionheart becuase he is terrible. A first round pick who had years to learn and study from Jesus Warner, and he can’t improve? Thats not a good sign.
    Draft Tim TeBlow!
    God bless

  10. Yeah, give us Arizona’s #1 and we will THROW in Jamarkus!!
    Actually we will pay anyone who takes Russell out of Oakland!

  11. It will be interesting to see the complaints from the Fitzgerald family if and when Leinert becomes the starter. Might be a careful what you wish for scenerio. You go from a player who I believe should be considered for the Hall of Fame to a spoiled, rich brat. Don’t get me wrong I hope Leinert succeeds he just hasn’t shown his worth as of yet.

  12. Give him the same game plan, and he will be just fine. Warner and Leinart have something in common, they each have a losing record in Arizona.
    With those receivers Leinart can, has and will put up #’s as long as Whisenhunt doesn’t dial up 35 carries a game.
    The Cards would have been better off spending the 19 million they wasted on Warner elsewhere.

  13. Trade McNabb and a 3rd to Arizona (where D-Mac lives) for Boldin and a 2nd.
    Trade Leinart to Seahawks (to Carroll) for a 3rd.
    Arizona has McNabb, a first rounder and 2 3rds.
    Philly has a solid reciver plus more picks to rebuild their O-line since the Andrews sisters robbed it.
    And the Seahawks have a QB for Carroll to work with.
    WIN – WIN – WIN

  14. You can be assured the Cards will be knocking the door down to get at McNabb if Warner retires, but a more likely outcome is Lienart to the Seahawks for Hasselbeck(nope cant spell it)

  15. I don’t think the Eagles need Boldin now that they have Jackson and Maclin. I’d rather just have picks.

  16. # silverb65 says: January 21, 2010 12:00 PM
    Hey Youngone;
    Pats get our 2011 #1 not 2010!
    Get your facts straight mister!
    Oh snap. I just got served by a Raiders fan.

    Because McNabb is accurate??? At least Arizona would be getting someone really….old?

  18. No one knew about Aaron ROdgers either. Now we all see the Packers made the right call. Give the dude a decent look as a starter and he might be the goods. He’s sat behind one of the all time greats for 4 years, that can only help him once he takes the reins.

  19. I see it going down like this…
    1st thing is the Cards would have to acquire McSoup.
    Trade Boldin and a 3rd…maybe another pick to Philly to get McSoup
    THEN trade Leinart to Seattle for a 1st and 5th. If Seattle thinks they’ll get Leinart for anything less than a 1st and a pick they are out of their minds.
    What I see happening is…Seattle is going to make a huge push for Leinart, but the Cards won’t deal until they have McSoup. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Seattle offering a 1st and a 3rd for him. Why? They have no QB and Leinart KNOWS Carroll’s system inside and out. He knows the calls and he knows the reads.
    The problem for AZ is trading within the division.
    The deals will not go down until AZ has McSoup.
    I’d also see the Cards taking Sam Bradford in the 1st round as their backup.

  20. The Cards players and coaches see Leinart every day in practice, so they know whether or not he’s any good or not. If the Cards draft a QB in the first or secon round this year, then it will confirm that Matt “beer bong” Leinart is indeed a bust.

  21. Brian St.Pierre anyone? No one knows if this guy is capable or not he has 2 completions of 5 for 12 yards a TD and an INT.
    He has been in the league for 7 years and is 30 years old.

  22. i could see the Seahawks making a deal to get Matt Leinart especially if Kurt Warner decides to stay for one more year then the Cardinals draft a Colt McCoy or Jevan Snead to take over for Warner when he retires. and the reason i say the Seahawks is Pete Carroll, i think he would like to be reunited with his old quarterback at USC.

  23. THEN trade Leinart to Seattle for a 1st and 5th. If Seattle thinks they’ll get Leinart for anything less than a 1st and a pick they are out of their minds
    I could see Seattle dealing only ONE of their first round picks, but that is it! really i believe the only way a deal happens is if Seattle gets a 3rd round pick too, Leinart has not proven to be good and why would Seattle make a deal with Arizona when they could have Clausen fall in their lap?

  24. I want some of whatever AZ Red Bird is smoking if he thinks anyone who knows an ounce about football would ever give up a 1st round pick for Leinart.

  25. Wow! Cardinal fans actually think Leinart is worth a first round pick?????
    So let me get this straight. The Cards feel that Leinart sucks too much to lead an offense with one of the most talented receiver cores in football, yet a division opponent with crappy receivers will think that QB is their savior and hand you a 1st rounder for him? More likely the Seahawks are already celebrating their second place finish in the NFC West behind the 49ers.

  26. Matt Leinhart In a fair trade/even trade (like champ for portis)for
    Jamarcuss Russell

  27. do people even watch what is going on around the league? boldin to philly for mcnabb? why would philly want boldin? desean jackson and maclin are already good. why bring in a player to play 12 games a season for you because his body is breaking down?

  28. Whis is a good judge of QB talent. If he saw promise in Leinart, we’d see it on the field at some point. But Leinart doesn’t even come across as someone hungry to get out there and prove himself.
    Leinart to Seattle may be something Carroll would consider since Hasselbeck is on the tail end of his career. But if Carroll doesn’t want him, you really have to question whether he’s got the goods.

  29. But didn’t Leinart work out with Jay Glazer’s Badass Camp of MMA? Didn’t he “growl” at someone, thereby showing how tough and competitive he is? Gimme a break….

  30. boldin to philly for mcnabb? why would philly want boldin? desean jackson and maclin are already good
    but if Bolden went to Philly, think about what you could do with Maclin, he would be a slot reciever and very hard to stop.

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