Former Browns trainer resurfacing in Atlanta

In June, eyebrows were raised when Browns trainer Marty Lauzon abruptly left the organization.  Though the move was attributed to personal and family reasons, some thought he had been pushed out by coach Eric Mangini.

Now, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Lauzon will soon be joining the Falcons.

Lauzon had worked for the Browns since they rejoined the league in 1999.  It’s our understanding that Lauzon will become the head trainer in Atlanta. 

On Wednesday, the Falcons parted ways with Rod Medlin, who had served as the franchise’s head trainer for 16 years.

UPDATE:  Former NFL lineman Roman Oben, who spent two years in Cleveland while Lauzon was on the training staff, writes via Twitter than “Mangini was making [Lauzon] stay late [with] an ill son.”

17 responses to “Former Browns trainer resurfacing in Atlanta

  1. Hey Mike, sometimes less is more.
    For some reason that what comes to mind after reading this. This post should of had a date with the shredder.

  2. What’s next Florio, ball boys that change teams? Like Dinger stated, doesn’t seem very relevant and beyond the scope of what most fans care about.
    In other words,…so what!

  3. Trainer? You have just offended a lot of people Florio. No kidding…… Trainer? Dog trainer? horse trainer? Trainer?
    If he is a strength and conditioning coach, call him a SC coach.
    If he is an athletic trainer, call him an athletic trainer. I think I speak for the National Athletic Trainer’s Association when I say, Athletic trainers are in an identity crisis to the general public/ media/ old school thinkers.
    They would appreciate it if the media could start saying athletic trainer, not trainer.
    There is a difference.

  4. Sounds good to me. All of the Browns teams since coming back into the league in 1999 have been among the weakest, least physical, and looked the least prepared from an athletically-trained standpoint- and the records have reflected it.
    Let him take his “no real physical training needed” style (and yeah, staph germs) to Atlanta. Maybe we’ll finally get someone who trains players into beasts…

  5. I’ve been saying for years that not enough time is given to trainer controversies. It’s a comfort to know that you’re on the job, Mike.

  6. He doesn’t need to bring a staph infection with him, all NFL locker rooms are proud owners of their own staph infections. They are rampant

  7. Hey, ATL? Don’t worry about the staph germs. But he will have to worry about getting bit by Vick’s former dogs. After having that creep on your team for so long, you shouldn’t be making cracks about other teams.

  8. Four years as head athletic trainer. Four years that that the Browns name became synonymous with staph infection. He left in June. Not one publicized case of staph reported from the Browns since, that I can find.
    Someone do the math…

  9. There are a lot of cases of staph that go “unreported” mostly because someone’s medical problem is confidential. EVERY locker room has staph, it is just a matter of not introducing it into a wound. NFL teams every year pay companies to “sterilize” the ATHLETIC TRAINING room and locker rooms. It is up to the athletes to make sure they stay clean. You can’t blame the athletic trainers if the athletes aren’t cleaning themselves and taking care of their wounds. Not to mention, it is a contact sport. Someone has staph, and scratches someone or introduces it into a wound that the athlete didn’t cover…… boom.

  10. I didn’t mean to set off a firestorm about staph infections. Just making a Florioesque joke, that’s all! LOL

  11. Florio, you’re simply pathetic.
    First of all, you say “some” people thought Mangini pushed him out. The very link you included in this story has an update that says it WASN’T Mangini. That some people was YOU, dude.
    WTF does Roman Oben know? He retired in 2008 BEFORE Mangini got to Cleveland.
    Oh, and Lauzon left in JUNE. So he worked for/with Mangini for what, 4 months?
    Like I said….. pathetic.

  12. Hey Florio:
    My friend’s brother’s friend told me he has a buddy that told him that Eric Mangini doesn’t PowerFlush after a big #2 in the Browns Men’s Room. Maybe there’s a story for you there…

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