Jets experiencing PSL "frenzy," but plenty remain

A league source told us earlier in the week that there should be no complaints from the Jets regarding the sale of Personal Seat Licenses for their new stadium.

And there indeed are none.

Per Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star Ledger (via SBD), owner Woody Johnson said Thursday that there’s “a little bit of a frenzy right now” for PSLs.

They’ll need “a lot” of a frenzy in order to sell them all.  Per a league source, the team still needs to move 25,000 to 30,000 PSLs.

A win this weekend could go a long way toward making it happen.

13 responses to “Jets experiencing PSL "frenzy," but plenty remain

  1. Wait…’re not suggesting that teams that don’t win have a tough time selling PSL’s ?
    Who woulda thunk it ?

  2. Its such a frenzy that the Jets have called me again.
    They’re worse than a stalker ex-girlfriend. They dont take no for an answer no matter how many times you tell them to leave you alone.
    Yep. Frenzy.
    F.U. Woody you greedy prick.

  3. winning team = $$$ PSL’s…
    Now a question to whomever:
    If a “PSL” is sold to subsidize the cost of building the facility. Why are said owner’s not given the right to own those seats for all events?
    Per Wiki, that was the original intent of a PSL. (
    If you want to get technical and say the PSL is only for “given” team, i.e. Jets, then why does one have to also incurr costs of the ticket(s) themselves. Or go even further as the Staduim owner collecting off something I supposedly own by charging other entertainment acts use of their venue while collecting off my seats.
    Just something I’ve always wondered and honestly not the schooled in so wonder what others thoughts are. I liken PSL’s being a rip-off the same as the shadiness with ticketmaster and purchasing tickets in general.

  4. If this sad excuse for a football team and its Jabba the Hut owner win vs. the Colts and then go on to win the Super Bowl it may finally be proof that the NFL is fixed.
    Hmmm…..can’t sell PSL’s???….what to do???….Oh yeah…..manuever team into winning the Super Bowl, PSL’s sell, new stadium gets paid for, NFL takes its cut and delusional morons who are Jets fans can rehash this “Cinderella” season (although with Jets fans its more like “Cinderfella”….Jerry Lewis movie anyone??) for the next 40 years.
    Oh…well…its better than having to see that dried up old drunkard Joe Namath…who….by the way, didn’t he have more career INT’s than TD’s????….dragged out every so often as proof of a bygone era when they actually ever accomplished anything

  5. Sure, the owners are trying to gouge the fans as much as they can, but that’s because their expenses are through the roof. The salary cap keeps spiralling out of control, and the number of staff they employ to keep the franchise running is insane. Check the staff directory of an NFL team now as compared to ten years ago – it’s nuts.
    Return on Equity is how the markets measure profitability, and even the most profitable NFL franchises have a modest ROE compared to companies like Nike, Reebok, Coca-Cola, etc. Owning an NFL team is a vanity play more than it is a cash cow.

  6. Whatever it’s worth – from a former Jet season ticket holder… it’s just a matter of being too expensive. The stadium was built as “Design Build” – meaning it was a blank check for the builder. The premise was that the fans will cover it. Not too many people can justify spending (to themselves, let alone their families) 10-15k for the right to buy a season ticket at 100+/game… $50 parking per game (in a town over)… 2 regular-seasoned-priced preseaon tickets. And in 30 years, when Woody wants to build another stadium… guess where the tab is going to be passed onto again… Love the team, hate the scam… I’m priced out
    There was nothing wrong with Giant Stadium

  7. @ Odell
    “Can we say BandWagon Fans?!?!?!?”
    You really have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?
    Prior to this ridiculous idea of chargeing for PSL’s (probably thought up by the NFL front office)… there was a +40 year waiting list for Jets Season tickets; I know, I was on the list.
    And while many fans have been completly turned off by the idea of having to pay a very hefty one-time fee for the privilege of buying very expensive season ticket packages (rightfully so) there is still an vast abundance of long-time Jets fans out there.
    So to label them as band-wagoneers is absurd… this isn’t San Diego!

  8. Frenzy my arse. Jets are blowing smoke trying to build a market that doesnt exist and recover from an epic blunder on their PSL pricing
    Little math : 80,000 seats – 40,000 upper seats with No PSL = 40,000 PSL seats
    If they have 25-30k still available in the biggest market in the world they screwed themselves by overpricing.
    No way the average Jet fan will fork over their ridiculous PSL prices, even with the run they are on. Jets fans are younger than Giants, so they do not have the disposable income that is needed to justify a PSL purchase. Plus, they should have followed the Giants game plan. Charge everyone(Uppers are 1k), so you dont have to overcharge the lower half of the stadium to recoup their costs.
    Jets got greedy, decided to hold an auction to get the maximum amount of money possible and got screwed because the stock market crash. Example was the auctioned off 1st row behind bench at received almost 75k per ticket, so they looked like geniuses, but the guy didnt have the money to pay after the crash and they got stuck.
    Then add the fact that they are charging more for seats than the Giants and they deserve to have a half empty stadium.
    I think the Giants have about 1k seats still available, and they are the highest priced seats. I don’t think either team will be selling more PSL’s.

  9. It’s called “Nickel and dime” and many teams do that to their fans, like the Jets it appears.
    On the flip side, the Colts don’t have PSLs and enjoy a 10,000+ person waiting list on season tix. Plus have one of the most lucrative Stadium naming rights deals in all of sports (Note: Home field also not named after a completely different team, ahem.)

  10. I was a season ticket holder for 15 years…gave them up this season BECAUSE of the PSL situation.
    My 4 seats went from $25/seat in 1994 to $80/seat in 2008, I can understand the increase in price over the years, but for next season they want $125/seat plus a PSL fee. And that is only for the Jets games…no rights whatsoever to those seats for any other event.
    Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want to be part of a marketing scam.

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