Mayock: Suh and McCoy are easily draft's top two players

Most draft analysts don’t inspire confidence, but Mike Mayock of NFL Network has consistently proven to be ahead of the competition. When he bangs his fist on the table for a player, we listen. 

On Friday, he said that defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska) and Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma) are the draft’s top two prospects.  By a lot.

The names aren’t surprising, but Mayock’s belief in McCoy is noteworthy.  He sees Suh and McCoy as equally valuable and doesn’t see a quarterback as a candidate for the top pick.

“I think it’s a big reach,” Mayock said. “The logical guy is [Sam] Bradford. I’m not a big [Jimmy] Clausen fan. No way in
the world in my mind; that’s today, I’ve still got a lot more work to
do on Bradford. Those two players [Suh and McCoy] just dwarf the
quarterback issue.”

Mayock’s words were transcribed by in Detroit, where the Lions hold the second pick.  If Mayock is right, Jim Schwartz should be a very happy coach.

43 responses to “Mayock: Suh and McCoy are easily draft's top two players

  1. Mel Kiper is ALWAYS wrong and after his pick is wrong he stumbles like an idiot trying to explain why a team picked someone else. I don’t know why he has a job, oh wait he works at ESPN, for the same company that employs Keyshawn Johnson.

  2. God are the Lions losers! They have had the top 5 picks the last 10 years and they still suck ass.

  3. Mayock is about as comfortable in front of a camera as Chuck Norris, but he’s a competent guy. Can’t say the same for Kiper and that other ESPN tool.

    It’s about what Mike Mayock thinks
    good luck with the reading lessons

  5. When I saw the headline, I thought Mayock had lost his everloving mind. Colt McCoy … is he kidding??? I have some beautiful fragile sculptures if someone wants to draft those, too, because they’d be able to take about as many hits as Colt would. But Mayock’s talking about Gerald McCoy, not Colt. Ah well … that makes more sense. Frankly, I’m a lot more interested in who Mayock thinks will be around mid-draft when the Steelers are scheduled to pick than I am in who goes first.

  6. Mayock has it right because history favors the DL,OL AND ILB by a large margin over QB,RB,AND WR in the first round. Whether its Bruce Smith or Reggie White as the top pick or Steve Hutchison in the middle or Vince Wilfolk and Nick Mangold at the end of the first round they are guys who are guaranteed ten year plus starters .Its almost a nobrainer. As a Redskin fan I am praying for Russell Okung instead of Bradford or Clausen. Charlie Casserly admitted that his two biggest draft mistakes was not taking Bob Whitfield and Kevin Carter instead of I am not sure but I believe Heath Schuler,Desmond Howard,and Michael Westbrook. Two of those three.
    None were worthy of high picks

  7. This will be the Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf issue of defensive tackles.
    Which one will be destined to win multiple MVPs and a Super Bowl and which one will be destined to be indicted on burglary and controlled substance charges in Texas?

  8. 1. Chapnasty2 says: January 22, 2010 8:33 PM
    Mel Kiper is ALWAYS wrong and after his pick is wrong he stumbles like an idiot trying to explain why a team picked someone else. I don’t know why he has a job, oh wait he works at ESPN, for the same company that employs Keyshawn Johnson.
    Too bad this brief article doesn’t talk about Mel Kiper…

  9. Mayock is amazing. Kiper is an idiot. And thank god someone else has noticed that Keyshawn is an idiot wrapped in a moron. When Keyshawn speaks, I’m sure Ditka is silently wondering if there is a crowbar close by he could clock him with……

  10. Chapnasty2 says: January 22, 2010 8:33 PM
    Mel Kiper is ALWAYS wrong and after his pick is wrong he stumbles like an idiot trying to explain why a team picked someone else. I don’t know why he has a job, oh wait he works at ESPN, for the same company that employs Keyshawn Johnson.
    Who said anything about Mel Kiper?

  11. I understand the article is not about Mel Kiper. However the first sentence, “Most draft analysts don’t inspire confidence”, inspired me to mention Mel Kiper. Mayock is always on point which I guess I should have added to my oribianl line because apparently people are more eager to jump down peoples throats then use a little logic to understand something.
    @ Mr. Big
    Thank you for having the common sense, logic and understanding to see where I was going.

  12. The posts on this thread are why I come to this website.
    People like Chapnasty2 should not be allowed to reproduce.

  13. They’re not head and shoulders above S Eric Berry (that’s for damn sure).
    They just play a more premiere position.

  14. I think Mayock is the best draft guy out there these days. McShay and Kiper have their moments, but I think Mayock’s video work is a notch above them. Certainly, all three are prone to their mistakes and issues, but I like Mayock.
    I also agree that Suh and McCoy are the best two guys. This is a decent draft at the top, but those two guys are really a notch above. McCoy’s the classic 3-technique. Suh is a rare all-around dominant DT who could probably be as dominant in a 3-4 scheme (as a 5-technique – his ability to stack and shed makes me wonder if that might not be his best spot). For two defensive minded head coaches like Spags and Schwartz, that’s sweet news.
    Both teams could use impact defensive lineman. Despite drafting Adam Carriker and Chris Long in recent years, the Rams still have a very average DL. I think Chris showed some progress down the stretch, but put him on a line with Suh, and that could really open his opportunities up. I still think Dorell Scott is someone to watch on the inside. I’d love to see a team take a chance on Adam Carriker as a 3-4 DE, which I thought was his best spot coming out of college (despite Monte Kiffin talking him up as a 3-technique). The Rams could pick up a Colt McCoy in round 2 in all likelihood. Schwartz’s defenses in Tennessee were really predicated on a dominant DL, and they lack anyone like that right now. I mean, Sammie Lee Hill looked better than I expected, but they need help. Avril is more of a pass-rush specialist that needs to be freed up for 1-v-1 matchups to really have a chance to excel.
    I like both guys better than Tyson Jackson last year (granted, McCoy is a different type of DL guy). I think Suh is clearly a notch above Dorsey, and I think McCoy might grade better as well.

  15. Chapnasty2 = Mr. Big, perhaps?
    I mean, are there really two people alive that would take a story about Mike Mayock, Ndamukong Suh, and Gerald McCoy and use it as a way to rip Mel Kiper AND Keyshawn Johnson ?

  16. At least one draft pundit agrees with me on Clausen.
    @JaggedMark – Agreed, Berry is an elite safety. Problem is, he’s a safety.

  17. and with the 2nd pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions take Freddie Barnes/WR/Bowling Green!!!!
    For the record, Mayock is by far the best out their in rating draft prospects. I am surprised that he isn’t working as a head of personnel for some team.

  18. I remember Mayock being one of the top Vernon Gholston fans. Him and Jamie Dukes got in a discussion after the Jets drafted him when Dukes made a comment on how bad Gholston’s football instincts were. I know it’s just one player he got wrong, but he missed big time.

  19. Hey, I did say that Mayock was awesome.
    That being said, I could not resist commenting about Chapnasty2’s reference to Kiper’s inability to pick his nose must less a draft.
    And wow, a chance to also comment/rip on Keyshawn on the same post! Honestly, how could I pass that up? Child, please…….

  20. I happen to agree with Mayock on the QBs. There aren’t any QBs in this draft that you can look at and say that they will be successes. Claussen has made his bones against rather inferior talent and Bradford had one really good season, but was totally shamed against the Florida defense. Also I am leery of a QB who runs a lot of shotgun spread offense. Bradford was totally clowned in the National Championship game last year and Claussen’s best games came against teams like Nevada and Purdue. I hope that the Redskins don’t take either of these players.

  21. No draft analyst is perfect, Mayock included.
    But he’s one of the best, if not the best. The guy knows his stuff and I’m with you on this one Florio – gotta alot of respect for the guy and his judgments.

  22. Sadly for teams in the top 5, they aren’t in position to draft best available talant, though they should. Maybe the rams feel that they are best able to draft a qb, or the lions feel the need is greatest at OT. Now as for me, oh yeah I think Suh and then McCoy would be a great first two picks for those defensive minded coaches. But will they draft them? Can’t wait to find out.

  23. If Suh is around at the Redskins pick do you still draft Okung??? Suh and Haynesworth would be sick or we could trade Suh.

  24. RE:
    ” The Coop says: January 22, 2010 9:45 PM
    The posts on this thread are why I come to this website.
    People like Chapnasty2 should not be allowed to reproduce.”
    If Chapstick can’t reproduce, who will flip the burgers?

  25. First, the fact is all of these guys get one or two picks right in the draft each year – mayock included. Second, with all due respect to mayock, Kiper CREATED the mock draft industry, so show a little respect. Third suh may be reggie white, but reggie white didn’t win a SB with cunningham. he needed a franchise QB to do so. DT’s aren’t cornerstones for SB winners QB’s are. end of story

  26. Chapnasty’s comment was easily understood, and warranted.
    I also agree totally!!
    Mayock’s opinion or analysis holds up WAY more than Kiper’s (Elvis jr.). Mel just loves to hear is own voice.

  27. Yep Mayock is awesome. His competence and ESPN’s draft guys’ INCOMPETENCE combine to make who to watch on draft day an easy decision. As a Pats fan, I really listen to him because he used to play for BB and he knows what they look for. I do recall before the 2007 draft he raved ON AND ON about a CB named Darrelle Revis.

  28. Mock drafts are only useful to see where players may land in the draft and who MAY be available to your team. t

  29. SlimPickens says:
    January 22, 2010 9:13 PM
    Detroit will screw this pick and choose Penn St. QB-Darryl Clark at #2 instead.
    Learn what you’re talking about…they had the 16th pick 2 years ago and traded down a spot.

  30. If the bulk of the people dont know why in the hell you mentioned Mel Kiper and only one or two do, dont credit the two as being great thinkers. It would be wiser to consider that maybe you want more people to understand your phrasing and work to improve it.
    Make note of the agreement here that MCoy and Suh are looking like the obvious first two picks in the draft. Because in 3-4 years if one of them busts we are sure to read how stupid the team that drafted the wrong guy was. Even though all 32 teams and every “draft guy” agrees who the top 2 should be.
    Finally, When a commentator says a pick was bad during the draft and has to explain why it doesn’t match his mock draft it does not mean the mock draft was wrong. It means he thinks the team made a mistake. At the time of the pick we dont really know who is right.
    Oh and the point that history favors the DL,OL AND ILB as being much more reliable as high draft picks then QB’s and such. Its an early comment and the guy included Mangold and a few othere solid first round picks. Don’t forget about Jamal Anderson (ATL) and the list of first round DL,OL AND ILB busts most people can also create.

  31. Come on, guys, quit picking on Chap. He saw a thread about the draft and it made him think of his dislike for Mel Kiper. So he indulged himself with a rant. If you can’t rant on PFT, where can you?
    I agree with patpatriotagain, all the draft analysts call some right and some wrong, but Kiper was the first and should get some props for it. Usually it takes time to know who’s a real boom or bust. A guy may break out his rookie year then fade into obscurity with little long-term production. The best acquisitions aren’t always the breakout stars. Sometimes they’re the guys quietly anchoring the line year in and year out or the QBs who set the league on fire after they’ve been around a couple of years.

  32. Mayock is spot on here with Suh and Gerald McCoy.
    I am also with him on Bradford and not very high on Clausen either.
    This draft’s top ten picks will be dominated by the lines (Anthony Davis-Russell Okung)…

  33. How is Mayock “ahead of the competition” when just about everyone else had already been projecting Suh and McCoy to go in the top 2? If anything, Mayock’s often late to the party. In 2007, he ranked Jon Beason ahead of Patrick Willis. In 2008, Mayock had Chad Henne as his #2 ranked QB for months until he finally relented and put Joe Flacco in that spot after others had already done so. In 2009, Michael Oher was his #4 rated tackle behind Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith and Andre Smith. This year, Mayock doesn’t have Navorro Bowman among his Top 5 outside linebackers and he’s got Dexter McCluster rated higher as a runningback than Jonathan Dwyer? Then again, Mayock pegged Brian Leonard as an every down runningback as well. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

  34. “If you can’t rant on PFT, where can you?”
    he, he,
    After long and serious thought I’ve come up with an answer: a drunken woman in a sports bar.

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