Purple punter promises not to "poop [his] pants"

During the 2008 season, the Vikings and the Saints staged a Monday night classic in the Superdome.  The game featured two punts returned by Reggie Bush for touchdowns.

This time around, the Vikings will use a different approach.

We’ll have a plan that doesn’t involve pooping our pants,” Kluwe said, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

But there was a plan the last time around — kick the ball out of bounds.  It was Kluwe who failed to implement it.

His failure was sufficiently spectacular to get the Vikings to bring in possible replacements two days later.

If the back of his white pants turn brown this time around, Kluwe probably will be punting for another team in 2010.

22 responses to “Purple punter promises not to "poop [his] pants"

  1. I don’t think he’s good at directional punting. When he tries he kicks it short. I’d rather have him belt it through the endzone than kick it short. Like I said before , our coverage units have been excellent this year, unlike the last time we played the Saints when our coverage units were among the league’s worst.

  2. Bush had a third punt return that night that would have been a TD if he hadn’t tripped on a blade of FieldTurf. There was no one within about 15-20 yards of him at the time.

  3. Maybe Dallas should have had a plan against pooping in their pants.
    Part of Wade’s new duties is to clean up the doodie.

  4. Kluwe is one goofy dude. However, his best quote was in response to the question about Chilly yelling at him after last year’s Saint’s game, when he said something like “no worries now, since we’re both more heavily medicated this year”.

  5. It was actually a very funny quote for probably one of the “quirkiest” guys in the NFL.
    The Whole Article via The Star Tribune:
    Kluwe unplugged
    Punter Chris Kluwe drew a lot of media attention Wednesday regarding his game plan for Saints punt returner Reggie Bush, who returned two punts for touchdowns against the Vikings last season.
    “Actually, we were planning on first pooping our pants and running screaming toward the sidelines, and then Reggie would be able to just pick up the ball and run toward the end zone,” Kluwe said. “In retrospect, though, that might not be the best plan, so I’m sure we’ll come up with something else.”
    Coach Brad Childress and Kluwe had a heated conversation on the sideline last season after Bush’s second touchdown return. Asked about it, Kluwe said: “It happens. Emotions run high during games and you go from there. Me and Coach are much more heavily medicated now, so hopefully we’ll be OK on the sidelines.”

  6. Kluwe will do a better job this time around.
    I’ve never wanted a weekend to fly by as quick as this one.
    Instant classic.

  7. The Coop = Classless DUMBA$$
    Leave JoPa alone already – you’ve obviously not grown up yet to know better.
    One day you too will walk in his “old man” shoes and I hope you $hit your pants with every step you take.

  8. In keeping with the theme, the Saints will once again charge the field following a huge “Deuce”.

  9. If he has PooPed himself before then this is obviously a problem that should be corrected if he used Depends, it’s a diaper for the elderly.
    I hope he doesn’t leak anything during the game.

  10. 34-23 is would not be considered “Smacking the poop” out of someone.
    That said, we won’t have to worry about Kluwe kicking the ball out of bounds, cause we won’t be punting. 🙂

  11. When I said you can minimize Cribbs’ impact on a game simply by punting out of bounds,I was ridiculed for being ignorant about the game of football…….

  12. # scooby says: January 22, 2010 10:22 AM
    shouldnt this post been under the ‘turd watch’ section?
    Perhaps best comment ever on PFT. Solid GOLD!

  13. Kluwe should get some punting tips from Aaron Rodgers…..oh wait….Rodgers punt to Dansby got returned too! Nevermind!

  14. @Pier588
    Your comment to me and about me made me laugh out loud.
    There are a lot of old people who poop their pants. Fortunately, only one of them is the coach of a run-of-the-mill, perenially underachieving Big 10 football team.

  15. If he was told to kick out of bounds and kicks it to Reggie…like a retard! This Sunday he’ll kick it way out of bounds hampering the Viqueens and giving the Saints better field position!

  16. If you listen to Chris “Warcraft” Kluwe on 93x in the twin cities…he’s a funny basterd!
    With that being said the only thing that will smell like ‘poop’ Sunday will be the superdome itself…That buildings only shining moment is when it served as a giant toilet for 10,000 people…

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