Ray Edwards on Prince song: "I heard it wasn't that good"

To cap a solid interview on ESPN’s Jim Rome Is Burning, Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards was asked about the fight song recently created by Prince.

“I haven’t it heard it yet,” Edwards said.  “But I heard it wasn’t that good.”

Said host Jim Rome:  “He hopes it was only ‘wasn’t that good.'”

Edwards also said that he’s close to being 100 percent after suffering a mild MCL sprain on Sunday against the Cowboys, after bagging three sacks of quarterback Tony Romo.

Hopefully, Edwards won’t listen to the Prince song.  Hearing it could actually undo all of the gains he has experienced from treatment this week.

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  1. @ roboto
    Yeah dealing with Regan was tough. Most popular and most effective President ever. Now we have to deal with a bumbling idiot spoiled little brat who blames everyone else for his problems. It’s amazing how times have changed.
    Hey Florio, good dig at the Cowboys again, you get my hits… well played sir, well played

  2. Judge for yourself…
    As the article points out, you cannot listen to it without picturing the Lollipop Guild dancing and crooning this high pitchy ditty.
    You put your name on this Prince? Woah. You could have just made up another symbol name and slapped it on the song to divert criticism of it. Brett’s “Pants on the Ground” is the better song coming out of the Vikes camp recently.

  3. I’m still waiting for Zebra to do a fight song for the Saints. A remake of one of their biggest hits: Who’s Behind the Door to the Trainer’s Room?

  4. Well the Cowboys didn’t win the Super Bowl, but the bright side is they didn’t get a Prince song written about them, either.

  5. Wasn’t Regan that little chick on the Exorcist?
    And Ray Edwards hurt himself bagging 3 sacks on Romo?
    …can’t make this stuff up.

  6. Saying “I heard it wasn’t that good” is way to much of a complement for that song. Prince, take a cue from the Lakers & the (North)Stars, move out of Minnesota, we don’t want you anymore!!!

  7. Terrible is more like it. Made me sick listening to it. One more thing quick, Im wondering why its ok to be so original and call the vikings the queens, but being equally mature and calling the packers the man packers, people get so upset? The packers, after all, were named after a MEAT packing company…

  8. Prince gets a free pass.
    All we be forgotten after “Lets Go Crazy” is played two weeks from Sunday night in the beautiful Sin Twitties of Minneapolis & St. Paul.

  9. Oops it’s actually Reagan. Sucks to make that mistake when you are trying to bash a moron and prove yourself to be one. Darnit.
    Just liestened to the song… worst… thing…. ever. Football isnt for you Prince or your music.

  10. Who cares. A dude made a crappy song. It isn’t like the Vikings paid him money to do it. Prince probably crapped it out high one afternoon.
    Game. Blouses.

  11. Why be such a bandwagon? This guy hasn’t done anything worth mentioning in 25 years..no time in there to make a Vikings song since he’s such a “big Vikings fan”
    The Vikings easily have the most bandwagon fans of any team though so I’m sure it’s widely accepted.

  12. Prince and the Vikings are a match made in heaven. They both wear purple, both make crappy music (as evidenced by the homo-erotic postgame scene in the locker room last weekend) and neither win Super Bowls.

  13. The artist formerly known as prince
    The team formerly known as the Minnesota Vikings
    Its a sign they are moving

  14. You right-wing elitists are losers. Regan was the most overrated president in history. The corporate media has got you scum brainwashed.
    You @$$holes talk hate to me on the Internet. But, would you say those same things if we were in the same room together? I doubt it. Because, I would smash your frickin’ face in Trust me.

  15. I live in the Twin Cities, not a Vikings fan, but the song is truly horrible, and I hope to never hear it again.
    I never thought I’d say it, but the version of Will Smith’s “Miami” that the local airwaves played in 1998 is far superior to Prince’s Theme to Candyland.

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