Reuben Droughns under investigation for growing pot

Running back Reuben Droughns exited the NFL fraternity after the 2008 season.

He could be exiting the free society soon.

Julie Hayden of FOX 31 reports (via Droughns is under investigation for growing marijuana. 

In his house.

Per the report, DEA agents searched the place and found an indoor marijuana farm in the spare bedrooms.  (On the bright side, it’s a great way to avoid overnight visitors.)

Droughns claims that he needs it for medicinal purposes.

The DEA reportedly isn’t buying it.  But we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  After all, any doctor worth his degree would recommend the regular consumption of, you know, food.  And if Droughns is growing the pot so that he can sell it for money and use the money to buy the food that any doctor would recommend he consume, then it’s technically medicinal.

Droughns played for the Lions, Broncos, Browns, and Giants.  He rushed for more than 1,200 yards in 2004 with Denver and again in 2005 with Cleveland.

63 responses to “Reuben Droughns under investigation for growing pot

  1. What a waste of taxpayer money, going after people for groing pot. Legalize it already.

  2. Or he does actually need it for medicinal purposes like he says. THC has been proven to inhibit acetylcholinesterase from accelerating the formation of Alzheimer plaques in the brain, and now that the NFL is starting to come around on the future neurological effects of getting repeatedly hit in the head maybe he is telling the truth.
    For a former lawyer you are quick to assume guilt before innocence perhaps that’s why you are now a professional rumor monger/Favre hater.

  3. Anyone who has played professional football, myself not included, will likely tell you that there is almost constant pain associated with the injuries incurred while on the field.
    Is it so hard to believe that a guy would rather smoke some grass than use one of the myriad of prescription painkillers that would be given for his type of pain?

  4. Thank God the DEA stands ever vigilant in the night, protecting us from dangerous criminals like Reuben Droughns. Pigs.

  5. Why was the DEA there in the first place? Don’t they need probable cause?
    If he wasn’t selling it but giving it to his family and using it himself, I fail to see how the DEA would catch wind of it….. unless someone in his family is a narc.

  6. Prohibition allowed gangs to proliferate.
    Same deal with illegal drugs.
    Make it ALL legal and we can make and save billions.

  7. Still dumb because weed is practically legal here in Colorado. There are “dispensaries” (read: stores) all over up in this piece.

  8. “Big Stretch says:
    January 22, 2010 11:28 AM
    For a former lawyer you are quick to assume guilt before innocence perhaps that’s why you are now a professional rumor monger/Favre hater.”
    C’mon now, who int heir right mind would not be a Favre hater. He’s a total asshat.
    For the rest of it, yeah why spend the money to go after this kind of harmless stuff.

  9. Oh my god! A guy grew a plant that makes him feel better! What a disgrace! He should have to take the government pills so he can get addicted to them, have a strange eye discharge, orange stool, club foot, acne, weight gain, suicidal tendencies, and possible death. Then he will be following the law!

  10. Conjecture:
    – He made millions of doll hairs in the NFL
    – He is the one growing the weed
    – He played in the NFL for 7 years
    – Possibly the most unexciting player of all time
    – He is an idiot
    If you had made as much money as him wouldn’t you just buy your weed like any normal person and get possession plus a $200 fine and no jail time? Or would you grow it so that they could charge you with a felony and lock you up for a few years.
    The MAN’S A MENACE !

  11. I agree with Bjorno. Look at former NFL players that hve cronic pain that limits their ability to function normally and can’t even walk pain free.
    A guy like Droughns took about 10 years of punishment playing in the NFL and is proabably retiree, no different than a steel worker at age 68. Why not allow him to sit around the house and hit the pipe?

  12. Its okay to drink your drug… Or use any multitude of Big Pharma products (whose side effects often out weigh the benefits.) But don’t even think about naturally growing your drug.
    I’m not sure how CO works, but CA would slap him on the wrist and take some of those playing dollars. I personally know Reuben is a great guy… I kind guy, with a big heart. Not the shady, selfish, criminal-minded NFL type you see splashed across the media far too often. Hopefully this all gets ironed out smoothly.

  13. The Coop…there are several signs pigs use to detect growing pot inside. A huge spike in electrical use is one, heat detecting technology, but you are right, someone had to tip them off for them to even research it.

  14. It could be personal that stuff gets expensive. Growing a plant could save the average pothead between like $400 a month. Or he could sell it for around $400 an ounce and make a killing. Just think gov’t you could just tax it and pay for health care.

  15. I agree with Poo Flinging Monkey. Why is this news? Pot should be legalized and everyone knows Marijuana is not bad. Its better than Alcohol. Now if he were growing crack or some other serious drug then I could see this being news. Lets be honest how many people have NOT ever smoked a joint?

  16. Just another way for the Government to double dip. They grow it themselves for “medicinal use” and take the profits, then turn and prosecute and fine the self growers because it cuts into their profits. I thought monopolies were unjust.
    Don’t get me started on the cocaine and heroin.

  17. Agreed, growing pot like Reuben did most likely won’t result in any serious jail time. Assuming he doesn’t have a public defender.

  18. Percy Harvin used marijuana to get some relief from his migraines and his draft stock suffered for it. Now his ability to help his team this Sunday may suffer as a result. Seriously, anyone that thinks weed is worse than cigarettes or alcohol needs to rethink their position.

  19. # Poo Flinging Monkey says: January 22, 2010 11:27 AM
    “What a waste of taxpayer money, going after people for groing pot. Legalize it already.”
    Agreed. 100%.

  20. why are 3/4th of your posts have nothing to do with football and have everything to do with you judging player character. A throw back player was found doing something he is allowed to do(assuming he has a mm card). And as always, your jokes are lame,untimely, and just over all baaaaad

  21. Florio, you drive a ’68 VW bus and you take that condescending tone about pot? Hmmm….seems suspiciously hypocritical haha

  22. facelessman says: January 22, 2010 12:01 PM
    Now if he were growing crack or some other serious drug then I could see this being news.
    I also believe that if he, or anyone for that matter, was growing crack, it would be news

  23. for those that do not know medical marijuana is legal here in colorado. there are dispensaries in denver/centennial colorado. there are limits to what he can grow and have for that matter.
    however he must have a prescription and the paperwork filed with the state of colorado. looks as if he did not have that paperwork.
    Poo Flinging Monkey and facelessman are correct it should be legalized. in denver it is now a misdemeanor if you have less than an ounce.
    BOO3LEGS in colorado the government is not growing it. it is the private sector. but you must go through the correct channels and have the correct license and paperwork.

  24. Can Reuben write off the electric bill that skyrocketed ? After ll, it was for “medicinal purposes” ? You CAN write off medical bills.

  25. First he was on the team but never really played for the Giants
    Secondly who cares if I spent all those years getting hit by defenders I would smoke too
    Save money make it legal and tax it maybe this country could stop give farmers money not grow crops and all the money we piss away on the DEA and jails could go to schools

  26. Man do Cleveland Browns RBs love their drugs! See White, Charles… Mack, Kevin… Green, Willie… Lewis, Jamal…

  27. You fail to mention that medical marijuana is legal in Colorado.
    You also left out the following from the original article:
    > We’re told Droughns did not show investigators a medical marijuana card. However, his mother and brother did.
    So how about some reasonable doubt?

  28. “The DEA reportedly isn’t buying it. But we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, any doctor worth his degree would recommend the regular consumption of, you know, food.”
    What are you talking about Florio? Marijuana is prescribed for medicinal purposes all the time. In fact, medicinal marijuana is legal in 13 states. As a lawyer you should know that marijuana is a victimless drug. As a follower of the NFL you should know that 70% of the league either smokes daily or daily in the offseason.

  29. Surprised by the comments here….thought this board was full of uptight republicans:). As a life long pot smoker (not pot head!) I definitely agree that we should legalize it and tax it and maybe use that money to help us out of the shit storm we’re in. The christian right will never allow that unfortunately.

  30. I am consistently surprised to see the large majority of people on that support Marijuana and are against the criminalization of it’s users. As a fairly regular smoker, it also makes me very happy to see that although some posters seem to have absurd thoughts regarding their teams abilities, they are still all smart enough to realize the truth about something that has been demonized for the last 90 years or so.

  31. It’s alright for people to brew their own Beer but growing your own weed is against the law. If only marijuana growers had lobbyists like the alcohol producers, weed would finally get the stigma removed from it.
    Legalize it already.

  32. Where did this insane and pot war come from?Richard Nixon.
    Nixon initiated America’s War on Drugs based almost solely on personal hateful racial bigotry and a profound level of ignorance of history.
    Nixon was recorded telling his chief of staff:
    “You have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to.”
    Nixon offered an eminently reasonable explanation for why booze is beneficial to society while marijuana is not. Nixon, who was known to drunkenly stagger through the halls of the White house while having incoherent one-sided conversations with portraits of presidential predecessors, piously explained:
    “People use marijuana to get high.”
    “People use alcohol to have fun.”
    Nixon was a tool,you can blame him for stories like this.

  33. you heard the old saying you cant beat them so join him the gov.t needs to tax the hell out of weed and maybe that can pay for schools and health care

  34. How unfortunate! and for those who don’t think Cannabis (the medical term) has medical and therapeutic benefits – put this in your pipe and smoke it:
    Marijuana Compounds Possess Synergistic Anti-Cancer Effects, Study Says
    January 21, 2010 – San Francisco, CA, USA
    San Francisco, CA: Marijuana’s active compounds act synergistically to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and induce malignant cell death, according to preclinical trial data published online by the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.
    Investigators at the University of California, Pacific Medical Center Research Institute assessed whether the administration of the non-psychoactive cannabidiol would enhance the anti-cancer effects of THC on glioblastoma (brain cancer) cells.
    Researchers reported that a combination of cannabinoids showed greater anti-cancer activity than the administration of either compound individually. “We discovered that cannabidiol enhanced the ability of THC to inhibit cell proliferation and induce cell cycle arrest and apoptosis (programmed cell death),” authors reported.
    Investigators concluded: “Individually, THC and cannabidiol can activate distinct pathways in glioblastoma cells that ultimately culminate in inhibition of cancer cell growth and invasion as well as induction of cell death. We hypothesized that, if the individual agents were combined, a convergence on shared pathways may ensue, leading to an enhanced ability of the combination treatment to inhibit certain cancer cell phenotypes. We found this to be true in this investigation.”
    A 2008 scientific review published in the journal Cancer Research reported that the cannabinioids inhibit cell proliferation in a wide range of cancers, including brain cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lymphoma.
    For more information, please contact Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director, at: Full text of the study, “Cannabidiol enhances the inhibitory effects of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on human glioblastoma cell proliferation and survival,” appears online in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.
    updated: Jan 21, 2010

  35. @pkrlvr
    The fact that Christianity or any religion has become synonymous with right wingers just disgusts me, I am very conservative in my political opinions however am not religious at all, I am also a regular weed smoker. I would love to see it legalized and many of my republican brethren feel the same way. Liberals in Washington are not going after it’s legalization either.

  36. “Euclid34 says:
    January 22, 2010 12:22 PM
    Man do Cleveland Browns RBs love their drugs! See White, Charles… Mack, Kevin… Green, Willie… Lewis, Jamal… ”
    Maybe MJ cures staph infections?

  37. From the same article that Florio referenced:
    “We’re told Droughns did not show investigators a medical marijuana card. However, his mother and brother did.”
    Sounds a lot less fishy when you read that…

  38. this is the first time I’ve seen 50 posters agree on something. make it 51. there’s no reason it shouldn’t be used to generate some economy and tax dollars as well as decrease our society’s dependence on dangerous pharmaceuticals.

  39. # rx says: January 22, 2010 11:39 AM
    Still dumb because weed is practically legal here in Colorado. There are “dispensaries” (read: stores) all over up in this piece.
    He is absolutely right, in Boulder county alone there are nearly 40 places you can legally buy your green. My question is since were talking about Reuben Droughns and mary jane is this new worthy?

  40. I love how Florio leaves out parts of the article that make his subject seem LESS like a criminal.
    I’m thinking if the DEA comes into your house and you’re doing something wrong, you get arrested.. Droughns wasn’t arrested, so….
    Just a thought.

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