Tarvaris wants to stay in Minnesota

Tarvaris Jackson lost his chance to be the Minnesota Vikings’ starting quarterback in 2009 when Brett Favre showed up at training camp. And with Favre’s track record, Jackson has no way of knowing whether he’ll have a chance to be the Vikings’ starting quarterback in 2010.

But Jackson still says he wants to remain in Minnesota.

Jackson told Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press that he wants to stick around, although he says he’s heard nothing from the team about a new contract. Jackson will be a restricted free agent this off-season.

If Favre comes back, Jackson would obviously be returning as a backup, and even if Favre retires, Jackson might not earn the starting job in Minnesota. And since Favre may change his mind about his future multiple times during the spring and summer, the reality is that if Jackson does stay with the Vikings, he’s due for an off-season of uncertainty.

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  1. There’s a HUGE surprise. OF COURSE he wants to stick around! Other than the Raiders, who else would even give this scrub a chance. He’s horrible.

  2. I’d say trade him and draft picks to Philly for McNabb. Let Tavaris and Kolb battle for the starting job in Philly. I think Tavaris could have some potential if he’s not forced into a starting role and has some time to develop. But then again, who wants to sign a “development project” who is already in their, what, 4th season?

  3. Correction: Tarvaris Jackson lost his chance to be the Minnesota Vikings’ starting quarterback in 2007 when he finished the season with a 70.8 QB rating and cemented his status as career backup.

  4. T-Joke can stay in Minnesota, there are lots of fast food joints he can work at around here.
    You have to earn your job, you have to earn your pay checks, and he hasn’t.

  5. Seriously… I’d take him in Pitt as a backup (if we needed one), but he’s not starter material

  6. Favre being there has extended TJ’s career. Being a backup, or better yet for TJ….a career backup, hides the fact that you suck, & enables one to collect a paycheck for holding a clipboard. Tavaris should hope Favre comes back. He’ll get a new contract, & easy street continues. Even a backup QB in the NFL makes more than most of us will in a lifetime

  7. I have always like Tarvaris. I hope he sticks around and gets a real chance (ie, Chili opens the playbook up) to run our offense.

  8. If the Vikes win the SB this year and Brent rides off into the sunset on his new tractor. I wouldn’t mind seeing this kid get a fair shot again to be the starting QB, with Rosencopter the high $ backup.
    He has raw talent to do a good job, just needs to limit the mistakes and hone his deep ball. I would hope this whole time he’s been keeping a close eye on Brett and learning from him in some capacity.
    A low priced Vince Young is what this kid is capable of. He’s done a good job just needs to get better.

  9. Probably a good idea considering all he has to do is hold a clipboard and get paid more than 99% of people in this country.

  10. jx4cmario1 says:
    January 22, 2010 10:55 AM
    Would you change your name to hizzle12817?

  11. Wait a minute – it’s not like this guy hasn’t gotten his chance. Chilldress had to romance Favre because Jackson got a fair shot. He was the worst starting QB in the NFL and one of the worst seen in quite awhile. He completely screwed up that game against the Eagles with throws that looked like he’s never held a football in hands before then has the balls to blame the center for a bad shotgun snap on the final play of the game. He could not start on major college team. Bull(crap), get the bleep out toolbag. If that team had hime a QB this season they would have been an 8-8 team. All of a sudden Sidney Rice became a player? No. All of sudden he has a QB who doesn’t toss a ball up for grabs on every throw. I think you have kickers who could throw better than him

  12. replying to “Adept”…..”I have always like Tarvaris. I hope he sticks around and gets a real chance (ie, Chili opens the playbook up) to run our offense”……..that was the major flaw in the ointment. Chilly did open the playbook up….to page 2 and TJoke’s mind went on “overload”…LMAO…….TJoke is just another M. Vick, all kinds of athletic talent but can’t throw with accuracy and doesn’t have “it” upstairs in the cerebral dept.

  13. Raiders should pick him up, what a one/two punch he and Russell would make! Maybe the two together could make 10 yards!

  14. Jackson’s biggest problem was being pushed onto the field too soon and losing his confidence. He came from a Div. 2 school and the speed of the pro game overwhelmed him. When he has had a chance to play when it didn’t matter he’s shown pro level skills. His problem has been that when his play really counts he panics and sucks.
    Maybe a year doing nothing but watching an old pro succeed has allowed him to grow up.
    I hope they give him one more year to see if he has it. If not, trade him for a sack of used footballs.

  15. I think it would be a very good idea for Tavaris to stay in Minnesota. He would make a good starter if and when Favre retires (if he ever retires.) Persoannly, I think the Vikings wouyld be in the same place they are right now if Favre had never arrived. The exception would be the ability of Peterson to be the key ingredient, which he no longer is. He has been rendered moot by Super-Favre.

  16. The best thing that could have ever happened to T-Jack is for Favre to be in purple and gold. Is there a better way to learn than spend a season or two watching and practicing with a H.O.F. QB?
    When he has played in relief of purple jesus this year he has been more poised than in the past, appeared to make better decisions, looked d-backs off, and stayed in the pocket. He has the athletic ability. Hopefully he is taking advantage and learning how to be a pro QB.

  17. Tjack has all the potential in the world.
    He just needs to put in the work to harness that potential, just like how Sidney Rice put in the work to get where he is this year.
    A little tutelage from the Silver Fox and some confidence and this kid could be a viable starter for a run-heavy, defensive oriented team like the Vikes.
    For some reason, people expect 300+ yard, 3TD games out of this guy and he is not that kind of QB. He is the kind of guy who will throw for +/- 200 yards, 1-2 TD’s and 50-60 yards rushing to convert some key 3rd downs. If he learns to take care of the ball and not try to carry the team he can be the guy.

  18. The real and forgotten victim in all this… Sage Rose-n-fell-to-the-bottom-of-the-depth-chart-faster-than-a-Percy-Harvin-punt-return!!
    Yep… that’s his REAL name now!!!

  19. Tavaris Jackson is about equal to Charlie Batch. A starter too early in his career, but that game experience will afford him a 10-12 year career as a serviceable back-up.
    Why wouldn’t the Vikings want him in that role, especially is he’s all but publically acknowledged that he’s willing to do it?

  20. Maybe a year on the bench will help him, like VY. Im just saying, I am not completely labeling him a career backup…yet.

  21. Considering Kol Klink traded up to secure him, the Vikings should keep him. Forget that he stinks, he will always be Chilly’s draft pick to develop even if he’s not worthy enough to pick up at the airport.

  22. Ambrose-Are you drinking in the morning now??? No way in hell we would be in this position if Favre never showed up. Dumbest.Take.Ever.

  23. the kid has potential, I honestly think we should sign him to a 2-year extension even if Favre doesn’t come back (which he just may). But Jackson isn’t awful, what do any of us know about analyzing a good QB, clearly he is better than Sage since he has been the 2nd string guy all season, and got to see playing time. Sitting behind Favre is huge for this kid, he can learn what to do (and what not to do). This kid is going to be good in the future, he needs time to develop though…

  24. Give him a shot.
    in his first season starting he had some injuries, and some mental mistakes that are to be expected.
    in his next season of really starting, during the first part of the year his kid was having serious, serious heart problems. he never brought that up to anyone, and it seems like alot of folks are forgetting that. I don’t care what you are getting paid, when you’ve got something like going on with a young child, you are going to be distracted, its just a fact of life.
    after sitting and watching gus (and having his kid get back to 100%) he came back in and finished the year on a strong note.
    he sucked during his first playoff game, but comming from a d2 school where he didnt get any media attention, to suddenly being tossed out in a playoff scenario is going to take some time adjust, plus he needs to get used to the pressure.
    This guy is going to be a solid (at worst) to great (at best) starting QB in the NFL a poor mans vince young with a bigger arm. give him a little time to develop. obviously sitting behind Favre did some good for karen.
    Keep him.

  25. Tarvaris sucks all-around.
    No poise under pressure, no accuracy on the sideline routes or deep ball, no checking down rather than locking on to his primary receiver, he’s not very intelligent at all, etc.
    Big mistake by Chilly.

  26. Ambrose….way off. The vikes are where they’re at right now due to 4200 yards passing and 33 td’s vs. 7 picks. Sure AP would’ve been better, but every team would’ve ganged up to stop him and that would’ve left the game in TJ’s hands…or Sage’s.

  27. T-Joke, AKA doucebag, has had 3 years. Enough of the experiment…. Send him to the packqueers or Cowgirls….

  28. The guy just can’t effectively look off DBs and read defenses. That was established over a two year period, the main problem being that he didn’t improve those two deficiencies. As JimmySmith said, the dude ain’t worth picking up at the airport.

  29. RickyRudy says:
    January 22, 2010 10:54 AM
    favre sucks
    I know, I just hate when a QB completes 68% of his passes for 42oo+ yards, 33 tds to only 7 ints, and a QB rating of 107. Just hate it!
    Ambrose –
    No way the Vikes are in the same spot with Jackson. I know what you’re getting at about Peterson, but 1300= yards rushing, 400+ receiving & 18 tds isn’t quite moot. It had more to do with two new starters on the line, and the other three dealing with injuries than it did adding Favre.

  30. Logan? how is he a douche bag…… nevermind don’t answer that question. I’m going to just look again at what you said, and come to the conclusion that you’re most likely 3 years from 18… am I right?

  31. I just don’t get why people say Tavaris Jackson can’t play.
    In 2007 He goes 8-4 as a starter
    In 2008 He posts a 95.4 QB rating and throws 9-2 TD-INT ratio
    In 2009 He’s played extremely well when he HAS played 66.7% completion and 113.4 QB rating.
    What ever reasons those who hate him here do, it CANNOT be based on football performance.

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