Terry Bradshaw is rooting for the Saints

Three years ago, we posted a story regarding news reports out of Louisiana regarding a rumor that Terry Bradshaw had died.

He hadn’t.

But now plenty of Vikings fans probably would like to kill him.

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports, via Twitter, that Bradshaw said he hopes to present the George Halas Trophy to the Saints at midfield on Sunday.

Said Bradshaw:  “I get to hand that trophy over to Drew Brees and I say, ‘Take this around the stadium, my friend.  Enjoy.’  What a scene, huh?”

We have a feeling that Bradshaw’s words might serve to motivate the Vikings a little bit more than Prince’s shark-jumping church organ “fight” song.

46 responses to “Terry Bradshaw is rooting for the Saints

  1. Florio as much as your first sentence is meant to diffuse the entire comment section of BradshawGate 2007 ridicule.
    It didn’t.

  2. Terry Bradshaw likes the Saints?!
    This is late breaking news!
    Sarcasm off
    Seriously? The guy has been promoting them for most of his career.

  3. As a Vikings fan, who cares what this guy says. The team performs better when they are not favored.

  4. Bradshaw rooting against the Vikes? It must be a day that ends with ‘y’.. At least with Bradshaw, you only hear him pre and post game, as opposed to Joe Buck. Thank God for the mute button on the TV, and Paul Allen on the radio.

  5. The same guy who cried during and after an interview with Brett Farve(ra) is now rooting against him….. Classic!

  6. Wonder if we can peel the trophy from Terrys hands when the Saints lose………lol Might need security help.

  7. Terry Bradshaw? He’s one of the reasons why I don’t listen to the Fox pregame. The other reasons are Long, Strahan, and Johnson. I guess “fair and balanced” doesn’t apply to the sports operation, or maybe it does.

  8. The only statement more surprising than this would be, Jimmy Johnson is rooting for the cowboys.
    Even so the fox pre-game is light years ahead of NBC.

  9. Bradshaw can root for anybody he wishes for who cares? Jaws, ESPN experts, NFL experts most pick the Saints and if they were playing in Minnesota they would probably pick the Vikings except for Bradshaw. He was a great qb but he will be no factor in the game. I have also watched the Fox Pre Game shows and it is more of a comic gig then a football gig except for Howie Long.

  10. When I was a kid, Bradshaw was a star and a stud. He has successfully reduced himself to a yuk it up circus clown. If someone on the set tells him the Vikings won, he’ll just go into convulsive laughter. Let’s just amuse him until he goes away.

  11. Just wondering…how many Super Bowl rings do all of you Bradshaw haters have? ‘Cause Terry has four.
    He’s from Louisiana and went to LA Tech, so it’s understandable that he’s rooting for the hometown team.
    And yeah, I’m a lifelong, PA-bred Steeler fan that still wears my #12 jersey every week. FOUR SUPER BOWL RINGS. Just remember that.

  12. Glitch: I thought I was alone in my distaste for Joe Buck’s announcing style. It’s as though he’s announcing a baseball game whilst covering a football game. He is a leadpipe dud.

  13. Why would anyone be shocked that a guy from Louisiana is pulling for the Saints? That would be like people being upset if Chris Carter says he hopes the Vikings win.

  14. Terry Bradshaw,much like Fran Tarkenton,has envy for Brett Favre playing at a high level at 40. Terry’s arm got sore even jerking off at 40,he is a jealous idiot.

  15. I like Bradshaw. Who cares who he roots for. He is from Louisiana.
    It’s a shame he died in that car accident with Paul McCarthy……right Florio? LMAO

  16. I don’t know how Terry Bradshaw has that job. He is annoying as hell and when he does highlights he screws up constantly and mispronounces every name. FOX needs to wake up and realize there are a lot better people for that job.

  17. well he’s from louisiana, so it’s no surprise.
    I thought he already had commitments for sunday- isn’t he playing the mountain man piggy piggy guy in the stage version of Deliverance for sheveport high school?

  18. TB is annoying….He Falls of and gets back on the Cowboy/Saints bandwagon every no wand again…since the Cowboys were embarressed by the Vikings….well he’s back on the Saints wagon….It really doesn’t matter because no matter who picks who, in the end the Saints will prevail on Sunday and face the Colts in Miami!!!
    Glad I’ll be at the game cause Joe Buck is more annoying than TB and Pam Oliver is terrible….its like having Eric Dickerson as the sideline reporter!!

  19. Bradshaw’s greatest talent as a player was making the people around him look better. He still does that. He is such a complete moron that even Howie Long looks brilliant by comparison.

  20. It’s no scret that Terry doesnt care for Brett Favre. It’s that TB doesn’t like that Brett has overtaken him (long time ago) as “The Delta’s QB” !
    Favre would like to throw Bradshaw to the gators.

  21. I am with Terry Bradshaw on this one, but my rooting interests are for completely negative reasons. I can not wait until the Minnesota hillbilly goes back to the farm for good. The constant barrage of Favre worship is enough to make anyone not named Brett Favre puke. If Minnesota advances, I will not watch or follow the Super Bowl, because I know the coverage will be insufferable.

  22. SteelerFan12:
    It’s not about Bradshaw the player; he’s in the HOF and deservedly so. It’s about Bradshaw the braying ass on FOX. He may have four rings, but he has only one Emmy. That was for The NFL Today on CBS–nothing for his comedy routine on FOX.

  23. Born in Louisiana and cheering for Saints, who knew!?!
    NFC Championship is the Bandwagon Bowl.

  24. Ambrose….Bradshaw Does get it. He has called Brett Favre THE greatest QB of ALL time. Not ONE OF….THE….Read the intro to Favre’s book.
    Hap….where do you guys come up with this shit. Bradshaw and Favre love each other. He is rooting for his home team. He would probably root for the Saints over the Steelers.
    I lose IQ points everytime I read the comment section. I’m down to about a 170 now.

  25. I like what Thonas Henderson said about TB years ago:
    He couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the C and the T.
    Sounds just like Ambrose.

  26. Wiscdave:
    No argument that Bradshaw can be annoying as an announcer. My point was merely that he knows, loves, and respects the game and that his opinion should not be merely dismissed because his accent, baldness, etc. gets on some peoples’ nerves. Personally, I love the Fox pregame because it’s very loose and fun–not stuffy or super-serious like CBS (Bill Cowher notwithstanding).

  27. HA HA HA!!! Bradshaw is rooting for the Saints just like Florio roots for the Redskins…the hypocrisy on this site is never ending. I agree with jk7761 Fox is light years ahead of the NBC Pregame show…mainly because NBC won’t dump that ass clown Keith Oberfag…can’t they figure it out? Don’t they know how many people refuse to watch their program because of him????

  28. Nobody cares what TB says, his is an old idiot. I cant wait to see his face as he gives Favre the trophy!!

  29. Wow. A bunch of haters here with ugliness.
    He’s a man with an opinion, who is rooting for his home team. I’m a Saints fan, I’m from New Orleans. And the Saints will be in Miami.
    Now go hating on that 😉

  30. Myballshurt says:
    January 22, 2010 10:50 AM
    Ambrose….Bradshaw Does get it. He has called Brett Favre THE greatest QB of ALL time. Not ONE OF….THE….Read the intro to Favre’s book.
    The book was published in 2004. I think Favre has demonstrated enough of his self-centered ego-maniacal personality traits since then to warrant a new forward to be written. For example: “The Greatest Douche That Ever Played The Game.” Does that work for you?

  31. You mean he switches back and forth between the Cowboys and the Saints bandwagon? He must be from Shreveport.

  32. Chassie says:
    January 22, 2010 11:35 AM
    Wow. A bunch of haters here with ugliness.
    He’s a man with an opinion, who is rooting for his home team. I’m a Saints fan, I’m from New Orleans. And the Saints will be in Miami.
    After the Saints get rolled Sunday,I have one question for you.What will the the new Saints fan head garment?
    Paper or plastic?

  33. I actually do like Terry Bradshaw (and I’m a Viking season ticket holder…GO VIKES!!!!), I think he’s funny and I like him when he’s on with Leno…hell I even like that movie he was in. He can root for whomever he wants.
    The only drawback to Sunday’s game is that Joe Buck will be anouncing it, talk about someone who REALLY doesn’t know what he’s talking about, the guys a pure tool. He should stick to baseball cause all he does is take some enjoyment away from the football game.

  34. Bradshaw is just jealous of Favre. He shouldnt be but he is. His dislike for Brett shines through in every conversation that includes Bretts name. Get over it already.

  35. I like Terry, usually, even when I disagree with him. He’s been off Favre since the Last Grand Waffle, at which time he said something characteristically restrained, like “I can’t stand him anymore!”, & has never gone back to liking him, even through this most recent interview you could see it. But he’s got Southern roots so I’m not surprised to see him going for the Saints. For me, I’ve found Terry egregiously prejudiced, i.e., beyond reason, only a handful of times.
    I do like Howie & Jimmy. Michael started out well, knowledgeable and personable, but good grief, he’s got thin skin. That wears after a while.
    Loathe Joe Buck. Sharp mind, good articulation, strong voice, and if I wanted to hire somebody to replace Billy Mays (that screaming sales pitchman who died last year), I’d look him up. Or maybe to introduce a political candidate at a convention. His voice is clear and penetrating, so I can always hear him, but when I do hear what he has to say and how he says it, I wish I hadn’t listened. No passion, no real insight, no facial expression, appears to me he’d be more comfortable in some other environment entirely, like a science laboratory, or a library, or a used car lot. I usually watch games he’s covering with my finger on the remote, muting it when he opens his mouth.
    Pam Oliver showed promise when she first started, but she went down the tubes fast – these days she seems more interested in flirting with the camera and the players she’s interviewing, than in the actual game.
    Do love the voices, delivery, knowledge base and real interest of Chris Collinsworth, Al Michaels, Troy Aikman, and a few others.
    BF and the Purple – bring it home!

  36. Pervy Harvin said:
    After the Saints get rolled Sunday,I have one question for you.What will the the new Saints fan head garment?
    Paper or plastic?
    Whichever one happens to be on your mother’s face at the time of me doing her. I lack a preference really.

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