Mystery persists regarding Pees landing spot

We’re still trying to figure out the next move in the career path of former Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees.

By way of background, we’re told he wasn’t hired by the Broncos because he has another job lined up.

Though some speculation exists linking Pees to the defensive coordinator position in Buffalo, it’s our understanding that the team that has hired Pees has not yet broken the news to the person who currently holds the job.

Since Buffalo doesn’t have a defensive coordinator, that would presumably remove them from the mix.

Which means that there’s someone out there — presumably a defensive coordinator — who is soon going to be getting something other than good news.

Meanwhile, we’re told that Pees’ departure had nothing to do with his health.  “Something went wrong,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells us.

And now something has gone wrong for the guy whose place Pees will be taking with another team.

As always, stay tuned.