Mystery persists regarding Pees landing spot

We’re still trying to figure out the next move in the career path of former Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees.

By way of background, we’re told he wasn’t hired by the Broncos because he has another job lined up.

Though some speculation exists linking Pees to the defensive coordinator position in Buffalo, it’s our understanding that the team that has hired Pees has not yet broken the news to the person who currently holds the job.

Since Buffalo doesn’t have a defensive coordinator, that would presumably remove them from the mix.

Which means that there’s someone out there — presumably a defensive coordinator — who is soon going to be getting something other than good news.

Meanwhile, we’re told that Pees’ departure had nothing to do with his health.  “Something went wrong,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells us.

And now something has gone wrong for the guy whose place Pees will be taking with another team.

As always, stay tuned.

25 responses to “Mystery persists regarding Pees landing spot

  1. It wasn’t a mystery until the other post was brought up, now it is a mystery because the bills are in the mix. So now I sit here hitting F5 and checking the bills web site, checking buffalo news, checking
    HONK if you put yourself through this madness also

  2. Yeah Something went wrong, the Pats told him they were not going to renew his contract.

  3. As always,Stay tuned…Yes…..I’m going to cancel all my plans for the weekend, shut the blinds, and wait with the utmost anticipation for where Dean Pees lands…..

  4. @rjwill: I have to admit as an Eagles fan that it was the first thing to come to mind; that said I’m not sure that Dean Pees did his job any better that Sean McDermott did in 2009.

  5. Maybe Pees goes to Minnesota.. and Leslie Frazier gets the head coaching gig in Oakland after the Vikings season is over..

  6. Both posts on the topic of Dean Pees’ landing spot was the most useless drivel I’ve read on this site in some time. I compare them to removing each and every layer of an onion, only to find a turd in the middle. Most of you must be saying to yourselves…WTF is this guy talking about?!?!?
    Absolutely nothing is what… Who gives a huey where Pees lands? I am just happy he’s not coming back to Foxborough. His defenses didn’t do anything special except melt down after 45 minutes of play.
    Wherever he coaches, we can figure how the end of the game will go…past that, who cares?

  7. BwB beat me to my theory (except for the Raiders part).
    Maybe Frazier has been promised a job other than the raiders, and the official announcemet will be after the Vikings season is over. And Pees gets to step in with a top team.

  8. It’s a sad commentary on the world today when it seems that no one will give Pees a chance.

  9. This just in, Pees going nowhere. Al Davis is just having fun with the media, uh, I mean, Florio.

  10. Joesixpack: That’s awesome man, if John Lennon were still here he’d get a kick out of that one!

  11. Looks like I made the right choice about which joke to use (the other involved Dean’s brother, Richard.)

  12. Florio, maybe your source (Dean Pees) should grow a pair and just tell us where he’s going…

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