Rams fire trainer; line coach interviewing with Seahawks

Steve Spagnuolo is making some changes after winning only one game in his first season as Rams head coach.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the team fired trainer Jim Anderson, who had been with the Rams for 26 years.  He was one of the few members of the organization that had worked for the team while it was headquartered in Los Angeles.

Also, offensive line coach Art Valero has interviewed with the Seahawks.  Valero was one of two line coaches for the Rams last season.

It appears that the great majority of Spagnuolo’s first staff will return for a second season.

10 responses to “Rams fire trainer; line coach interviewing with Seahawks

  1. We had the same problem here in Washington. We had Bubba Tyer here in Washington and he was good for the times of George Allen Sr. and Joe Gibbs, but as time wore on it seemed as though Redskins players were suffering a lot of injuries. Some players have outright questioned the training staff of our team. I can only imagine what went on with the Rams training staff. It was probably the time to move on and get a more experienced guy in there.
    As for the line coach, I don’t know why you would need 2? Just cutting some dead weight I guess. If you only win one game anyway, what is the difference? Even if you fire the coaches next year, there are very few players on the Rams that would be great elsewhere. The team would still suck.

  2. If you only win one game, you should friggin’ double the size of the coaching staff. This “team” ain’t gettin’ it. Got it?

  3. Gregg, you’re an embarrassment.
    Another story of yours riddled with errors.
    Do you really do this for a living?
    Do better.

  4. St. Louis whoooo???? Do they play football? Oh that right, they once had a guy named Warner. Like Warner hate the Rams!! Don’t have the want to win spirit.

  5. mcarey032
    You really don’t have a clue about what the NFL trainers do. A trainer can’t fix a break or an ACL or any other tear. They are always blamed for injuries. Coaches are very impatient – they want their players on the field immediately, but sometimes there’s nothing a trainer or doctor can do. Players have to heal, so don’t place the blame on these unsung heroes. Getting a more experienced trainer? Give me a break. Peterson had 26 years. I know from experience as my brother was a long-time NFL trainer.

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