Ray Lewis calls his fine "embarrassing"

Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis was fined $5,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Indianapolis wide receiver Austin Collie during the Ravens’ season-ending loss to the Colts. When asked about that fine, Lewis didn’t hold back.

“For people who really enjoy the game of football, and who play the game the way I play the game, I look at that as being kind of embarrassing,” Lewis said on ESPNews.

And Lewis then made clear that he doesn’t mean he’s embarrassed at having been fined — he thinks the league office should be embarrassed for handing out a fine for what he believes was a clean hit.

“If I just went at him directly with my helmet, I’d understand that,” Lewis said. “But you’re talking about a man who’s been playing this game for over 14 years, who respects the game to the utmost, and who never leads with his head first and foremost. I hit him with my shoulder pad, I knew I hit him with my shoulder pad. So for them to fine me, I’m a little disappointed.”

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  1. Another week, another Raven complaining about an “unfair penalty”. Get over yourself and get in a few round of golf, Ray Ray! If Ray Ray doesn’t like how they league is changing the game, quit! Most of the world would be happier for it.

  2. “…and who never leads with his head first and foremost.”
    Ray’s either delusional or suffering from amnesia. How about the textbook helmet-to-helmet hit on Ochocinco this year?

  3. This is why the whole NFL is a joke. I understand protecting players, but they are making this more like soccer. Defenses will be fined for hitting too hard, they are causing more injuries for making players let up and not go full speed.

  4. Ray Lewis is right, that fine is ridiculous. Going overboard on safety in an unsafe sport makes no sense whatsoever…

  5. Im a Colts fan and have hated Lewis for years but I have to agree. That was not an intentional hit at all. Let the men play the game.

  6. Ray Lewis is right; there are many similar hits that have not been called for penalties or fines. Yet, he gets fined for this? This type of call has been very inconsistent and favorable to certain teams and/or players. The helmet-to-helmet in this case was incidental.
    In an earlier game against Pittsburgh, MaGahee almost got his head knocked off and it was a lot harder hit. In that case: No penalty; no fine. See for yourself:

  7. Steelers fan here who can’t stand Ray Lewis, but I could not believe he was penalized (and now fined) for that. Ridiculous.

  8. I remember this play for the mere fact that as the ref was announcing the penalty, I heard someone in the background say….”It’s football”.. or …”That’s football”….something like that..I agree..Let them play. Does the NFL actually think fans want a flag football league? I don’t want to see anyone concussed or seriously injured, but hell, it’s violent by nature. I’m no Ray Lewis or Ravens fan, he was just doing his job. and by the way…..”It’s football”.

  9. the nfl is a joke on a lot of their rulings,a lot of these hits are inevitable at the speed these guys are playing.you can aim at one thing and hit something else.i have issue with their drug policy too.you can get these drugs over the counter.how are you supposed to know if there is something illegal in them.the nfl shows a lot of poor judgement in these rulings.

  10. If they would stop cherry picking these penalties and fines I’d be fine with it, but they are. Either call them and fine them every time it happens, or don’t do it at all. All they’re doing is using the guys that are known to be dirty players and making examples out of them because everyone expects them to be dirty. NFL officials SHOULD be embarrassed.

  11. I live in Indy and the Colts are my team. Ray should have not been fined. It was a clean hit by the greatest middle linebacker of his era. Thankful Collie survived.

  12. Totally pulling for the Colts in that game.. saying that, he’s correct, he was just making a play on the ball and player.. it was not intentional.. its a bang bang play.. the NFL shouldn’t have fined him and shouldn’t have been called on the field..

  13. you edited Lewis’ full comment…..
    “I hit him with my shoulder pad, I knew I hit him with my shoulder pad. So for them to fine me, I’m a little disappointed. It’s not like I stabbed him or anything”

  14. To all the people calling Ray Ray a murderer, and a cheap shot artist…….Have fun sitting in the stands, and never ever having the chance to even accomplish a millionth of the things Ray Lewis has done on the field…….I really don’t think that guy cares what you insignificant little morons think of him…………….Clean player, and one of the greatest to step foot on the battlefield….

  15. It was ridiculous. The receiver was making a play. Ray was on a straight-line launch towards the receivers mid-section but the receiver dropped down basically aligning his head with Rays. How is that his fault?
    By the way, when launching or going for a tackle how do you not make your head the lead object? For God’s sakes, it’s the furthermost protusion on your body. Maybe they should all run backwards so they can lead with their asses, and while your at it, have them wear pink panties.

  16. If the Ravens only had one game where they got flogged with alot of defensive penalties they could cry….but for them it was a trend…it happened weekly.

  17. Ray should not have been fined, clean hit!
    As far as all the morons who keep using the murderer line, I would read the transcripts of the trial before I opened my mouth. Your uninformed rants lead one to believe you are jealous or just plain stupid. I will go with the stupid.

  18. its amazing how many people complain about ray being a murderer ray did this blah blah… is was proven he didnt kill anyone even though there are other players that were caught doing things and found guilty but u dont see ppl every bringing that up

  19. Watch the video Ray-Ray, you LAUNCHED yourself from the ground and led with your helmet…you are the embarrassment for thinking rules don’t apply to you – frickin’ asshole.

  20. I understand why some people hate Ray Lewis. What I don’t understand is the people who keep harping on the murderer angle. No one was convicted of murder in the trial. The facts are as follows:
    1. Two dumb asses picked a fight with the wrong guys.
    2. Worse yet they brought broken beer bottles to a knife fight. They end up dead.
    3. Lewis, who didn’t participate in the actual fight freaks out and tries to cover it up.
    4. Lewis cops a plea for obstruction and his two thug friends with the knives go to trial and are completely acquitted of all charges.

  21. It doesn’t matter what team you root for..fans in general should be peeved about the piss poor officiating. It just seems to get worse each year and all we get from the NFL is excuses. It’s pathetic.

  22. What’s embarrassing is being a part of a murder, making payments to the victims family, but acting like you had nothing to do with it.
    Money doesn’t bring someone back. To me, that’s admitting guilt in itself. The guy shouldn’t even be in the league. Makes me wish commish was in charge back then…

  23. Weak call, but his reaction to it makes me again wonder what it is Ray Lewis thinks the NFL owes him.
    It’s always about his legacy and his career…this isn’t the first bad call the league has made, just deal with it.

  24. Whether or not the hot was dirty the world is tired of Ray Lewis complaining about everything that doesn’t go his way. You got away with murder guy… please shut up.

  25. Ok I am confused. When Miami played I think it was the Texans there was a play where Pat White was knocked out of the game due to helmet to helmet contact. It was not called and the NFL released a statement saying Pat White was a runner. Ok, so there was a playoff game (I wish I could remember which one it was but I guess I am getting old) where there was also helmet to helmet contact made, it was not called due to the offensive player not being a QB. So is it a desecration call? I would think this would be a black or white rule. Can someone clear this rule up for me?

  26. Though I’m sooo sick of Lewis’s incessant whining, I tend to side with the “Let them play” crowd. Footall IS a contact sport. And I was pulling for the Ravens in that game. But I just watched the replay about five times and it WAS a helmet-to-helmet hit. And that’s a no-no. Lewis should be embarrassed about all his nonstop whining. Good grief, take it like a man, Ray.

    (FF to the 2:22 mark)

  27. Doesn’t matter what he does on a football field because he should be in jail, like other murderers.
    Hopefully he’ll slip up like OJ in the future and maybe they can share a cell and swap ol’ football stories. Instant Karma gonna get you.. ray

  28. Its not whining, it telling the truth, put the women in children to bed. Its a BIG BOY game that none of you have played, so continue to be an athletic supporter.

  29. Agreed 100% with Ray Lewis.
    Lewis clearly lead with his shoulder here. While Collie dropped his helmet into Ray’s helmet, in hoping to get under Ray’s shoulder (hit), which would have knocked him silly. I remember seeing this one during the game and saying it was a blown call…

  30. @Ripp …
    It was Steelers corner Ike Taylor who laid out QB Pat White with a helmet-to-helmet hit. Because he was running with the ball, White became a running back for that play. So Taylor was tackling a ball carrier, not hitting a defenseless player who was standing and waiting for the ball or going up for the ball or letting go of the ball with no way to protect himself. White was running right at Ike. He had the opportunity to see the hit coming. He could have gone into a slide or hit the ground or run out of bounds. That’s the difference. I’m not defending it–just answering your question.
    Here’s the White hit:

  31. Hey Maniac
    Ray Ray is a murdering Thug who should be locked up
    He got what was right a fine no shut up and keep wishing you could beat a Manning

    The truth? Uh-huh. He hit a receiver helmet-to-helmet. Watch the video. Clear as day–and against the rules. Lewis keeps telling everyone how he’s such an ooooh tough guy. Well, if he can’t for once take his punishment without whining, he needs to get a new line. And based on your ridiculous post, if the women were putting the children to bed, “big boy,” you’d already be curled up with your blankie and sucking your thumb.

  33. ANY football player with the money Ray has should never whine about a $5000 fine. The Ravens and their fans constantly whine about the refs…..Y would the refs be out to get the Ravens??? With all the coverage Ray gets before games, and with all of the Stars on their D, I dont think the NFL would be opposed to the Ravens winning. If the NFL was partial to teams, as Raven fans always incinuate….I dont think the most boring team in the NFL would be in the Championship game (the Jets). Quit your bitching Ravens and their fans, the fact is, you had penalty trouble all year….you cant play by the rules!! Nobody is out to get you so shut up, get a QB, and some decent recievers, and lay off all the holding and clutching on D and maybe you will win a championship again. MAYBE

  34. Ray is right! Linebackers in the future won’t be able to tackle anyone. Dick Butkis would have put the receiver in the hospital.
    The NFL will debate another Brady rule in ’10 to protect the poor defenseless QB – No fair pulling on Brady’s pink panties and giving him a wedgie. He’ll be given his own penalty flag to throw if anyone touches him.

  35. @ Deb & you should be ashame to call youself a big blue fan
    I don’t need to review it, look at the shoulder, but recognizing that individuals have had a drink of the Ray Haterade, they gonna come to their on ridiculous conclusions. still trying to figure out how Ray has played 14 years in NFL, if he murdered someone.

  36. @ Uncle Leo,
    The law dosen’t say O J had to be completely innocent, just have to be proved with reasonable doubt that he was innocent in a court of law NOT PUBLIC OPINION.

  37. mrssmith says:
    January 23, 2010 7:15 PM
    It doesn’t matter what team you root for..fans in general should be peeved about the piss poor officiating. It just seems to get worse each year and all we get from the NFL is excuses. It’s pathetic.
    I agree!

  38. Whether it hurts someone or not, whether its intentional or not, plays like helmet to helmet and horse collar tackling have to be penalized and fined every time without hesitation, because people can get seriously hurt.
    To everyone who talks about just let them play the game, thats easy for you to say I suppose. Enough hits that injure the neck, spinal cord, or brain, and these guys are hurt for life. Just as the league is putting money into concussion research, we’ve got fans saying its ok to hit helmet to helmet.

  39. Does anyone else remember him pissing and moaning after his down 2004 season (the one blamed on the madden curse) about how his d coordinator wasn’t putting him in the right spots and allowing him to play the game his way. he came across like a baby then, and he does again now. Not since Deion Sanders has there been a football player that thinks so highly of himself. I dont even buy this religious angle that hes playing now.
    But its not his fault. The man got away with murder. Of course he thinks the universe revolves around him. Hes a great player, but in my opinion, its fairly easy to see through the facade and see what a terrible self-absorbed human being this guy is.

  40. kpweaver27 says:
    Whether it hurts someone or not, whether its intentional or not, plays like helmet to helmet and horse collar tackling have to be penalized and fined every time without hesitation, because people can get seriously hurt.
    But is not fined every time; that is the point; either call it or not; the Steelers’ helmet-to-helmet on McGahee was not penalized or fined. It knocked him out for awhile; but nothing called and no fine on the play. Officiating is very inconsistent, if not downright incompetent.

  41. BigFella:
    “To all the people calling Ray Ray a murderer, and a cheap shot artist…….Have fun sitting in the stands, and never ever having the chance to even accomplish a millionth of the things Ray Lewis has done on the field…….I really don’t think that guy cares what you insignificant little morons think of him.”
    You’re right, unless you play a game for a living, you are insignificant…doctors, lawyers, police officers, day care providers etc. are all useless morons. Of courseof course, murderers are significant too.

  42. My old man and my uncles……..Every year would toast to the hit chuck bednarick put on frank gifford..They used to say the stretcher was his date for the evening…….lol..Usually on New Years Eve, and they were trashed, but still, I remember it well…..Real men watching a real game……not like the whiny bitches here on PFT

  43. Instead of bitching about minor fines – shouldn’t Lewis be thanking his lucky stars his a$$ STILL isn’t in jail ???

  44. @4g63
    The penalty was him hitting a defenseless receiver after the ball was past him.
    It was a cheap shot.

  45. Jungle Juice you’re clearly a moron. The ball was not passed him, Collie was catching it as Ray arrived. It’s called good football, and Collie is stupid for putting his head down into a tackle.
    The league gave the bare minimum because they knew it was bogus but didn’t want to acknowledge they screwed up.

  46. It isn’t embarrasing because the NFL have been fining players for good plays all season. More politics from the NFL.

    Just to be clear … I’ve never said anything about Lewis being a murderer. That case was settled. Lewis is a great player. It’s a contact sport and players shouldn’t be flagged for doing their jobs. BUT if you look at the film, it’s a clear helmet-to-helmet on a receiver. That’s why he got fined and he should shut up about it. He complains a lot.
    @sandy70 and edgarpoe …
    Apples and oranges. As I understand it, once the catch is made and the receiver starts running, he’s a running back and the helmet-to-helmet rule isn’t applied the same way. Then it becomes an issue of tackling a runner instead of a “defenseless” receiver. That’s why the Clark hit was considered a clean hit. Again, I’m not saying it makes sense, I’m saying apparently that’s the rule. And McGahee and Clark do appear to collide helmet to helmet because McGahee put his head down. (BTW, sandy70, your photo wasn’t very good. Thanks to edgarpoe for the link.)

  48. Im a patriots fan – Ray Lewis is a top tier defender. He crushed Brady with clean hits. He is right. Let the LBs play.

  49. Who cares? The Ravens and Lewis are now yesterday’s news. Another season, no trip to the Super Bowl.

  50. Special treatment for Ray Ray.
    Anyone else would be fined for complaining.
    To quote Randy Moss… “what’s ten grand to me?”

  51. @trock 12…Please correctly deceipher my posts before you comment on them….
    “never ever having the chance to even accomplish a millionth of the things Ray Lewis has done on the field…….”
    Right on, thanks bud….

  52. Oh poor Ray Ray…embarrassed.
    He should of thought of his ego & image before acting.
    The week before he hit Julian Edelman in the back in the endzone, WITH his spearing helmet; WHILE the player was already down & stopped.
    Late/cheap/dangerous. No fine because the officials did not throw a flag, which they should have.
    Officials need to call it more and fines should be a percentage of pay. This year’s singing bonus of 6mil + another 4mil for the season…make Ray’s fine of $5 thousand look like chump-change…just enough to get a guy to be embarrassed and moan “they” were wrong to pick on poor me.
    Wonder if Ray will be really embarassed if he paralyzes another player.

  53. “When asked about that fine”
    Why does everyone get ticked when Ray speaks his mind? He wasn’t just chirping about it. He was ASKED about it.

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