Report: Cable will stay in Oakland

The speculation about Tom Cable’s future in Oakland is over.  We think.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Al Davis has decided to retain Cable for 2010, the final year of Cable’s contract.

Raiders spokesman John Herrera did not confirm the news when contacted by Schefter, saying no decision has been made despite meetings into the night the last two days.

(We’ll take the absence of any “false rumor monger” accusations as a positive for Cable.)

It remains to be seen if Cable will keep his playcalling duties, but there has been widespread speculation that he won’t.  Davis met with Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson about the team’s offensive coordinator position.

32 responses to “Report: Cable will stay in Oakland

  1. So what your saying is you have been wrong the last two plus weeks and 3-5 articles a day. Well at least you got the hits on the site you needed by using the raiders name!

  2. Adam Shefturd wastes too much time reporting rumors. Its been pretty obvious to most that Cable would keep his job.

  3. I wouldn’t doubt that Davis decided to keep Cable afterall, it’s not like coaches are lining up for the job.

  4. Are yah sure? Because you’ve been saying for 3 weeks that he’ll be fired “tomorrow”.
    Are yah sure this time? Or should we expect a “Cable will be fired” sometime tomorrow?

  5. Now look how smart you could have looked if you ran with the information I have given to you weeks ago. You really could have “in your face” to all your media buddies that do not have a clue, but you wanted to run with the BS pack.
    As I let you know weeks ago, Cable will coach the Raiders next year and there will be some change in structure and coaches but Cable stays.
    As for the reports coming out now?, some are smart enough to try and put a little distance between them and all the ones spreading the bull for weeks, even if they spread it like buter.

  6. Adam Schefter is often right when it comes to the Raiders. He reported Shell was going to be fired a few days before it happened. The Raiders’ brass of course stated it was a “false” rumor that Art Shell was going to be canned, but low and behold, Schefter was right. Shell was gone three days after his report.

  7. So does this mean that Cable caved in on Russell? If so, it is going to be a long 2010 season for the Raider faithful.

  8. No kidding, you mean now that by all accounts and indications pointing to Cable Staying, Shefturd changes his “guess”? I never would have thought it….that p.o.s. just throws random thoughts out despite any real “insider” info. Hell, I bet 50% of the readers on here would be able to do just as well….kinda like the weathermen in Florida….Mostly sunny and 30% chance of rain every day….no matter what happens, your right 50% of the time.

  9. Adam Schefter reported last week that is was a matter of “when” but not “if” Cable would be fired…….hmmmmmmmm.. Another time the media has it wrong…….like I’ve said since day one……..and I’m just a normal dude slappin a couch in Indiana………………… Pretty weak media………. your all just a bunch of tabloid bitches…………..
    Welcome to Hell:
    The Black Hole

  10. Florio,
    Ok now you can focus on the real Raider controversy, which is how soon will they cut Jamarcus since Cable is staying. Or what kind of ultimatum did they give Jamarcus to keep a roster spot.
    You see, most of us in Raider Nation knew that Cable was going to “finish his contract” and that you usually dont need an announcement that tells the world that you are going to “keep” your job.
    Do all of your supervisors tell you that you get to keep your job each Friday at the end of your work week?
    But, wait, maybe Al Davis is “messing” with the media.
    Rumor: “Sources indicate that NBC is debating dumping PFT due to slap-dick reporting.” Maybe NBC kept their receipt.
    Florio, your legal acumen is in question. Read the CBA before you speak on NFLPA rights and remedies. Richard Seymour says hello.

  11. I truly hope this report from Adam is true.
    I think the players like him, and I think the Raiders are close to being a good team.
    Just get a QB even a decent QB and this team makes the playoffs.
    Thanks for the link from Schefter’s story Mr. Florio.

  12. So the Raiders have the same coach for a second straight year (with half of another one as interim)…we think. Sure he might be a pretty lousy X’s and O’s guy, but at least it will be sooome consistency. The guy isn’t going to completely turn this thing around, but I think this consistency could help this team. He does an OK job motivating, and hopefully there will be a new OC calling plays that aren’t disastrous.
    In an ideal world it would be a better coach, but this situation is obviously not ideal for a fan of the team, so I’ll at least be OK with it. Say what you want, but I kinda like Cable guy, just not as a play caller.

  13. hizzle1281 says: January 24, 2010 12:16 AM
    i love this
    the worse the Faiders do
    the better and higher my beloved patriots pick
    Your “beloved Patriots” are headed for the basement of the league, hizzle1281.
    Watch and see.

  14. Really kept you guys “twisting in the wind” for a while.
    R. Nation.
    Invadummy, its nice to see you took time to post after bowing to Al Davis’s photo for hours.
    Now go back to your Raider prayer rug bend your knee to your Master Al.

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