Shockey expected to play after taking part in walkthrough

J_Shockey.jpgSaints tight end Jeremy Shockey didn’t practice all week because of his knee injury, but he is expected to suit up Sunday.

NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora reports that the eight-year veteran “is making good progress” and participated in the team’s walk-through session Saturday.  Shockey hurt his knee in the first quarter against the Cardinals last week.

Shockey, officially listed as questionable, is trying to create his own playoff memories just two years after watching his Giants teammates win the Super Bowl. 

New York went 0-3 in Shockey’s three playoff starts before he was dealt to the Saints in July of 2008.

13 responses to “Shockey expected to play after taking part in walkthrough

  1. Shockeys one of the biggest self absorbed “all about me” dickheads in the league.
    He’s a lousy excuse for a teammate and always hurt in some way, I hope he tears his knee on the first play.

  2. He sucks why do you think he is in NO the Giants tossed his ass out
    If he has his short arms on your screwed

  3. I knew Shocker would be in there!
    To the douchebag above regarding the knee comment…karma’s a bitch. Hope you get it back 10 fold. Internet post or not, that’s a pretty classless comment. Shockey may be a lousy team mate (although the Saints see it differently), but you are clearly a lousy human being.

  4. Harvins gonna play….Shockey’s gonna play….it would take a real good Dr to keep any player on either team from playing in this game….Who Dat…should be a good one!!!!

  5. Shockey has been a model player in New Orleans for 2 years. He is totally team concept and has yet to EVER voice dissatisfaction with his role on the team. All he wants is to win. The Saints will keep him and are a better team when he is playing.
    Saints win by 8 tomorrow.

  6. I sure they want him suited up, even if he can’t play.
    It will look better then him setting in the press box drinking a beer.

  7. RayDaMayor says: “Shockey has been a model player in New Orleans for 2 years.”
    In his first year in NO his friendship with Payton was the lone reason he wasn’t cut and Drew Brees was shown on national TV screaming in his face. The guy is a narcissistic alcoholic that isn’t in the top ten of TEs in any meaningful offensive category.

  8. Shockey hasn’t done anything since his rookie preseason steamrolling of a Colts DB. He got a big head, started dropping balls, and being a shitty teammate. All around class act. I hope the only Superbowl he gets is the one the Giants got because he wasn’t there.

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