Adams' passing could result in testing changes

The sudden passing of Bears defensive end Gaines Adams to cardiac arrest caused by an enlarged heart caused many people to wonder if anything could have been done to prevent it.

The NFL is looking closely at the issue.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the NFL
Cardiovascular Committee is discussing whether to make echocardiograms (or ECHO)
standard for players, starting in February with the scouting combine.

The league was already examining the question before Adams’ passing.

Currently the echocardiogram is only ordered if there’s a family history problem or if a problem shows up on the EKG test that is administered to the players.  The echo is more invasive and expensive but more complete” than the EKG test according to the Chicago Tribune.

25 responses to “Adams' passing could result in testing changes

  1. Sorry not allowed unnecessary screening is too expensive … we gotta cut costs. That’s what the politician bean counters tell us … unless it’s for them of course.

  2. Sorry, but I would expect the Bears to do any test they can to protect their investment when they traded for him!?

  3. Its cheaper then giving all the money up front and finding out to late cna not understand why this is being talked about and not done already

  4. If they start testing for enlarged hearts, 1/2 the linemen in the league will be riding the bench. Roids and HGH cause enlarged hearts.
    I highly suspect Adams was on HGH and/or Steroids which led to his condition and eventual death.

  5. Look, no one wants to see anyone get hurt let alone pass away or suffer brain damage later in life, but this is getting ridiculous. “NFL Cardiovascular Committee”??????? This is out of control. The NFL has now become a nanny state.
    People get hurt and people die. No one has cheated death so far. Does the NFL think it can?

  6. @Gbp123 …
    Out of control? Are you kidding? That’s like saying forming a NASCAR committee devoted to making engines run faster and smoother is getting out of control. These multi-million-dollar athletes are the primary investment in a multi-billion-dollar sport. Taking care of your primary investment is good business and has nothing to do with running a nanny service. Yeah, people get hurt and die. And when those people are elite athletes worth millions of dollars, their deaths represent a major asset loss–not to mention insurance payouts, potential Congressional investigations, etc. It only makes sense to try to look into loss prevention as well as how to make your assets perform at a more optimal level.
    Geez, I sure wouldn’t want you looking after my business.

  7. I guess non of you knew that 450,000 americans die every year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and that includes 7,000 children. EKG’s should be mandatory in all athletes. I did not know any of this until I lost my 15 year old healthy and athletic boy from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. He had Long Q-T Syndrome. Death can be prevented!!!!!!!

  8. I agree with gbp123’s intent. Who is the NFL to demand such tests. Where does the player’s rights as Americans end and NFL policy start. An enlarged heart doesn’t occur from sports injuries; it’s a condition based on your genes. Hell, the military doesn’t even do these tests on their highest trained (Rangers, Seals…) If the NFL plans on testing for every possible disease; they just might as well invoke Hitler’s Aryan race philosophy. So yes gbp123 is correct. People die due to genetic defects everyday. Its a fact of life. I believe there is some tests which need to be performed but how far should the NFL go? Football players are humans with human rights; they are not lab rats. They have the ability to see doctors on their own and make their own health decision. Let them be humans and make their own decision if they need advanced screening or not.

  9. # tom coughlin’s coat holder says: January 24, 2010 1:30 PM
    gbp123 you’re an ignorant little fellow.
    Geez, I sure wouldn’t want you looking after my business.
    Maybe not, I’m not running a business, I’m a Navy Master-at-Arms (MP) that just got back from deployment and let me say that my Marine and Army friends don’t get pulled out of fight for a concussion or an enlarged heart. I’m not trying to compare combat with football but these are grown men who get paid millions of dollars to play a game.

  10. Let’s turn this around for a second…
    You’re a player who stands to make, at the very least, a couple million dollars in your NFL career, enough to probably make your family really well off and your extended family comfortable as well.
    Wouldn’t you WANT to know if you had a heart condition?
    I’m in the military, and all of a sudden I went from the top 10% in fitness to failing my test. I knew something was wrong. It wasn’t until they went through the echocardiogram that they figured out I had a cardiomyopathy. Had I not been in the military, I likely would have never known, been treated, and probably would have died a really young death.
    In Gaines Adams’ case, he got a really big rookie contract, enough money for everyone to be secure for the rest of their lives, and their children’s lives too. It’s a tragedy that could have been prevented.
    And FYI…echocardiograms only run about $250-500 bucks. I don’t think that’s too much to pay to save a life by diagnosing a condition.
    If you want to debate whether the colleges should do it vs. the NFL, that’s worthwhile to discuss.
    Nevertheless, these tests need to be run every bit as much as drug testing.

  11. @Rhina …
    Thank you for sharing that information. I certainly didn’t know the statistic regarding children. That’s all the more reason for the NFL to be diligent in ensuring the health and safety of its athletes, and perhaps through the NFL’s efforts, eventually similar testing will be provided for younger athletes as well. I’m so deeply sorry for your terrible loss. God be with you.
    @Redamber …
    NFL athletes are under contract, and getting physicals is par for the course when your body is your chief bargaining chip for a multi-million-dollar salary. Though some of the athletes might want to opt out of mandatory drug testing, I doubt any of them would want to opt out of testing that could potentially save their lives. You sound like a nut.

  12. # Rhina says: January 24, 2010 1:57 PM
    ‘I guess non of you knew that 450,000 americans die every year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and that includes 7,000 children. EKG’s should be mandatory in all athletes. I did not know any of this until I lost my 15 year old healthy and athletic boy from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. He had Long Q-T Syndrome. Death can be prevented!!!!!!!”
    Don’t tell that to GBp123. He’ll think you’re soft.

  13. Murgen….”you suspect’..translation: I dont know sh*t, but I wanna talk out my a** on the internet.

  14. All I read here is a bunch of liberal, I can’t take of myself, please take care of me for me, followers. Once you allow an organization to enforce any and all tests it desires, you remove the individuals’ inalienable rights and his identity.
    He may want to know but again he may not want you to know! That is our right as an American! Our right given to us through HIPAA. Its a personal decision not an NFL decision. If a person chooses to risk life to make his family wealthy, it’s a decision he makes. A DECISION ONLY HE CAN MAKE. If an enlarged heart is discovered at the NFL combine, he will be banned from playing football and be no longer his decision.
    I repeat; the player can make his own health decisions. He is definitely able to afford any doctor in the world. Let him choose what tests he wants done.

  15. @Deb
    You are just a liberal bitch who believes the government is here to feed you. Please change countries!

  16. @Deb
    Contract or no contract. Health care is a personal decision. They make enough to visit any doctor in the world and have the right as Americans. Its their decision to make not the NFL’s!! Many pro athletes visit doctors on their own for various reasons. And one is to keep certain conditions silent so it CAN’T be used against them in contract negotiations. The NFL only enforces such tests to protect their investments and spin it to sound like its in the players best interest. It sounds to me you believe a football player is a commodity not a human. You believe humans should be used as lab rats.
    I must say I am against such Nazi philosophies
    If my company forced EKG screenings for me, I would quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. If all these Americans including athletes that have died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest would have had a say so on preventing their death, I am sure they would have opted to have an EKG and an Echocardiogram. We can prevent more Americans from dying. If I would have known this before my son passed in July, 09 I would have paid $75 out of pocket for my son to have an EKG. I was not aware that such thing could happen to healthy 15 year old.

  18. Like I said to Florio HGH is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. Its not like steriods where it just makes your muscles bigger. It can make your organs grow rapidily which can lead to serious complications. Such as an enlarged heart or liver.
    No way am I saying Adams was on HGH. Im just pointing out that if the league isnt going to test for HGH then they need to atleast test for the life threatening complications that come from using it. A EKG would be a good start.
    Even if Adams didnt use HGH plenty of players do. Its just a matter of time before a players career or even life is ended from an enlarged heart, lung, kidney, or liver. HGH is illegal for a reason and its going to take a death before NFL players to realize its not worth it.

  19. I think all you F-ing liberals seem to miss the point which is being made by this article. The NFL is trying to force (i.e. to make mandatory, FORCE) more medical tests upon its own commodity, the players just to protect their own $$$$.
    The players have the ability and money to have any and all tests they can dream of performed on their own. They don’t need a mandate from the NFL to have these tests done!
    I am sure everyone for this mandate is against cosmetic companies testing on animals but it seems alright to send a person, a human, to a lab for hundred of tests even if they don’t want them.
    Please read and think before you comment in the future

  20. @Gbp123 & Joe C …
    Thank you both very much for your service to our country.
    Yes, Joe C, I get what you’re saying–that these athletes can afford the testing and should provide it themselves. I’m fine with that. The NFL can mandate the testing without requiring access to the results or otherwise violating the players’ HIPAA rights. As a cancer survivor, I’m very sensitive to the rights of workers to protect their medical records. The players should be able to go to their own doctors and use their own insurance to pay for the tests. But in the absence of an NFL mandate, it’s unlikely that it will occur to these young athletes that they need heart testing.
    Cbp123 was saying that for the NFL to have a committee on this issue was nannying, and I’m saying that it’s not nannying for a multi-billion-dollar business to investigate how best to protect its chief asset–the bodies of its multi-million-dollar players.
    And in light of the statistics that Rhina provided, perhaps if the NFL pushes the matter, it will lead to colleges and schools testing younger athletes as well–which may save the lives of children like Rhina’s son.
    It’s hard to see how pursuing this is a bad thing.
    @Redamber …
    I know you. You’re the guy who carries on big about free speech … until someone disagrees with him. Then he screams: Bitch, find another country. You have no idea what I believe. It’s over your itty-bitty head. I was wrong. You don’t sound like a nut. You are a nut. We’re done.

  21. @Bitch
    What you are for is NOT freedom. Freedom means an individual has a right; a right that can not be taken away just because white men with big wallets what to take a specific right away from an individual to protect their $$$$.
    A player has a right to take HGH; a right to be tested of their own accord by their own doctor and a right to know the test results without others knowing the result.
    How is mandating a medical test freedom?

  22. Yup, definitely a troll.
    Btw, Nazi references probably aren’t going to help you get your point across.
    “Please read and think before you comment in the future.”
    Such delicious irony…

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