Browns are expected to dump Donte' Stallworth

After the Super Bowl, Commissioner Roger Goodell will reinstate Browns receiver Donte Stallworth.

And after Goodell reinstates Stallworth, the Browns will cut him, according to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Stallworth was suspended for the entire season after pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter.  The veteran wideout struck and killed 59-year-old Mario Reyes the morning after earning a $4.5 million roster bonus in March 2009.

Grossi points out that Stallworth is due to receive a $1 million roster bonus on March 18, 2010, under the terms of his existing contract.  It’s our understanding, however, that a one-year suspension tolls the player’s contract, meaning that Stallworth’s 2009 terms would apply in 2010, and that any offseason bonuses due in 2010 would be due in 2011.

Either way, it won’t matter if the Browns cut Stallworth.

They also could put Stallworth on the trading block, but it’s unlikely that anyone would want his contract.  The Browns gave him big money in 2008 even though he has never racked up more than 950 receiving yards in a single season, and he never has caught more than seven touchdown passes.

7 responses to “Browns are expected to dump Donte' Stallworth

  1. such a waste of a human… Brownies can’t get rid of him soon enough. Savage was insane to give this guy the money he did.
    ps…. like how Florio tries to make a story out of this… what mike, did you think that they WEREN’T gonna dump his ass?

  2. This turd & Leonard Little should not even have the chance to play.
    Little gets busted for drunk driving a few years after he killed someone, while drunk, & he still plays.
    They both kill people & get less time away from football than a guy that shoots himself in the leg.

  3. Legal issues aside…. this guy was OVER RATED with the Patriots and sucked big time with Cleveland.

  4. The 0-3gles could use a WR that can get open and they have experience rehabbing players that kill things.

  5. He got paid on what he did in Filthy
    But now he can go to the Ravens so they have a killer on O and D
    Team pic can be murders row

  6. but jj really has the experience at overpaying wideouts who dont produce and destroy the locker room!
    stallworth is the king of the IR warriors. never seems to get on the field, even when he isnt under house arrest.

  7. BigBLOWfan….you are an extremely funny guy. You get alot of mileage out of the Ray/murder thing. Yet if Ray came to NYG at anytime during his HOF carreer, you would have been peeing your panties with joy!!…
    You are obviously still pissed over that Superbowl ASS-Kicking the Ravens gave your team…huh…
    At least none of the Ravens have shot themselves in the leg…..IDIOTS…Look at your team this year…they all shot themselves in the foot!!! Great season….loser!

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