Bush can make an extra million with Super Bowl win

Reggie Bush isn’t just running for next year’s contract in these playoffs; he’s also trying to pocket some extra cash for this season.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Bush will make $1 million more in bonus money if the Saints win the Super Bowl.  ($500,000 each for the next two possible wins.)  Bush already pocketed $300,000 for the team’s win against Arizona.

If this news doesn’t point out the inequity of rookie contracts, nothing will.  Bush’s playoff bonus money could nearly triple what starter Pierre Thomas will make all season.

Thomas has easily outplayed and outproduced Bush the last two years, but had the misfortune of going undrafted in 2007.

14 responses to “Bush can make an extra million with Super Bowl win

  1. Reggie Bush needs all dat moolah to keep Kim K. around. Lil’ man needs to compensate 4 his shortcomings.

  2. I wish the Chargers had implemented incentives like that.
    Maybe VJ would have resisted kicking the challenge flag if $300K was on the line. Same for Shaun Phillips and his head butt.

  3. Lol, all of these idiot comments and irresponsible article..Bush isnt thinking about money, he is thinking about winning. He already has “paper”. Players are thinking about playing thier best when they r on the field. Bush will let the haters play on the sidelines, like some of you are doing.

  4. When this contract was signed, I would have to think no one would have had a problem with these types of incentives. At the time, it seemed like if the Saints were ever going to reach the playoffs at all, it would be on Bush’s back. Since then Brees has become a superstar, Payton has proven himself a great coaching mind (and could prove himself a great head coach in the next month) and players like Pierre Thomas and Colston have come out of the woodwork. Hindsight being 20/20, this contract looks a little silly, but if anything is wrong with rookie contracts, its the guaranteed money that is the issue.
    IMO rookie contracts should be based MORE on incentives like this. This way a seventh round draft pick whos starting at weakside LB has a CHANCE to make as much as the first round WR that cant get on the field. The money recieved for performance would still be scaled based on your draft position, so that there is still a reason to play to be the number one pick, but by the end of any rookie contract, on field play would get you paid more than just being one of the guys invited to wear a suit and hold up a jersey for PR.

  5. I guess now is as good a time as any to remind folks that no team that lost during the season to the Buccaneers has ever gone on to win the Super Bowl… and the Saints lost to the Bucs in week 16… sorry Saints!

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