Bush has been fighting the flu

The name of Saints running back Reggie Bush did not appear on this week’s injury report.

But maybe it should have.

Rachel Nichols of ESPN reports that Bush has been suffering from the flu.

Players routinely are listed as having an “illness” when they have, you know, an illness.  Even if they ultimately play.

And Bush plans to play.

“By Sunday you can guarantee I’ll be fine,” he told Nichols.

Still, he needs to be better than fine if he hopes to make a significant contribution to the effort to knock off the Vikings.

10 responses to “Bush has been fighting the flu

  1. Ray Edwards for the Vikes and Reggie Bush for the Saints. Both guys had decent seasons and are solid players.
    But each one of them has a big game last week and now both of them are attracting tons of attention as being keys to the game.

  2. You play a sport where the championship happens in the middle of flu season. If it’s a cold, that’s one thing, but why would these retards not get flu shots? Hell, if I were the team I’d put it in the contract.

  3. What day did Bush talk to Rachel Nichols? The “By Sunday I’ll be ready” quote makes it sound like this is an old story that is just now being reported.
    If it was mid week, then he had to have attended all of practice, otherwise he would have, by league rules, been listed on the injury report. So if he practiced with the flu, I’m sure he’ll be 100% by now.
    Unless Sean Payton is cheating on the injury report. Seems like some of the shine is coming off this guy, so you just never know.

  4. The flu aka In bed with Kim Kardashian all week…
    Get ready for Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson part deux

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