Colts found defensive tackle starters in odd places

The Indianapolis Star has a good interview Sunday with Colts president Bill Polian in which he makes it clear he’s not going to talk about Week Sixteen anymore.

Polian got plenty of heat for the decision to rest the Colts starters, but he deserves credit for finding valuable players for cheap like few others.

A good example is at defensive tackle.  The Colts have improved their rush defense this season, especially short-yardage situations.  Their starters, Daniel Muir and Antonio Johnson, were essentially picked up for free last offseason.

Muir was signed “off the street” and Johnson came from Tennessee’s practice squad.

“For us to pick up Danny and “Mookie” [Johnson] during the season to
fill starting roles and become bellwether players, that’s an incredible
tribute to [G.M. Chris Polian and pro scout Kevin Rogers and
director of pro personnel Clyde Powers],” Polian said. 

Undrafted rookie cornerback Jacob Lacey should start Sunday and is another example of the Colts finding a valuable player for a low cost.

Polian’s personality rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but there’s no team better at finding the right players for its roster.

9 responses to “Colts found defensive tackle starters in odd places

  1. That’s why he is smarter than anyone who has ever read this site before. Especially luciano11. Definitely smarter than him.

  2. i wrestled muir in high school and he was always big and strong… and i am not even a colts fan
    Huh? WTF?

  3. I guess the Eagles, with, according to president Joe Banner, “the best roster in the NFL”, didn’t need “off the street” defensive players like this to stop the run and rush the passer. That’s why the Eagles are in the NFC championship game this week. Oh, uh, never mind.

  4. Any owner that benches his guys instead of going for the Ultimate very rarely attained goal in he NFL is an idiot regardless….

  5. And yet another great example of how and why the Tampa-2 defense is the most cost effective defense in the league… and when teams invest heavily in the3 Tampa-2 (Chicago, Tampa) Super Bowls happen.

  6. I despise Bill Polian in every way regarding football operations except in his ability to find good players for his team. It’s almost uncanny how many pieces of “garbage” they find, only to put them in and see that they make a ton on plays for the Colts team. Amazing…it really is.
    But other than that, he’s an arrogant pr*ck who has way too much influence on the game.

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