NFL won't play second game in London in 2010

Citing uncertainty over the collective bargaining agreement, the NFL has decided against a second game in London in 2010.

“Playing one game in the UK is a significant investment. Playing a second game is an even bigger investment,” the NFL said in a statement released overseas Sunday.

“As we considered this additional
investment, the uncertainty related to the ongoing CBA discussions linked to the
current global economic climate were critical factors in our decision not to
play a second game in the UK.

“Our ambition to bring a second game to the UK is
as strong as ever.  Once the current uncertainty is resolved, we will be in a
better position to bring multiple games to our UK fanbase.”

The 49ers will “host” the Broncos at Wembley Stadium on Halloween next season.

14 responses to “NFL won't play second game in London in 2010

  1. Good. Now let’s get rid of the 1st game.
    NFL should be played in the U.S. If we’re open to London, why not Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Tokyo, etc?
    In fact, let’s make it so that it’s an 18 game season and every team plays two games over seas?

  2. The NFL should just stay in the United States. Unfair to the fans of the teams that are shipped over there.

  3. Gee, where are the ownership kiss asses. Shouldn’t they be in here talking about how the owners should be able to do anything since they take all the risks (Like paying NOTHING to build their fancy palaces)?

  4. Here’s hoping the league continues to experience major disappointment in this particular matter. I’m sure the UK football fanbase would be much happier if someone could just pry Man United away from the Glazers. It’s not going to benefit the NATIONAL Football League to gain the whole world and lose its American audience.

  5. And there should NOT be any games in London.
    I am here, right NOW..Playoffs..Stuck here till tomorrow and went to 4 sports PUBS…
    They get the feed BUT don’t pay for it…too expensive.
    Only ONE place to watch the Vikes at 1:30AM
    $150 cab ride from my hotel..NOT.

  6. Having attended the first London game (Giants-Dolphins), it’s really not worth having any games over here in England. The ‘home’ team have no advantage as fans just cheer whomever they want.
    I hate the idea of making the NFL an ‘International’ league. All the English ‘analysts’ over here are vying for a London franchise. Get over yourselves, it’s a TERRIBLE idea.

  7. I thought americans were the greatest supporters of capitalism there is. one of the core philosphies of that is every man for themselves—-> chase the profit.
    so by that rule, owners have no obligation to help out floundering local american economies but chase the profits. why get blackouts in jacksonville, detroit and tampa when 85,000 fans will buy tickets at extortionate prices (trust me, i know) to watch tampa get blown out by new england. its always about profit, and after all, it is supposedly one of the cornerstones of your country

  8. @savs …
    And the Brits are a kind and generous bunch of imperialists whose businesses operate only for the good of mankind. Uh-huh.
    Despite the available social services, Britain is still a capitalist society and its business owners are just as profit-driven as ours. So you can get off your soap box.
    Yes, 85,000 British fans will buy tickets at extortionate prices (which, btw, is what fans pay here) for one or perhaps two games a year. But will they pay to support a local team for 16 weeks?
    The NFL has been trying to educate the British public on the fine points of American football for more than 25 years, and the vast majority of Britons still don’t understand why the game is so slow and complicated. Since Britons would be long asleep when American Sunday-, Monday-, and Thursday-night games air, it’s hard to see how a cross-Atlantic league could be viable. But you’re right: It’s their money. They lost millions on the European league, and as long as they leave my team out of it, I don’t care if they lose millions more on this bit of asininity.
    By the way, the cornerstone of our democratic republic is a Constitutional government of, for, and by the people. Wouldn’t expect you to understand, given that Britain doesn’t have a Constitution, and both power and money have traditionally been a matter of birthright.

  9. Deb u do talk some drivel.
    Yes the NFL is a minority sport but we have a strong following still.
    And I hear just as many assinine remarks about the game on the pitch by fans in Fedex Field or Soldier Field as I have at Wembley.
    And please dont lecture us on our system of government………..George W Bush lost the popular vote but became President that is the most undemocratic act a country can commit the voters didnt matter.
    I love the USA and travel over the as often as I can, but the self righteous attitude is tiresome to many around the world.
    Its up to others to decide if you are the greatest democracy in the world not for you to just proclaim it.

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