Ryan calls Colts pulling starters the "ultimate act of disrespect"

Four weeks ago, the Colts created plenty of consternation in Indianapolis and elsewhere by removing key starters from a game against the Jets that could have pushed the Colts’ record to 15-0, which would have kept alive the quest for 19-0.

The Jets didn’t complain at the time, since the move allowed them to resurrect a playoff run that coach Rex Ryan had declared over seven days earlier.

But Ryan is complaining now.

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reports that, in the final meeting with his team before Sunday’s rematch in Indianapolis, Ryan called the Colts’ decision to pull starters “the ultimate act of disrespect.”


We like that Ryan is fiery, but the Colts’ decision to pull starters had nothing to do with the Jets.  And if Ryan, who isn’t bashful about, well, anything, the fact that he didn’t say “boo” for nearly a month makes it hard to view his belated rant as anything other than a tactic for motivating his troops.

But, hey, the only audience that matters to Ryan is the 53 men whose buttons he needs to press.  And he has been doing a good job of pushing those buttons.

60 responses to “Ryan calls Colts pulling starters the "ultimate act of disrespect"

  1. You should be thankful Rex…that “the ultimate act of disrespect” allowed your ass to back into the playoffs. Forget that part??

  2. Who does this guy think he is? Does anyone consider the guys that got to play more snaps those days? I’m sure they appreciated the playing time. Coaches and GMs are judged on playoff wins. Not sentimental hookie nostalgia.

  3. Man i just cant wait for the Colts to lay some heavy wood on these bozos its becoming ridiculous at this point.

  4. That’s his game, the Colts gave it to him that to say.
    He needs to use all of his tricks if he is going to get a win in Indy. Stranger things have happened.

  5. I remember when people used to say “let my play do the talking for me” Apparently Rex realizes his teams play wont do much talking against the Colts.

  6. This act will get stale really soon. These types of guys cant keep a locker room year after year with these types of antics.

  7. One may recall Ryan’s “Christmas List” where he ticked off the names of all of the high profile Colts he wished NOT play. Yes, it was a joke – but it also highlights Ryan had no problems if the Colts mailed it in with the #1 seed assured.
    So in short – I agree with the conclusion of Florio’s post: Ryan’s real reason for playing the “we got dissed card” is to rally his own troops … and much to Ryan’s credit — he’s proven to be a highly inspirational leader in his own unique style.
    As a player, who would you rather play for Rex Ryan … or the Al Grohs and Rich Kotites of the world? Not a very difficult question, is it?

  8. The last statement here is the best of this entire article…what he says only matters to his team…quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing what Ryan has to say! Who made HIM the football king? This guy has more arrogance than most of his players! I really hope the Colts finish the job today and take this chump down a peg!

  9. Too bad Ryan doesn’t work for Al Davis and coach the Raiders. Those two idiots are made for each other. That being said, Ryan is a good fit for all the loud-mouth idiot Jets fans too. Hopefully after the Colts whip the Jets today someone shoves that fireman’s helmet up Ed’s ass!

  10. “I can’t stop eating. I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s someone I’d like to get in touch with and forgive… myself.”
    -Rex Ryan

  11. i was a big eagles fan in the l8 80’s -90’s when BUDDY ran shit! same show. how many rings did he get????? yeah thought so
    expect a beatdown like buffalo did oakland or jacksonville did the dolphins few years back.
    J-E-T-S suck suck suck
    i mean c’mon i’m a dolphins fan and they beat these frauds twice .the DOLPHINS.
    peyton in his castle . pfffffffffffffffffffft lmao
    u sold ur psl’s frauds now go home
    p.s- oldheads this is HARDLY super bowl 3 so get over it

  12. He’s saying it was disrespectful because the Colts were giving the Jets hope at the playoffs by letting them win, and pretty much eliminating the Steelers. Rex was trying to convey to his team that the Colts WANTED to play the Jets rather than other teams.

  13. Its called rest so they can whip your fat ass today fool
    Now STFU and prepare to get your ass handed to you

  14. This could very well be a “rant” that backfires on Ryan as it could very well “press the buttons” of the Colts to be even more fired up to give the Jets a new sense of “respect”

  15. Maybe he finally talked too much and ran out of things to say that made sense. Wait. That happened months ago – the first time he said anything.

  16. OK, Rex Ryan was entertaining for a few weeks and he obviously is doing a better than average job of rallying a fairly rag tag set of troops. But his act is wearing thin already. Here’s hoping that this is minute 14 in his fame run. Enough is enough with being in love with seeing your own quotes in the media.

  17. What an ass.
    The Colts gift wrapped a playoff spot for them.
    Is this the same guy who told a press conference that he was disappointed now to be officially out of the playoffs?

  18. please colts, beat the crap out of these loud mouth losers so we don’t have to hear about Ryan’s dumb rants anymore.

  19. Disrespect for the fans(customers) that ultimately pay all of their salaries? Yes(that is if the Manning legacy is isn’t as important to them as the Ultimate accomplishment in TEAM sports).
    A slap in the face to the notion that we should all “be the best we can be” by men who are supposed to be role models for a generation that is already grossly misguided? Yes(at least, that is, until someone can rationally explain to me how doing something that has been done 43 times before is more important than doing something(19-0) that has never been done before).
    But you’re right, it had nothing to do with the Jets. However, it would only be just for the Colts to lose to the team that may not even be in the Playoffs if it wasn’t for their disrespect for the fans and the game. The Jets probably won’t win the game. But if the “Football Gods” are just, they will.

  20. I’m not a huge Colts fan but this week I am. Rex Ryan’s act is extremely tiresome. Just STFU and coach your shitty team. Maybe you guys will score 10 points today.
    As has been mentioned if the Colts don’t bench everyone you guys don’t even make the playoffs. This guy is a giant POS.

  21. I really dont have a pony in this race, but im pulling for the colts today just so i dont have to hear Ryans mouth for the next two weeks.

  22. To start off, not a Jets fan. However, Rex Ryan is the Ochocinco of coaching. And before you take this the wrong way, I think that’s awesome. He has a ton of character (no pun intended), and says what’s on his mind.
    Someone referred to him as the anti-Belichick. There is so much truth to that statement. The people that “hate” him for anything other than being the Jets head coach, are the same people that want ALL of the fun taken out of the league.
    When are these morons going to realize that the NFL is supposed to be an entertainment business. I am not entertained by Belichick, but I am by Ryan. If you don’t like it, go watch golf and leave football to people that like to have fun.

  23. Just think how Ryan is gonna feel after the Colts leave them in in this one…
    Prediction: Wayne goes for over 120 yards and a touchdown on Revis today.
    Colts 38
    Jets 21

  24. If Rex is looking for what to label Disrespect he ought to look in the mirror – He wrote his own team off team from the playoffs! Oh, okay maybe that’s not disrespect – just ignorance.
    Sad that his dad is coming up from Kentucky to watch his kid’s team get whooped. Colts 31 Jets 10.

  25. Buddys bloated son is really reaching for one here.
    Sounds like a desperate move from a guy thats supposed to be the ultimate cocky coach.
    Perhaps he now realizes his QB that throws for 100 yards a game is going head to head with payton manning?

  26. Ryan is really really annoying. The Colts philosophy of resting their starters has nothing to do with the Jets. And while the Colts fans are angry Rex Ryan should be thankful that Curtis Painter and co. gave him a path to the playoffs.

  27. Ol’ “Washboard Abs” there sure seems to have a lot to say about a lot of things.
    Perhaps even one word of it would matter if he hadn’t thought his team had been eliminated from the playoffs. Loud, fat and stupid is no way to go through life, son!
    I think what the Colts did in Week 16 and 17 sucks, but I’m here to tell ya that I hope they beat this fat piece of sh** 42-0 today.

  28. His act is great for the idiot press and for the Jets when they are winning, but as time goes by and if they stop winning and his act includes throwing players under the bus, it will come to an end as did his dad’s.

  29. At some point, doesn’t he actually have to make sense a little bit for his players to even get the message? Talk about mixed messages…
    Before the 1st game: Rex Ryan- “My Christmas wish is for them to bench Manning, Wayne, Clark, etc…”
    4 weeks later- “how dare they bench those guys! that’s so disrespectful!”
    what a joke! he must underestimate his own players intelligence if he thinks they are going to believe that crap. he’s talking out of both sides of his ass and it just sounds like he has no clue…

  30. Vox, I bought a bag of Mesquite chips to much on watching the football games today, my team isn’t playing, neither is yours.
    Have a terrific day!

  31. You know what ? It really doesn’t matter what he says to his players, they still need to play the best in Manning. Granted it’s fun to read a bunch of morons tired of this act but you know what. You guys saying the Colts will smoke the Jets proves Ryan right. Cause everyone is saying they were let into the playoffs. The jets beat the bengals and beat a chargers team that hadn’t lost in 11 weeks, and people still don’t give them a chance in this game. Which is fine, i like the disrespect the Jets get. I am a Jet fan, do i think they will beat the Colts, im not convinced but you know what. it has been an awesome season and it’s not Ryan’s fault this crap gets out to the media and the Media keeps feeding it to us. It’s the media and for those of the same morons who get angry with this and say the Jets wanted to play the colts. That is the biggest load of crap ever, Yes their plan all along was to have the jets eliminate the Chargers and the Bengals because somehow the colts feared them and knew the Jets would make it to the AFC Championship game. Get out of here, the colts should fear no one, they have a 4 time MVP and the best quarterback of all time on their team, they shouldn’t fear anyone. That’s a load of crap and you all know it

  32. Just another statement from this loud-mouthed fat ass to get the Colts motivated to slaughter the lucky Jets.
    GO COLTS!!!

  33. Maybe his comment was taken out of context.
    The Jets were disrespected when everyone said they only won because the Colts pulled their starters. Jets were only down by 5 at that point. They were right where they wanted to be.

  34. indianaraidersfan let it go man. That was weeks ago. The fact the no Colts fan is still bitching about it, and that you are a Raiders fan bitching about it is pretty pathetic. Stick with complaining about your senile owner over in Oakland and stop with the sour grapes.

  35. For all you Hating morons out there who do much more talking than Rex does, where are the teams you root for right now? Say what you want about what might happen today, but the Jets are where they are right now. One of four teams left. AFC Championship….. You don’t get there in the NFL with just luck. Win or Lose…the Jets are for real and deserve to be respected. Loud mouthed, Fat, but a great football mind who has taken his team farther than any of your teams. We’ll find out if he can take it all the way to Miami at 3pm.

  36. He’s just like his old man Buddy…nothing gets filtered by the brain before it comes out the mouth!

  37. “Ultimate slap to the face”? Please. The Jets wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs if the Colts hadn’t given them that game. If the Colts had brought their A-game with all their starters, the Jets wouldn’t be here to face them again. Perhaps the Ryan needs to remember this simple fact.

  38. No How, No Way……. Not in your WILDEST DREAMS…… will the Colts score more than 17 points against the JET Defense! Neva Hoppon ! J E T S ! JETS JETS JETS ! The JETS will clean the Colts’ CLOCK. Today the Colts go down, given ultimate Disrepect back to them…..by a J E T Team that will NOT be Denied ! OOFFAAHHHHHHHHHHH !

  39. @bian8
    No sour grapes here.. I’d still be bitching if it was the Raiders in that position. It just amazes me that “Colts” fans can get shit on(fitting since that horseshoe looks like a toilet seat), and just wipe it off like nothing happened. No matter when it happened it was still wrong.
    I’m a football fan, not just a Raiders fan. At least Al thinks he’s trying to win, and with as many bad choices he’s made, I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t do that.
    Please hit me with something of substance in a response next time.

  40. LOL……. many of you Colts fans cannot see what Ryan is accomplishing by his comment. This manager has just PSYCHED his J E T S Team by implanting the thought that the Colts THOUGHT SOOOOOO LITTLE of this Jet Team, that they could Play their 2nd/3rd string and beat the Jets EASILY ! What a SLAP IN THE FACE, says Ryan. Is MY Team gonna sit back and take this ??? Nooooooooooooo ! says Ryan ! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO says the J E T S ! RYAN TELLS HIS TEAM – today, we show the COLTS the DISRESPECT they have EARNED ! Right On ! OOOOFFFAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

  41. Mark Sanchez has the easiest, funnest, and highest paying job……….
    just take 2 steps back, and extend your hand

  42. I’m not a fan of either team. This coach is, put quite simply, a big-mothed asshole, just like his fat-ass daddy and his fat-ass brother. Watching Triple Chins whine about disrespect is bullshit; all he does is show other teams and other people disrespect. It’s the white trash Ryan family way.
    The Colts will end this asshole’s season and the Jets will sink back to the 8-8 and 7-9 team they really are next year. The only reason NYJ are even in the playoffs are because the Colts pulled this so-called act of disrespect. Maybe Rex was actually referring to the fact that the Colts didn’t give him a gift certificate to Krispy Kreme.

  43. Still have to play the game. Talk is, well, talk…
    Matchups of interest:
    1) Colts D front against Jets O line. Who wins speed vs. power?
    2) Colts LBs versus Jets RBs. Can Colts LBs hold RBs to 5 or less, when they split the interior gaps
    3) Braylon Edwards versus the ball. Can be great, can be a dog…
    4) Collie/Garcon versus Jets off-corner/safeties. Both are burners, but showed lax route execution versus the Ravens.
    5) can Manning find Wayne in matchup with Revis. He beat Revis several times in week 16, Manning missed.
    6) Can Jets D actually pressure Manning? Disguise is the only way. Manning can execute in 1 second or less when he has recognition.
    7) Colts versus their own psyche. Will all the shittalk bother them? Or do they come out, Manning style, and play professional ball.
    If Colts are on; show up and execute, long day for the Jets.
    If Colts are off; running lax routes, poor timing, poor tackling, close game. Did the boys spend the weekend with strippers may have more to do with it than any TShirt Rex Ryan wore all week…
    Colts hold the keys to this game. Do they piss them away or not…
    Should know by halftime what we’re looking at, even if Colts are down at the half.

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