Ryan promises coverages Manning has "never seen before"

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has no doubt spent nearly every waking hour of the past week watching film of the Jets’ defense. But Jets coach Rex Ryan says that doesn’t mean Manning will be ready for everything Ryan’s defense will throw at him.

As Ryan arrived at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis today, he stopped for a brief interview with NFL Network, and he promised that he has some things up his sleeve that Manning won’t be ready for.

“It’s going to be the combo platter,” Ryan said of his defensive schemes today. “You come after them some, play
some coverages, and then mix some coverages that he’s never seen

Ryan added that his defense is preparing to see a lot of three-receiver sets, which was the base personnel that the Colts used in their divisional playoff win over the Ravens. Perhaps the Colts’ offense has something in store that Ryan hasn’t seen before.

28 responses to “Ryan promises coverages Manning has "never seen before"

  1. If he’s never seen them before how good can they be? Better defensive minds running the 3-4 have tried to attack Manning. Since 2004, few have succeeded.

  2. The Colts offense ALWAYS has plenty of tricks up their sleeves. I think Mr. Ryan is in for an ugly bag of surprises, today.

  3. i’m so tired of Ryan’s mouth and even though I’m not a Colts fan, I hope they win 56-0 and keep scoring until the final seconds tick off to shut him up.
    The gig is up dude, no one cares about your mouth. Shut up.

  4. Something that Ryan has never seen before… a all you can eat buffet he didn’t like. The guy looks at his schemes as a combo platter.

  5. Uh oh. This is a man that obviously knows a thing or two about combo platters!
    In a related matter, something Rex Ryan has never seen is a salad.

  6. Gee Rex, what prevented you from bringing out the “coverages Manninng has never seen” whenyou were DC in Baltimore? The Ravens have lost 8 straight to Manning & you were the DC for the 1st 6 of those losses!!!

  7. Someone please shut this blowhard up!!! While you are at it, shut Bart Scott up as well.
    Please send Jim Leohnard back to Baltimore….

  8. I didn’t really care who was going to win this game, but I am a fan of watching people eat their words. I would like Rex to eat.

  9. Will thre Colt’s win? Probably, will the Jets give them a good fight, probably. But there is no doubt Rex has a mouth that needs to be sown shut. His track record against Manning & the Colts is nothing for him to brag about between the cRavens and the Twits, err, Jets.

  10. Somebody shove a dozen donut’s in Fatman’s mouth and shut him up will ya ?
    Like Manning will see anything from Ryan that he hasn’t seen before, please.
    Colts 38, Jets 14
    Ryan cries all the way home and in every press conference for the next 2 weeks.

  11. Well, seeing as Ryan’s never been able to stop Manning before when he was with the Ravens, it BETTER be something they’ve never seen before.

  12. Today: Ryan reveals the man-dime-zone-reverse non-blitz!!! A scheme so brilliant it will be compared as the “Wildcat for the defense” next season. After the game, Manning will say, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before, so I checked to a draw and fortunately it busted for 70 yards and we won.”

  13. PARavensJeff says:
    January 24, 2010 1:48 PM
    Gee Rex, what prevented you from bringing out the “coverages Manninng has never seen” whenyou were DC in Baltimore? The Ravens have lost 8 straight to Manning & you were the DC for the 1st 6 of those losses!!!
    Have the Ravens ever had the DBs RR does now?
    I could see it. Do I think the Jets win though? Hell no. And the Ravens offense was a big part of why the Ravens never beat the Colts. Their D usually held their own, which I assume you realize being that your name suggests that you are a Ravens fan.

  14. The “coverage” Ryan is referring to is a sweatshirt big enough to cover his fat gut.

  15. Somehow I have a feeling that the Colts are going to pass all over the Jets today…
    …and without the game staying within 3 points, like the Chargers choke job was last week, there’s no way “the Sanchize” is going to win this one.
    Colts 31
    Jets 16

  16. Rex Ryan is just trying to emulate his old man, with all the talk etc. It almost seems contrived at times, like it’s a family creed to talk out your ass or something. Great, you are going to bring something Manning has never seen, but how the hell do you know it will work?

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