Shanahan has an "open mind" about Portis

Clinton-Portis.jpgNew Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has been reunited with a running back Shanahan traded to D.C. when Shanahan was in Denver.  Shanahan now has to decide whether to keep Clinton Portis around.

Charley Casserly of CBS reports that Shanahan has an “open mind” regarding Portis.

And for good reason.  As we’ve previously pointed out, Portis has $6.43 million in guaranteed base salary for 2010.

Portis, 28, clearly is in decline.   He has had many injuries, and his leg joints have sustained plenty of wear and tear.

Then there’s a concussion problem that landed Portis on injured reserve in 2009.

Either way, the Redskins will be paying him in 2010.  Unless they can trade him. 

I wonder if the Broncos are interested?

11 responses to “Shanahan has an "open mind" about Portis

  1. This is like having a bowling ball shackled to Shanahan’s ankle.
    He’s got no explosiveness, and basically falls down after getting 1-2 yards.
    The Redskins need playmakers at almost all the offensive positions (except TE). But they’d have a better chance with a dynamic RB vs. drafting another QB or WR.

  2. “that landed Portion on injured reserve”
    Reason #134715 not to trust spell-check to proofread your articles.

  3. the difference between Portis in Denver & Portis in Washington is pretty amazing…after his first carry against Tampa Bay its like he turned into John Riggins
    he was a threat to go all the way on any carry in 2002/3…I was beginning to think he would turn out to be the best running back the Broncos ever had..then in washington he seemed to run like he had a bowling ball shackeled to his ankle in comparison…
    seemed Shanahan didnt like the personality traits that bloomed in DC but Bobby Turner loved him…
    I wonder if he can be effective in their system or is all the tread gone from the tires
    RIP -Denver offense…it really was a thing of beauty

  4. Cut the douchebag. Time to get rid of the losing stench from the past, and nobody stinks more than this clown.

  5. IF Portis can get his ass back in shape, then draft/grab some younger legs for the 2nd half of the season when Portis wears down. Portis, like fellow drama queen TO, is usually on his best behavior during his first year tenure with a new coach/system. And Portis sucks up to the rings…
    If not…fock it, cut his sorry, unjustifiably, arrogant ass. Snyder has no quams about the money, like him or not. I’d just like to see him break biatch ass Riggin’s all time Redskins rushing record…just to shut his “dark heart” whiny ass up.

  6. CP is going to have a breakout year… Keep him, if you can’t trade him. I believe that he will change his attitude under the new management. Hopefully, Alridge will out also. Draft offensive linemen early and a QB in the 3rd round. Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan) has great stats and is a tough QB….he’s projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round. We should get a couple extra picks for our #4 pick.

  7. Maybe we could trade him and for a top cornerback and a couple of 1st day draft picks… nah, nobody’s that stupid.

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