Bills should have hired Gailey earlier

As NFL types gather in Mobile, Alabama after last week’s mini-convention at the East-West Shrine Game, there’s mounting criticism regarding Buffalo’s decision to hire coach Chan Gailey.

But it’s not the selection of Gailey, a move that we continue to think is a good one.  It’s the decision to do so more than two weeks after the regular season ended, and thus after plenty of potential assistant coaches had been gobbled up by other teams.

Now, the Bills will have to scratch and claw to build out a staff.  Still, nearly a week after Gailey was hired, the team has officially hired no one.

Unofficially, Cardinals running backs coach Curtis Modkins reportedly will be the offensive coordinator.  Beyond that, the Bills are still looking.

So if Gailey truly were at the top of the list of “viable” candidates, a decision to hire him promptly after the season ended would have made their current effort to hire assistant coaches far more “viable,” too.

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  1. I guess that when it rains it pours. Now I hear that the Falcons just snapped up Tim Lewis.

  2. The hiring was delayed because it took a couple of weeks before Old Buddy and Old Ralph could coordinate their nap schedules to set up the Gailey interviews!
    In the end, noone else wanted the job, so almost like the Skins and Zorn a few years back, the Ills were forced to make Gailey the head coach rather than the offensive coordinator……..given that the Bills are one of the few teams with less talent than the Skins, this will turn out even worse!

  3. First you complain about getting the news at night. Now you are complaining that it came a few weeks later than you would have liked??
    Just a few weeks ago, everyone was saying it was a great move to wait and see who wins the SB and get one of thier guys for HC. Now you are saying that waiting is a bad thing because all of the assistant coaches are gone… You cant have it both ways.
    You on the other hand, take both sides, and fill up twice as many pages of useless info.

  4. “Viable” the new little blue pill that gives you what it takes to last through a seemingly neverending search for the Big ‘O’, as in Offense.

  5. who exactly have they missed out on besides Nolan?
    hate to defend them but its not like other teams are hiring a bunch of coaches the Bills are missing out on….and its not like they are going to hire anyone we ever heard of anyway, they would cost more then the minimum
    Nix, Gailey and whatever coaches they hire were hired for one reason, they all came cheap
    Ralph Wilson is the problem and the Bills wont improve until he is gone

  6. While they put themselves behind the eight-ball, would they have been criticized like this if they hired Frazier away from the Vikings?
    Jets didn’t hire Ryan until this time last year, and he put together a tremendous coaching staff.
    I think it’s all about Gailey’s ability to bring in people who think he has what it takes.

  7. They fired Jauron in November. They should have just hired Gailey then.
    As a Bills fan, I am just disgusted with this whole situation. Not with the fact that Gailey was hired (I actually like him), but with the way it went down.
    They interviewed two candidates for the GM position. TWO! And they fired one of them a few weeks later.
    And they only interviewed a few head coaching candidates. Why? If Billick and Marty are interested, how can you NOT at least interview them?
    God, I hate Ralph.

  8. That is such BS – the lack of coaching turnover this year is so rare that nearly all assistant coaches are up for grabs if it means landing a promotion.
    But this is the Bills and mediocrity is the name of the game – look for a continuation of uninspiring safe choices.

  9. This is a relevent point. Why not hire him two months ago?
    Because they didn’t hire Nix until recently, so why not hire Nix two months ago.
    I love how the Bills keep things secret, but everything is a big ? in Buffalo. Including the train of thought.
    Nix is the only thing in Buffalo I can get behind.

  10. He still has 8 months until the first game. Plenty of time in my book for a guy we know will never be over .500 in the division his team is in especially without an above average quarterback.

  11. the fact that florio thinks it was a good hire cements my thinking that it was a terrible hire and only happened because upwards of a dozen better candidates turned them down. it doesnt matter anyways once he fails miserably florio will write a post saying why it was so terrible just like the post after the nfc championship yesterday taking shots at favre and saying that you knew all along the “old favre” would return and ruin things AFTER PICKING THE VIKINGS TO WIN THE GAME!! Florio is the best at scouring twitter and writing one sided articles to spur comments and increase site hits but has zero credibility in terms of analyzing the NFL.

  12. Look for the following coaches to be hired by Gailey: Joe D’Alessandris (OL); Buddy Geis (QBs or WRs); Brick Haley (DL); Tommie Robinson (WRs or RBs); Jim Bates (Def. Coord.); Chet Fuhrman (Strength & Conditioning) and Bruce DeHaven (Special Teams). They will likely keep Bob Sanders, but move him to LBs, as well as George Catavalos (DBs). Other posibilities include: Clancy Pendergast (Def. Coord. or LBS); Dwain Painter (WRs); Jeep Hunter (TEs or RBs); Bennie Wylie (Head or Asst. Strength Coach); Jack Henry (OL); Bill Bates (Asst. DBs or Special Teams); Ronnie Bradford (Asst. DBs) and Jim Jeffcoat (DL/Pass Rush).

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