Childress says Tahi was twelfth man

B.Childress-1.jpgThe most inexplicable moment during Minnesota’s loss Sunday wasn’t Adrian Peterson’s last fumble, Bernard Berrian’s fumble or Brett Favre’s throw.

It was the 12-men on the field penalty called after a Brad Childress timeout with 19 seconds left. The Vikings head coach tried to explain after the game.

“We just had a fullback in there and we changed up and broke the huddle
with 12,” coach Brad Childress said. “You can’t call back-to-back
timeouts either. I thought we slipped up there.”

The fullback was Naufahu Tahi, according to Yahoo’s Mike Silver.  But we hope Childress isn’t trying to redirect blame to a player, because that is a brutal mistake by the coaching staff in a huge spot. 

Silver was reminded of last season, when Vikings players said the team’s sideline was in “total disarray” in their playoff loss to the Eagles.

Favre’s interception will get the headlines, but we have more sympathy with a player trying to do too much.  Coaches should be in control of the situation better.

Childress learned how to botch clock management from the master, Andy Reid.  We thought the Vikings played far too conservatively leading up to the penalty, draining the clock to set up a long field goal at a time when the Vikings offense was pushing a tired Saints defense around.   (The Vikings had 82 plays to 45 before overtime.)

We feel for Vikings players and fans this morning, but less so for Childress. He let them down.

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  1. Would it be easier if you just copy pasted Michael Silver’s whole article with quotes around it?

  2. The only people surprised at the Vikings meltdown are the Vikings fans. It was inevitable.
    I was once a Favre fan but now dislike the guy intensely. Still he had a great season and was impressive until yesterday.

  3. “Childress learned how to botch clock management from the master, Andy Reid”.
    Shot on Goal!
    And They both got 3 yr extensions!

  4. The 12th man deal was a bone-head play out of the time out, and it’s too bad because the Vikes had out-coached the Saints up to that point.
    Wouldas, couldas and post-game finger pointing are for losers, Packer fans and apparently Mike Florio. The Saints deserved the win and the Vikes deserved the loss. Congrats to the Saints and Saints fans — we’ll be pulling for you.

  5. I have noticed on this site you seem to love to criticize Brad Childress an awful lot.I agree with you in this instance, though.
    I’m not a Vikings fan, but even I see it. Ranks right up there with the Rooney Rule as your favorite topics, huh?

  6. i can see Rosenthal has been drinkin from the same cup as Florio, get over it Vikings lost stop tryna analyze everything

  7. E. King Gill was the 12th Man for Texas A&M. A fine tradition. The home crowd is the 12th Man for the Seattle Seahawks. A fine tradition.
    Mike Florio is the 12th Man for the Minnesota Vikings. And we all saw yesterday where it got them.

  8. and as a packer fan I could not be happier that they gave him a new contract and are stuck with him for several more years. Go Chillyball!

  9. Favre didn’t cost the Vikings the game… the Saints defense did.
    Instead of assigning blame, how about we give credit?

  10. Look!!!!
    It’s Mr. Noodle’s brother, Mr. Noodle!!!!!!
    Someone should tell “Chilly” that inside the 2-minute warning the rules don’t change to the CFL……
    That was CLASSIC Vi-Queen football.
    Right out of the ‘Queen handbook…..all the way back to Denny Green’s kneel down in regulation in 1998.

  11. Even after a million turnovers,the game was ours. Chilly has to take credit for that coaching blunder.Longwell is money 55 and in. Nauseating loss.People knocking Favre are idiots,he didn’t lose the game. That retarded 12 man penalty forced him to make a play. Wish we would have just kicked it though.

  12. Good article. Childress did choke. Can’t figure out why he was going to settle for a long field goal instead of trying to get more yards.

  13. having 12 men in the huddle is 100% a coaching/sideline problem. There are staff on the sideline to count the # of men on the field.
    Favre wouldn’t have thrown had they not been penalized for the 12 men.
    And the Vikes would probably be in the Super Bowl, despite all of their efforts to give the game away.

  14. CLASSIC vikings choke…as a longtime fan you know its gonna happen, you just cant predict how. Thanks Chilli for adding to the ignominy. Classic.
    Now we go back to square one in Sept. I say 9-7 next year. Nice.
    Of course after the Gary A. schank, all the emotion is gone. Now its just a matter of how they choke. “12 men”? really?

  15. Are you kidding me? You can’t blame Favre for all the fumble inside the 20. Hold the ball guys, basics win or lose a game every time.

  16. Questionable play calling on 1st and 2nd down leading up to the 12th man penalty. Two running plays when they were dinking and dunking all the way down the field. Two screen passes would have gotten them well within Longwell’s range. It was not the time to try and pound the ball. Vikes fans should be more upset with the way the game was managed than at missed calls by the officials.

  17. My son is 10 years old and plays qb in our local youth football program.In the first practice of his football life hes was told never throw the ball off your back foot, acrcoss the feild while running the opposite direction.

  18. Childress explained it in his press conference. It was a communication issue caused by loud noise at the. The Vikings had no false starts, but a noise-induced penalty hit the Vikings at a bad time.
    Tahi should have thought, “Hey it’s 3rd and 15, the fullback is probably not on the field for this play.” That said, you can’t blame Tahi.

  19. “Childress learned how to botch clock management from the master, Andy Reid.”
    -Disgruntled Eagles Fan

  20. Wow, this is Andy Reids fault too? How does one of the most successful coaches of the last decade become the reason that the Vikings lost to the Saints 2000 miles away?

  21. the only coach who LOST his team yesterdays game was childress forget all the bad things, fumbles what happened earlier to the vikings, they had moved the ball quickly and down to on the saints side of the field with favre using his skill and the no-huddle hurry-up then childress calls a timeout which was not needed giving saints a chance to regroup and catch their breath, then for some unbelievable reason runs 2 running plays into the middle of the line WHEN the vikings were taking chunks of yards easily and another 10-15 or 20 would not only had been easier but it would hve made it a near cinch field goal.
    OLD COACHES DESPISE THE NO-HUDDLE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO CALL THE PLAYS THEMSELVES. then vikings coachs for some reason send a 12th player into the huddle pushing them back out of still makeable but tough field goal range, favre is forced to throw when saints are refreshed and makes a terrible throw and game is over as they never get ball back again.
    Back to game one yesterday, what is peyton manning’s greatest strength? as i said last
    week on nfl network trevor pryce of ravens said “peyton manning is the REAL coach of
    the offense”. he himself picks out the weakness as he sees it, again as youve seen many times before caught jets with too many men on the field and had ball snapped prolonging a drive – rarely seen done by other teams BECAUSE coaches WANT TO CALL THE PLAYS THEMSELVES!
    Childress NOT the fumbles were the final determinant of that viking loss yesterday!

  22. He is 100% bozo. He coached a very poor game- as did Payton whose short yardage playcalling was terrible- not to mention the challenge in the 4th quarter where he wasted a TO and used his last one- it had a 0% chance of success.

  23. I believe the Vikings had 1st down at the Saints 37 with about 1:12 left? At that point the Chilly meltdown started and the blew a chance to win the game. They were running up and down the field on them and they took the gas off the pedal to lose!
    On the 12 men in the huddle they should have also been penalized for calling two time outs in a row, ala joe gibbs, Favre was running around asking for timeout to anyone who would listen and penalized for that as well which would have definitely taken them out of field goal range.
    Favre had a great season and was the main reason they made it this far but once they got into crunch time did any really believe chilly could lead a team to the superbowl! Good luck minny your one year rental is up and time to return the keys to the playoffs while chilly is running things.

  24. Terrell Owens was right about Childress!
    Now remember back to the Carolina-Minnesota game up 7-6 when Childress angry Favre was calling his own plays tried to take him out.
    AND fast forward to after Favre had quickly moved the ball into Saints territory against EXHAUSTED saints defenders and childress started calling timeouts and 2 runs right into the center of the line.
    if i was a viking player or fan i’d be furious at this coach. NO ONE ELSE!
    ALL the bad stuff that happened earlier in the game to them was HISTORY childress on his own lost this game!

  25. Yes childress let us down again.
    I always said that childress would NEVER win a championship
    And for about 30 seconds there after chesters run I really, truly thought I was wrong.
    Then the 12th man kick to the nuts happened and I was brutally brought back to reality.
    Childress will N-E-V-E-R win a championship, hell I highly doubt he will ever win another playoff game. On of the most stacked teams in NFL history, if not THE most stacked team. pro-bowlers at almost every position. A HOF QB. I refuse to waste any more time on this team while chilly is the coach. This was way more heartbreaking than 98.
    12 men in the huddle WTF!!!! CHILLLY!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!H!!!!!

  26. irishgary says:
    January 25, 2010 10:42 AM
    Chilly is an idiot, deserving of being a head coach for a team of idiots.
    Well juice box sucker,what does that say for the Packers team and coaches? We made a mockery out of your team 2x this season. Enjoy us owning you next season too tool.

  27. Spot on for once, Florio. Brad Childress went to the Andy Reid school of clock management, and he totally botched the last 2 minutes. Too conservative, ran too much time off the clock, then put his QB in a position where he had to make a throw, or else. Childress admitted that he called the roll-out play at the end … what idiot calls a roll-out play when his QB has a hurt ankle? Everyone knows if a QB can’t set his feet properly, his throw won’t be accurate. MN should have been running the same quick, short passes that got them where they were, passes that would have been easy to control for a QB who has a hurt ankle.
    Of course, the game shouldn’t have even been close. If Harvin doesn’t fumble inside his own 10, the Saints don’t score that last TD. If Peterson doesn’t botch the handoff, there’s at least 3 points. If Berrian doesn’t fumble on the Saints’ 5, there’s at least 3 more points. Favre did his job. That game didn’t hinge on one play; what lost it was all the s**t that went before.

  28. 1. It would not be hard to figure out who the extra player was; it wasn’t Sullivan or Loadholt. If he had declined to answer, Childress would be criticized for being nonresponsive.
    2. The offense was pushing around a tired Saints’ defense. Calling running plays was a reasonable strategy. Credit the Saints defense for making the stops that brought up the 3rd and long.
    3. Is Bob S. the new disguise for Bob Nelson? Same ignorance, just with all caps.

  29. Childress pointing out Tahi and running up the score against the Cowboys is typical Vi-Queens football.
    Which is why, Vi-Queens fans, you’ll never see a championship.
    If the overrated egomaniac finally calls it a day (likely 6 months from now while Florio, Rosenthal, Schefter and Peter King chart his every move from then til now), good luck with Donovan McNabb next year.
    Another overrated, me-first egomaniac who thinks he’s bigger than the game.
    The only difference between D-Mac and Favre is that Favre has won a Super Bowl (thanks to Desmond Howard and Reggie White).
    And in the end, the results will be the same.

  30. “People knocking Favre are idiots,he didn’t lose the game. That retarded 12 man penalty forced him to make a play.”
    Yeah, wouldn’t want BertFarve to have to make a play with the game on the line.

  31. yes chilly blew that aspect… but who put the ball on the carpet 6 times, losing 3?
    who threw 2 picks? were those both audibles?

  32. Childress and Lord Favre share in this equally.
    I heard a rumour that Bud Grant, Jerry Burns, and Denny Green told Mr. Noodle that inside the 2-minute warning, the game switches to CFL rules and you can play with 12 guys.
    Florio….your attempts to absolve Lord Favre are becoming pathetic.
    Mr. Noodle and the overrated Mississippi Vicodin-popper BOTH deserve the blame for this loss.

  33. Chilly had Brett all season to cover for his extreme lameness.
    I concur with the Packers fans above who are thrilled with Chilly’s extension.
    Vikings football will be extremely entertaining the next few years without Brett around.

  34. Yeah, let’s feel bad for the players. You know, the ones that fumbled the game away… 5 times!

  35. @jeff, Pervy, Majik and most other Vikes fans
    I feel for you guys. Tough way to lose a good game. It’s way too early to tell but I have a feeling Favre won’t be back next year. Here’s to hoping one of the backups paid attention or you pick up a good QB in the draft. Be proud of the season.

  36. 12 men in the huddle? minnesota is the closest team in distance to the canadian football league- childress must watch too many canadian football games!
    and in this years grey cup the only reason montreal won the grey cup on a last play fg to win BUT after they had missed on that same last play field goal which was wide but saskatchewan was flagged for having THIRTEEN MEN ON THE FIELD!

  37. The Childress “Ned Flanders of Clock Management” routine was not just in the last four minutes… look at the end of the first half. His play calling matched his lack of skill at clock management. The two put together cost us more than all the turnovers combined. Why do we have this imbecile as a coach?
    Minnesota should have won this game despite how many turnovers there were.

  38. VIke’s lost a game they should have won.
    Ironically, on the biggest play of the game they were over -anxious and trotted 12 men. Unbelievable!!
    That said, a team that fumbles 6 times doesn’t deserve to move on..
    Live by the gun slinger, die by the gun slinger..

  39. How can some of you say Brett was impressive UNTIL yesterday.
    do you realize how great was playing up until that INT, that he threw because of the previous penalty which forced a pass because no one was open?
    Despite 6 fumbles by his teammates, a possible broken ankle, Brett Favre never relented and fought on and on and drove his team down teh field repeatedly and kept the Vikings in the game the whole second half.
    If Brett threw 6 INT’s and 150 yards w/0 TD’s then say he was unimpressive, but to define it by 1 INT is plain stupid.

  40. mike you are 100% right
    in that canadian grey cup game this season, that montreal won as i said above saskatchewan too had an extra man on the field in that case 13th man which forced a second chance at that missed final play of the game field goal attempt that then was good on the second chance and won the game with it.
    after the game to now, the saskatchewan head coach NEVER identified to this day who was/blamed as the extra player.

  41. Pervy,
    just another whinning post from you. You guys sucked up the joint last night. Now going forward to the 2010 season, we have a pro bolw QB coming in who is getting better and a young team getting better.
    Your Queens? Not a chance. Have fun sucking our ass next season.

  42. “Favre’s interception will get the headlines, but we have more sympathy with a player trying to do too much.”
    It was still a mistake, a HUGE one, and it reflects how Favre has not tried to improve the academic aspect of his quarterbacking in nearly 20 years of playing. He refused to beat the other team before the snap consistently the way Peyton Manning has been consistently developing his entire career.

  43. Childress is and always will be a horrible coach, he got an extension for “recruiting” favre and he still didnt get a superbowl appearance. He will be fired mid season when the vikes are 2-6

  44. @irishgary
    Don’t forget the Vikings won the division with T-Jax two years ago.
    And the Vikes have a great young nucleus (Rice, Harvin, AD, Shank, Greenway, Allen, K-Will, etc.)
    Just because #4 won’t be behind center doesn’t mean we won’t whoop your ass again next year.

  45. The Chilly hatred on this board is so overboard and unneccesary. Quit trying to put the game on him. It’s on the entire offense and everyone involved with it. The OL didn’t do a good job protecting Favre, Adrian continues to fumble at the worst time, poor two minute offense, poor coaching with the 12th man debacle, two interceptions on ill advised throws. There is not one person responsible for this loss, so let it f’n go already.
    And for the record, I’m GLAD they gave Chilly an extension. He said his offense would be good when he got here. Once he had a QB to run it, look what happened. He has done a good job with bringing in free agents and drafting. All they have done is improve every single year under his leadership. Teams don’t win inspite of their head coach.
    I love to read this website, but my god, some of this sh!t just gets way too out of hand. Give it a f’n rest already.

  46. Some people may think that the CFL is a bush league, but at least they have some honor. No one will EVER know the identity of the extra guy on the field for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The coach was asked afterwards and he steadfastly refused to name names. Childress gets asked a few questions, caves, and names Tahi as the guy. Real nice–pin the blame on one player when there is more than enough to go around.
    Vikings fans, sorry you are stuck with this clown.

  47. WOW, Packer fans came out swinging on Brett today. They are well rested, having been beaten earlier in the playoffs, two week’s ago, at least the Packers fan have something to do this morning, I hope it takes the sting out of being swept by the Brett and Vikings.
    Jet Fan

  48. There are nearly a dozen reasons why they lost. Yes, Favre shares in that blame, but he’s hardly the top of the list, in order… let’s see:
    Peterson fumbles in redzone
    Berrian fumbles in redzone
    Harvin fumble
    Favre interception number one
    4th and inches (what is the point of reviewing when you wont’ overturn something that obvious?)
    Questionable coaching at the end. I think his clock management was fine, but I agree that it would have been better served to stay in no-huddle and call a screen or something to get another 10 yards. They still had time outs available, so no reason why not.
    Favre interception number 2
    Pass interference in OT
    The dropped footbal ruled a catch (again, why have a review when this won’t be overturned)
    Stupid OT rules not letting the Vikes get the ball back
    There’s 10 reasons right there, some of which were under the control of the Vikings, while others were not.

  49. In the 4Q Vikes drive, last 3 downs:
    2 straight runs on the Saints 33 yard line? I know Chester ran for 14 prior to this set of downs, but 2nd down was the perfect opportunity to run a play-action. They adjusted to stop the run, after stuffing us on 1st down, so we should have looked for a play-fake for 6-7 yard gain to setup a 3rd & short. Then, we could have run on 3rd down (or throw a safe-short ball) to either move the sticks or kick a 50 yarder. I was pleading for it.
    Seriously, you want to make that FG a chip shot, preferably under 40 yds. Making the most of 1st & 2nd down in that situation was key.
    Chilly’s play calls were settling for a 50 yarder.

  50. It’s easy to focus on this play as THE play but in reality, if AD, Harvin, and Berrian wold not have fumbled, that would have been a 21 point swing in the Vikes favor and the penalty and interception at the end would have been moot.

  51. Not upset about: Favre’s 2nd Int-3rd and 15 and out of range because of poor play calling and coaching. He had to try something heroic for a decent FG attempt. Percy’s fumble-Kid was trying to switch hands to avoid a fumble unlike AP who repeatedly runs left and holds ball in right hand.
    Pissed about: 1. Berrians fumble-you can’t lose the ball when you have two hands on it and loss of certain points. 2. Fumbled exchange between AP and Favre-come on, championship game, get your head out of your ass and play like a pro plus loss of certain points. 3. First Favre Int-sling throw into triple coverage, please. Although it was a clear roughing the QB missed call (Brady rule) it should have never been thrown and was close to FG range and possible points. Hutch was out on that play and that is where the pressure came from. Herrera did a shitty job. 4. Bullshit PI call on Leber-terrible call put them in FG range and led to the OT loss. 5. Tyrell Johnson stone hands-missed an easy int on deflected pass in OT. 6. Cedrick Griffith missed int on overthrow. Why can’t our DB’s catch the damn ball. Diving try by Leber was another int opportunity that we pissed away. 7. OT replay by booth sucked, Thomas didn’t convert the 4th and 1. We would have had the ball at our 40 yard line. 8. No challenge by Chilly on Thomas’s 2nd TD, clearly knee was down at the 1. 9. No pass rush/pressure on a surgeon QB, WTF? 10. Fumblitis-we could not rise to the pressure. End of story. With the 30th pick in the draft please take a DB who can catch or a mauler guard who can run block.

  52. It was Favre’s decision to throw that caused our demise, but who was the idiot who called a pass play in the first place?
    I was giving Chilly the benefit of the doubt, thinking he may have pulled his head out of his ass and figured out how to coach a big game. This latest “Mention” of Nafahu Tahi is just his way of trying to shift the blame just like he did in the Saints game last year when he threw Kluwe under the bus.
    To me, it sounds like the initial call was for a run and they changed it to a pass in the middle of the time out. With all the noise, it is easy for miscommunication and it never should have happened.
    We needed to play good enough to overcome bad calls by the refs, not to mention bad coaching decisions. We simply did not do what was needed to overcome that which was out of our control.
    Yes, I feel the catch should have been ruled incomplete but there was not “conclusive” evidence to overturn it. Yes, I feel that the dive play where Greenway hit the ball with his helmet could have been overturned as well, but not “conclusive”. Yes I feel that the interference call on Leber was bullcrap, but these things happen because the refs don’t have the luxury of replay on penalties.
    But you can ask any fanbase of a team that loses a close game and they can name plenty of occasions where they got screwed because of some fluke or bad call.
    The bottom line is that after all the turnovers, the team (including Favre) stepped up and brought us to a point where we could win the game. Longwell is money in these situations, and I would give us a 60-70% chance that he makes a 50 yarder for the win. It was the coaching staff that didn’t do the smart thing and attempt the kick on third down.
    Forget the interception that Favre threw, he NEVER should have been put in that situation in the first place. The call should have been line up for a field goal on third down, allowing us for a makeup down if there is a bad snap.
    But noooooo. Chilly put a guy who has a propensity to try to force things in big games in a position to force a throw in a big game.
    Yes, Favre should have just run. But he never should have been put in that position in the first place.
    I am so glad Chilly got that contract extension halfway through the year.
    And… I welcome Favre back next year.

  53. Agreed, birdmancometh. Reid has nothing to do with this. Stop trying to be funny Rosenthal. That being said, Childress made a crucial mistake. In fairness to him, the Vikings played well despite all the turnovers. Without some of those the vikings owuld have easily won

  54. I don’t think it’s throwing a player under the bus when he said it was the FB who was in the huddle and shouldn’t have been. If it’s a fact, so be it. Why do players get to take the glory when they do something well, but aren’t to be included when a coach is explaining what happened? I get where you are coming from, I just don’t agree with it.
    Listen, I’m not saying Chilly is without faults. He kinda dug a hole right when he got here by being so disconnected with the media and fans who were used to Tice saying anything and everything that floated between his ears. But I can’t accept that he’s this terrible coach who doesn’t know his head from his ass or whatever it is being said about him when the team has improved every single year under his leadership.
    I’m born and raised in MN. This kind of response is typical of Vikings fans. When it’s great, it’s never the coach. But when it’s bad, he’s the first to get the blame. That’s not fair. Everyone needs to be held equally accountable for the good and bad.

  55. I hear what you are saying Gdog…
    But this is not just an isolated incident.
    Chilly has a habit of making bone-headed calls at key junctures in the game.
    Give last year as an example, he called for a punt when we were down by two scores on 4th and 18 with less than two minutes left in the game and no timeouts. His explanation was “based on the way we were playing defense, I thought we would get the ball back.”
    That was his response in the press conference AFTER the game. Any idiot with half a brain and a smidge of football knowledge knows that the other team would field the punt and take three knees. Kinda hard to get the ball back when the team lines up in the victory formation.
    No, this has been a long-standing issue with Brad Childress. Even other coaches recognize this, there was a quote here on PFT last year from one of the other headcoaches in the league stating “as long as those two(Childress and Bevell) are running the team, we are not worried about them” or something to that effect.
    And it is common knowledge that singling out a player for a mistake is not good football.

  56. The officials could have also given the Vikings a penalty for trying to call a second timeout in a row at the time of the illegal substitution infraction because Favre was trying to call a timeout when he was at the line and the officials threw a flag for illegal substitution.

  57. You play the game to win. The only way you win when the league has a 59% field goal percentage in the playoffs is to go for the touchdown first then play field position. Chilly played the final 1:00 to make a 50 yarder. Bad coaching. Who cares about the twelfth man. Play selection was clearly to kill time, kick a field goal and not to get a TD. It is always better to have a 7 point lead and time left then to play fate, run the clock down and go to overtime. Chilly and Brett were playing it careful with to much time on the clock. Sorry Vikings fan your team and coaches blew it.

  58. This is just something you have to deal with with an Andy Reid deciple. Remember tho what Williams said before the game the team wasn’t even like a pro-team before Childress got their.
    Childress is responsible for this entire Vikings teams success. They were going no where fast before he got there. Clock management is just a price you have to pay. I think its a reasonable price to pay to be in the Superbowl hunt every year.
    Florio said during the game that he rather have his team knocked out early in the season then to lose this late. The only reason he thinks that is b/c hes a Steelers fan and he doesnt remember what its like for his team to be terrible. You Vikings fans dont want to go back to the days of Mike Tice.

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