David Garrard, Pro Bowler?

D.Garrard.jpgOn a day of ridiculousness in New Orleans (at least for one of the teams), there was another bit of insanity on Sunday in Jacksonville.

Jaguars quarterback David Garrard received a phone call inviting him to play in the Pro Bowl.

Yes, David Garrard.  With an 83.7 passer rating, 15 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

Garrard will be at the game, and he’ll be playing in it.

Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union reports that the league will announce on Monday that Garrard will join the roster, taking the place of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

So it’ll be an AFC South affair, with Matt Schaub of the Texans starting, and Vince Young of the Titans and Garrard backing him up.

Garrard was at least the seventh choice for a roster spot, after Manning, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, Schaub, and Young.

Garrard’s addition to the game is proof positive that moving it to the weekend before the Super Bowl in an effort to make it more relevant has only made it less relevant.

We’ve got an idea for improving the Pro Bowl (other than, you know, not playing it at all), and we’ll be unveiling it soon in a SportingNews.com column.

40 responses to “David Garrard, Pro Bowler?

  1. can i be a pro bowl qb too?
    seriously.. does he now get credit for being a probowler… even though he was the 5th pick?

  2. Carson Palmer would be my choice for this, even if he had a down year. Carson is a much better QB than Garrard.

  3. Given his postseason play I’d say Mark Sanchez should be ahead of Garrard, or is this like the awards where the playoffs are ignored as though unimportant?

  4. for the love of a good joke florio, find out who is 8-11 on the list, i know people who know people, just sayin, its a long week and things can happen….

  5. Big Ben was the best QB is the AFC this years. And, he did what he did with a weak offensive line. Still threw for more than 4,000 yards. But, not making the play-offs probably hurt his cause. Even though it wasn’t his fault.

  6. Honestly… who cares? It’s the Pro Bowl, does anyone sit by their TV riveted by the fantastic football being played?

  7. It would be interesting to see if any of these 3rd-tier guys have Pro Bowl options built in.
    I’d bet that there are going to be some pissed-off GM’s paying Pro Bowl escalator clauses for guys who had mediocre seasons…

  8. Hang in there, JaMarcus, you will be in the Pro Bowl, finally, any day now! Great draft pick, Mr. Davis, he’s really panning out having made the Pro Bowl in only his 3rd year in the league! HoF’er in the making? Wait, let me hold off on that, might be a little bit too early to make that prediction.

  9. wheresmyarm says:
    “Carson Palmer would be my choice for this, even if he had a down year. Carson is a much better QB than Garrard.”
    Yes, Palmer is a better QB than Garrard. That’s why he was originally chosen and Garrard wasn’t. Apparently, though, Palmer thought surgery to fix is thumb was more important than showing up to play in the Pro Bowl. Pretty selfish of him, lol.

  10. “Garrard’s addition to the game is proof positive that moving it to the weekend before the Super Bowl in an effort to make it more relevant has only made it less relevant.”
    Vince Young’s addition wasn’t?

  11. his QB rating and TD:INT ratio were better than vince young’s. if nothing else this makes up for that initial snub.

  12. My idea would be to cancel the Pro Bowl entirely!
    With the short period between the end of the season and the Pro Bowl, a laughable pay scale and the current balloting situation… the NFL would be better off just canning it.
    Earlier Pro Bowl = less time to recover from the long season.
    Laughable pay scale = no incentive to play vs. the potential injury risk.* (explained below)
    Balloting situation = fans of large market teams can swell the ranks of a roster vs. small market “lesser, but much more deserving” players.
    Having a Pro Bowl earlier doesn’t allow players who would want to play to be able to play; due to the long season and not having any real time for recovery. This is not to mention the fact that the two losing conference teams cannot, feasibly, consider suiting up. They can.. but let’s see just how many do! Obviously, the two Super Bowl teams can’t.
    SHOW ME THE MONEY! A Pro Bowl nomination is still a real badge of honor.. but look at the number of repeat players. The majority of escalators have already been met in contracts for these guys and the 20k/40k pay vs. the potential for severe injury (1999 Robert Edwards, 2007 Drew Brees and the devastating hit from Sean Taylor on Bill’s punter Brian Moorman) make the Pro Bowl not worth the injury risk. Fortunately, there haven’t been any TRUE career ending ones.. although Edwards was never the same and ended up being dropped from the CFL in 2008 after almost having to have his leg amputated as a ROOKIE due to his injury.
    Twenty thousand dollars is not peanuts to the majority of people.. especially for losing. But consider that on every snap, if you were out there, that your career could potentially end for the sake of a meaningless game.
    Drop the Pro Bowl commish!

  13. That’s the problem with the Pro Bowl. All these guys can call themselves pro-bowlers but at the end of the day, half the damn league makes it.

  14. Wait the NFL probowl? I though you were talking about the UFL Pro Bowl – Garrard could start that game!!!
    The Pro-Bowl should be an honor, not a joke.
    If you REALLY want people to play in it….make the game in July and excuse them from a week of training camp!! Then EVERYONE will want to play in it!!
    Maybe replace the Hall of Fame Game with the Pro Bowl?

  15. If your idea is anything like most of your ideas for “fixing” things that don’t need to be fixed (overtime rules) then it’ll be a worthless and idiotic idea.

  16. I’ll actually watch the Pro Bowl for the first time this year. Heck I hope to go to the Pro Bowl in 2012 when it’s in Indy. Think “Big Picture” guys. This is kind of a fluky year with the QB’s but plenty of great players will be playing this weekend. To me, the season is over after the Super Bowl. Great move to me,the real fans can actually go to this game. I always kind of thought Hawaii was a bad idea. The average fan can not afford to go to Hawaii, let alone for a football game.

  17. The Pro-bowl is for the best players in the NFL that year. the 8th best player doesnt need to be there.
    They just need to stop playing the game. The 8th best player at a position shouldnt be able to say, “im a probowler”.

  18. With everyone dropping out, I won’t be surprised if Garrard is handing off to Larry Johnson and chucking passes to Ted Ginn, Jr.

  19. NFL draft pundits agree on very little, but most agree that Tim Tebow will be drafted by Jacksonville to save the franchise from their “pro-bowl” QB

  20. Next year when Garrard is under center the broadcaster will say, ” Garrard the Pro Bowler steps back…..”

  21. The Pro Blow is a joke. Flacco should have made it in above Young and Garrard. Better statistical year across the board and get this, he actually made the playoffs.

  22. With the injuries it should be, Schaub, Orton, Flacco. It seems the NFL is trying to help the poorest division in football, the AFC South. Two expansion teams and two relocated teams.

  23. Instead of the Pro Bowl, have the Jets and Vikings play for 3rd and 4th place with the winner getting the better draft position as a little incentive.

  24. Joe Flacco or (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Kyle Orton? Did these guys get consideration before Garrard??

  25. Should just have a huge charity event instead of the game. These guys are all beat up at this point. Just have a huge autograph session. 60 bucks a ticket to get in and you can get all the autographs you want. I think more guys would sign paper than they would anything else.
    As a joke you could have dunk tanks, Favre the clown, Marshawn Lynch playing predator. Invite Gilbert Arenas and Plaxico to host a meat shoot.

  26. Why is it that Baseball, Basketball & Hockey, which all have lesser popularity than the NFL can conduct meaningful All-Star games with player & fan support, and the NFL cannot?

  27. My idea for the Pro Bowl has always been to replace the HOF teams with it because most teams don’t play that week and it’s not like they’ll play the entire game. What not send potential future Hall Of Famers to play in front of the real Hall Of Famers.
    Seriously, most of you probably don’t even know or can’t even remember when the previous NFL champions used to play the rookies to start the season in Chicago — am I right? 🙂

  28. Brewster,
    Allen Iverson is starting for the East and he does not even start for the 76ers. Every MLB team has to be represented. No Bucs this year, should there be?

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