Favre can't claim he's "going out on top"

B_Favre_1.jpgWhen he finally made it to the podium after last night’s 31-28 heartbreaker to the Saints, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre declared that, even if he never plays another game, he’s walking off into the sunset as a champion.

And he seemed to be asking the media to validate his position on the matter.

“Of course, I can’t print anything for you guys,” he said, “but I know I’m going out on top, one way or the other.”

But if Favre thinks he’s truly “going out on top,” he’s the only one. 

The last three years of Favre’s career have been characterized ultimately by failure.  In 2007, he threw an interception in his last play as a Packer.  In 2008, an arm injury derailed a once-promising season with the Jets.  Now, in the final act as his first (and possibly only) year as a member of the Vikings, Favre coughed up another pick.

We believe he has continued to play because he wants to stroll away from the cameras with a Lombardi Trophy wedged into the back pocket of his Wranglers, as the credits slowly roll. 

Such an exit would indeed constitute “going out on top.”

Last night’s outcome isn’t the top.  It’s the bottom.  It’s as low as it gets, for a player, a team, a franchise, and its fan base.  Though Lions fans might say they’d trade decades of irrelevance for a shot at failing on a much bigger stage, failure is still failure. 

In the NFL, 31 teams ultimately fail, every year.

That’s the cruel reality of pro football, the thing that sets it apart from a college game that gives 34 universities a happy ending because they won a bowl game, regardless of how relevant (or irrelevant) the bowl game might have been. 

In the NFL, only one team has a happy ending.  Only one team goes out on top.

If Favre wants to truly go out on top, he needs to win a Super Bowl.

And if he decides to come back for another season, the Vikings will be among the favorites to do so.  Though they’ll need to hustle to keep some free agents around, both restricted (Ray Edwards) and unrestricted (Chester Taylor), the nucleus of the roster remains in place. 

So Favre has three choices.  First, he can come back for one more year, and he can try his damnedest to go out on top.  Second, he can retire, and he can accept the fact that he isn’t going out on top.  Third, he can fool himself into thinking that he’s going out on top, even if he isn’t.

But we won’t aid or abet his delusion.  And we hope no one else in the media will do it, either. 

To do so would be to undermine the accomplishments of John Elway and Jerome Bettis, men who truly went out on top.

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  1. I simply can’t believe this rant came from the keyboard of Mike Florio. Respect, grosso respect. My world’s turned upside down, really it has.

  2. Going out as the one of the best QBs ever, is going out on top. It doesn´t matter if you understand it or not.

  3. What a fitting end for this Drama Queen. Hopefully during your retirement, you get the “Clap” from your tractor seat

  4. “So we’ll try to keep these (Favre) updates to a minimum. Try being the operative word.”
    You sure are trying hard.

  5. Correction. The last three years of Favre’s career have been characterized ultimately by FAILVRE.

  6. Florio is the biggest turd in the history of reporting………….The guy tries to stir crap up just for the heck of it…………I use to like the site for good insightful info………..Now thanks to Florio, I’m looking elsewhere………….What a joke……….

  7. Fav-Rey’s problem…it was all about him! The Saints won for a team and a city. Fav-Rey (correct pronunciation, idiot can’t say his own name right), is only for Fav-Rey. Perfect example was his relationship with Aaron Rodgers, what a prick!

  8. I think you’re wrong. Favre will STILL go out on top even if his last pass was an interception. The way he willed himself through the punishment he was taking was vintage. And statistically he had his best year ever, proving many of the haters, including yourself wrong. Favre doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone by winning another Super Bowl. He took a team that could hardly get out the first round of the playoffs on the doorstep of the super bowl in one year.

  9. Please its only been a couple of hours and already this is the third posting about whether or not Farve will retire or mentioning his retirement. Please for the love of humanity stop already. PLEASE!!!

  10. Maybe he is referring to the numerous records(TD,Yards, Wins) he is currently babysitting for Peyton Manning.

  11. stop with the Favre stories… I think we all had enough! lmao! but it wasn’t all his fault they lost… When you fumble the ball so many times like the Vikes did then of course your gonna find your pants on the ground!

  12. vikes never have this good of a season without brett. when our running game went flat, we rode him into the playoffs as we’ve done all year…
    i appreciate everything he’s done for the team, because i feel that he truly gave all he had to give.
    sucks that we’re done, but it’s not on him.

  13. He can claim whatever he wants to claim; just like you can claim to be the best football blogger on the intertubes.

  14. “When he finally made it to the podium after last night’s 31-28 heartbreaker to the Saints, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre declared that, even if he never plays another game, he’s walking off into the sunset as a champion.”
    Give it up Florio….where did he “declare that, even if he never plays another game, he’s walking off into the sunset as a champion”. Aren’t you supposed to be some sort of ambulance chaser? Even those guys know that you can’t just make shit up about a public figure. Going out on top is different than going out a champion. The hatred in your heart for Favre is very disturbing. I hope NBC looks into your past as a child molester. Oh? You never molested children? I thought this site was all about making shit up. My bad.
    How about a thread on that “dead guy” LMAO Terri Bradshaw calling Favre, once again THE best to ever play the game. Not one of the best. THE best. Of course what would a guy like Bradshaw know about football. He’s not a lawyer.

  15. I just don’t get the hate for one of the best qbs the game has ever had. A 40 year old who carried some pathetic fudge packer teams to the playoffs gets ripped for failure. Last time I checked only one TEAM wins a year. Lay off the guy, hes 40ish and gets the crap knocked out of him and still should have made it to the SB. if Peterson, Harvin and the other overrated stiff Berrian don’t fumble the Vikings would have kicked the crap out of a good Saints team. Favre goes out on top in my book, Peterson drops, Vikings joke of a o-line drops, Harvin drops, and the coaching staff drops but not Brett. If he retires they should put him in the HOF that day.

  16. He can “claim” whatever he wants, like when he claimed Green Bay unceremoniously ran him out of town (which they didn’t).

  17. I cant agree more, though I feel that with Favre omn the roster the Vikings went further this year than they would have with TJack or Sage under center, the fact still remains that that was a heart breaking loss…and i honestly feel that he wont go out on that note….
    The Saint’s didnt beat the Vikings, the Vikings beat the Vikings…and frankly that a tale that told toooooo many times here in Minnesota…

  18. “When he finally made it to the podium after last night’s 31-28 heartbreaker to the Saints, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre declared that, even if he never plays another game, he’s walking off into the sunset as a champion.”
    Give it up Florio….where did he “declare that, even if he never plays another game, he’s walking off into the sunset as a champion”. Aren’t you supposed to be some sort of ambulance chaser? Even those guys know that you can’t just make shit up about a public figure. Going out on top is different than going out a champion. The hatred in your heart for Favre is very disturbing. I hope NBC looks into your past as a child molester. Oh? You never molested children? I thought this site was all about making shit up. My bad.
    How about a thread on that “dead guy” LMAO Terri Bradshaw calling Favre, once again THE best to ever play the game. Not one of the best. THE best. Of course what would a guy like Bradshaw know about football. He’s not a lawyer.

  19. Freaking Hilarious!!! One of the best games all year, and this is what gets written about! How about thank you for the Three hour emotional roller coaster last night.

  20. Brent is going out on top of a pile of money the Vikes paid him. That’s what matters when all the other issues fade into history.

  21. Favre comes back next year. Vikes cheat the salary cap to bring back all their players and add one more superstar.
    Vikes win Super Bowl, and Ziggy says “This one’s for Brett.” 6 years later the Vikings lose a mid-round pick for cheating the cap.

  22. Saying Jerome Bettis went out on top is like saying if the Saints go onto win and Mark Brunell retires, that he went out on top.

  23. I’d have to say that if anything, Favre’s legacy was strengthened by his performance yesterday. One bad throw at a bad time doesn’t negate how tough he was and how great he was overall yesterday.
    I’d take Favre at age 45 in Buffalo over any of their current crap.

  24. He’ll never stop until he is physically knocked out. That image of Elway beating him and getting to ride into the sunset is forever stuck on a loop in his mind. And yeah, as a Packer fan, it sucks because I wanted to win that championship! But for Favre, it’s an endless torture until he realizes that, in the end, football means very little and that he can take his millions and hang out with his family in comfort for the rest of his life and let the world go to blazes. Sadly, I don’t think he’ll ever come to that realization because being “big man on campus” and being seen as a legend is what his life is all about ever since Elway got a chance at a storybook ending. His father’s passing means there’s no one left to ground him; Lord knows Deanna won’t do it.
    So we’ll be stuck with this saga once again because the Gunslinger can never stop throwing soul-crushing, heart-ripping picks and Brett Favre will never make peace with the game or himself.

  25. I think its pretty clear he was talking individually. So in that case, yes, he is going out on top since unless I am mistaken he just had his best season of his career, compared to say other greats like Jerry Rice who went out because he couldn’t hold a 4th WR spot.
    While this is not an indication of their entire body of work, Favre is an example of going out on top while Rice is an example of going out on the low. Most people understand this when they talk about individual careers, people playing past their prime, going out on top etc.
    Clearly as a team they failed to achieve the Superbowl, although they still put together a hell of a season. I wish my team even made the playoffs, much less a championship game.

  26. Thanks for the memories Brett. Never would I have envisioned beating the Packers twice with you as our quarterback. you can’t write that shit. it was a great year with the usual disapointing end. but we are used to it as viking fans. someday, it will be different. someday.

  27. Considering the Vikings propensity not to get beyond the Championship Game, it does mean he is going out on top. Its just a matter of perspective.
    When a QB with a long reputation for choking joins a team with even a longer and more storied reputation for choking, what is the logical outcome?
    Favre is delusional, he thinks he should be the GM, OC and God. For the Vikings to enable him this year was a sorry sight but when they trade your collective team soul for a deal with the devil, there is a day the bill becomes due.
    Have fun paying up.

  28. The press will let him know that he is a qb that should be mentioned in the same breath as Brad Johnson, Trent (I know everything) Dilfer and many more but with Favre gone the holy press, insiders and ESPN and NFL Network can spend their time on roasting Romo, McNabb and praising the superstars like Cutler, Sanchez, Ryan and Flacko. These young men who have done nothing but hear the praise from the media better hope Romo and McNabb stick around so they won’t turn on them.

  29. The guy had a great year… I mean a great year. In my opinion, he is going out somewhere near the top, if not on top.

  30. Honestly I’m not a big fan of Favre but to say this is ridiculous. How can you say he wouldn’t go out on top if he decides he’s not gonna play anymore? You should consider yourself lucky to have watched him play. How can you take away from the fact that at 40 years old he has one of his best seasons EVER in terms of stats. He plays EVERY game and he tries as hard as he possibly can to win. It would be easy to put this loss on him but it was clearly a team effort!

  31. So Favre is not going out on top. Ok lets compare that to Peyton, the best QB ever. Hes been the same the last 5 years and how many SB’s does he have, oh in his case its always he didn’t have a defense.
    Peyton is very good to even great, but by the standards you infer, then Brady is heads and shoulders better than Peyton can ever be, unless he wins 3 more SB’s, which is not gonna happen.

  32. when he said going out on top he meant with Jared Allen as his bottom….
    I guess Favre aint singing PANTS ON THE GROUND and slapping Allen’s a$$ this week….he is just licking his wounds and going to the OB-GYN for a check up

  33. Go ahead Brett, pull a Jeff Fisher and pull out a Peyton Manning jersey(or Drew Brees’ if they win) and say “I just wanted to feel like a winner” or “I just wanted to go out on top.” It’ll all be alright.

  34. I am no Favre fan, but to write that how he is going out (if it was his last game) is the bottom is just absurd. And i don’t for one second believe that Florio truly believes it either – he wrote it to get a reaction, which he always does. Favre had a great season and he was having a great game. If he throws an incompletion on that play instead of the INT, it sets up a very difficult FG, even in a dome. If he runs for 4-5 yards, it still sets up a very difficult FG. would either of those been better than an int -certainly. But the game was lost, if we are pointing fingers, at the head coach who did not know how to manage the clock, and then after a timeout, inexcusably had 12 men in the huddle. Without that penalty, Minn likely runs the ball on 3rd down, to put it in the middle of the field, likely a little closer.

  35. how funny would it be if the Packs dont resign to retire a Pack?
    if i was Aaron Rodgers, I’d switch my jersey to #4

  36. Favre is a baby but he is going out on top. He’s accomplished more in his career than homo Florio could do in 100 homo Florio lifetimes.

  37. Good to see your hyperbole engine is working Florio.
    Favre has played some of the best football of his life the past 3 years. I’d say that’s leaving on a high note. As to your comment that this is the lowest it can get for the Vikes fans. What nonsense. It was a great game against the best team this year. It was a great season. It’s very disappointing to the fans that they lost but they still had a hell of a year to be proud of. You would rather they have not tried at all and accepted mediocrity. I think the doing the opposite is where greatness comes from. They did that and noone can take it away.

  38. If Brady was to retire tomorrow, would he be going out on top? According to this logic, he wouldnt be.

  39. If he wins next week he will be going out on top because that is the most meaningful game in the season!

  40. Does this make Childress on top too? Or the bottom? I never can tell with those two…

  41. leatherneck says:
    January 25, 2010 1:16 PM
    He’s going out on top as the best quarterback ever. He is.

  42. Favre is a classless wonder who is responsible for losing the game…maybe that is on top in his book.
    He will always be remembered as a crybaby due to the GB “retirement” fiasco, a poor sport for running up the score against Dallas, and a loser for not managing the NO game…the only question is “On top of what?”

  43. Brett Farve can say that he went out on Top if he feels that way because it was HIS career, He has a few MVP AWARDS A SUPER BOWL RING, MANY RECORDS TO HIS NAME. PRO BOWLS AND MANY MANY PLAYOFF WINS.I will defer this one to him, just like HIS RETIREMENT.

  44. Losing the NFC championship is far far far from going out on the bottom. Your logic is ridiculous. Does anyone really think that the Vikes go that far with Jackson? C’mon, only 2 teams make it to the big dance each year… the vikings provided solid entertainment to their fans all year long.
    Failure is Failure? Yeah, I’m sure a lot of Rams and Lions fans are looking back at their season and saying “man, those vikings had a season just as bad as ours”. You really have your hater hat on today florio.
    Anyone that thinks Favre will not be long remembered as one of the great qb’s in history is dillusional. He’ll be in the hall of fame, the guy has done a lot and proved everyone wrong by playing at such a high level despite his age.
    To judge him on one play? C’mon Man! He wouldn’t have even been in the position to force something if not for the dumb 12 man in the huddle penalty.

  45. I think it’s as close to going out on top as he can get without another Lombardi. He had probably the best statistical season of his entire career. How is that not going out on a high note? Yeah he threw a dumb pick that negated any chance of winning in regulation, but the Vikings didn’t lose simply because of him. That was a team effort choke job. Maybe if Peterson was half as good as people think he is, Favre doesn’t even need to throw a pass in that situation.

  46. Mike–sometimes you can be really picky.
    Favre’s had a great career. Fortunately toward the end of it he choked in Championship games (2nd SB, 2004, 2007 & 2009) but to play 309 straight games most at a very high level, achieve all his records, being able to completetly skip OTA’s training camp, etc and actually run the team….
    He’s proven all he needs to. Time to go home…

  47. I think you are correct when you say he is not going on top. He did not win the SB so he is not on top this year, but at the same time I hope he comes back for another year.
    Two things are undeniable. If you look at his season statistics and the intangibles of leadership and confidence he brought to the Vikings, he had one if his best seasons ever. Second of all, he made the Vikings a vastly superior football team. Would you really rather see Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels at the helm next year? Both are competent backups, but neither is in Favre’s league by a long shot. Favre was fun to watch and he made the Vikings an entertaining competitive football team.
    I am not a Vikings fan or Favre fan — I am a football fan. If he chooses to stay retired, my life will be unchanged, but the game of football will lose a fierce competitor who is very good for the sport and the NFL. But I hope we can be spared the drama — that part of BF is unsavory.

  48. That’s the way the Vi-Queens think.
    Favre’s going out on top because he had the best season statistically??????
    I’m sure that Vi-Queens fans will turn out in droves for the “Best Statistical Season for an Overrated Quarterback Who Thinks He’s Bigger than the Game Itself” banner raising……..
    The Steelers, Cowboys and 49ers raise banners for championships, because nothing else will do and second-best isn’t good enough.
    But, if you’re a fan of a classless, gutless organization, I guess a “Best Statistical Year” is all you have to hold on to……….
    Pretty pathetic…..and so is Florio for flip-flopping on this issue. One minute he’s kissing Favre’s a– and the next he’s dumping on him.
    Nice credibility, Florio.

  49. The Browns lost 3 AFC championship games in the 80’s and we STILL haven’t gotten over it as a fan base. Losing there means an unsuccessful season for a team with super bowl aspirations. That being said, Favre was a warrior yesterday to even be in the game at the end and that deserves some respect.

  50. This isn’t the bottom and it is far from it. No he isn’t going out on top but he still had a hell of a year.
    I understand the hate and I myself have been disgusted by his actions being a Packer fan. Florio love the site but this is just pure hatred and the same goes with most of the comments here.

  51. Elway and BEttis were completely carried by others and had little to do with their SB wins. Brett was hoping to do the same.
    I am more proud of Brett doing so much for his team and falling short, than for him to ride AP’s coattails all the way to a SB win.
    So under your definition, if Brett threw 3,000 yards, 10 TD’s, and 25 INT’s, and they won the SB despite a 3 INT 0 TD game, then Brett’s going out on top? Now you understand Brett’s rationale and I agree with him 100%

  52. He had a great year…..he had a great career…on top of his game I think is what he meant…. what difference does it make what he says now , it will all change so youll pay attention to him later. Now go write your next book ,,,title it ” I couldnt win a big game without Reggie White “

  53. I usually dont look at the comments on Farve articles & certainly wont follow the Hamlet of Hattisburg drama..( would be cool if MEDIA would stop )
    but I really wonder about people that cant appreciate how he played yesterday…I saw a great football player competing & it was classic…
    if yesterday was the end he has every right to feel proud about his effort & if he isnt going out on top he is still one of the greatest players its ever been my pleasure to watch

  54. He did it his way. Nothing to be ashamed of (except the way he treated his most loyal fans.) But he did it his way.

  55. C’mon Florio where’s the clips from the Dome with Brett doing “Pants on the Ground”….that shit isn’t so funny now….cause he probably can’t even dress himself after getting DESTROYED yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. “If Favre wants to truly go out on top, he needs to win a Super Bowl”…..duh, i think if you check the records florio, you will see that one BF did win a SB. Sarcasam aside, everyone is entitled to an opinion (as the great Denny Green once said) and Florio’s interpretation of “going out on top” is extremely narrow minded. In florio’s world, only a player who retired the day after winning the SB could be considered “going out on top”….if the HOF used that interpretation, we would all be missing out on some great players. I choose to think that many players have “went out on top without even winning a SB” but most certainly ANY player who did win a SB will be going out on top as long as they continued to play at a high level after their SB victory. Dan Marino didn’t win a SB but I think he went out a winner and on top. Florio loves to “psychoanalyze” athletes without ever looking in the mirror. If he did, he would then see himself as someone who will never go out on top becuz he can only bring himself up by knocking the athletes that he never was….down.

  57. Who ever wrote this is ridiculous. If you honestly think that Brett Favre won’t go out as one of the BEST QBs to ever play the game, you’re delusional. He is one of the greatest…he DOES have a Superbowl ring & just because he didn’t get one this year doesn’t make him any less credible. You reporters are nuts & I feel like I just have to laugh at the hate.

  58. Uh oh Florio, Farve’s going to be very upset with you. He might send John Madden to sit on you till you admit Lord Farve went out on top and a true champion.

  59. I believe the #52 G.O.A.T will be going out on top in the next year! Then you would have the greatest of all time going out on top. Shame he couldn’t do it in Miami this year but they’ll do it before he retires!

  60. Brett would be going out on top. He has had a remarkable career and an outstanding season. All the Favre haters could only wish and dream that they had a life as good as his. He is a Hall of Fame QB with family and never has to worry about money. He has nothing to be ashamed of after this season. All the hate directed towards him will come back to these people in Karma. The guy is 40 years old and performed at an elite level. When his retirement is final you haters will have to find a new villain. People like you need someone to hate because of the misery in your own lives.
    FU Terry Bradshaw

  61. Even though Jerome Bettis retired after the Steelers beat the Seahawks for the Superbowl, I wouldn’t say he “went out on top” because Bettis was not the primary ball carrier. At best he was a situational or goal-line back. But if I remember correctly, he didn’t have much effect on the Super Bowl game.

  62. Very well said Mike! It is just like him to to stand in front of the cameras and claim that he is going out on top. Just like him to say that about himself. See how arrogant! It would be easy to feel sorry for him and to admit(and I do) that he was one of the great ones, but his ego gets in my way!

  63. As I said I would, I would like to congratulate the Saints on the win and for a well played game. I hope you partied int he streets til all hours last night. Good luck in Miami…I will be rooting for you!!!
    Just wan’t the Vikings year, I guess. A couple thoughts on the game:
    I think the Vikings outplayed the Saints overall,but that many turnovers will kill you. Still we got to overtime dispite all of them.
    Brees had a solid game.
    Favre had a solid game, dispite what I’m sure every disgruntled Packer fan will say. His last pass was an INT…no doubt about that. It was a bad throw. Did Packer fans KNOW that would happen? Of course.
    12 Men on the Field…Tahi/Childress, that is on YOU! Inexuseable…
    4&1 in OT was not a catch, IMHO.
    NO got called for roughing the passer…Vikes should have been one time (I think it was Ray Edwards driving Brees into the turf).
    Vikings front four played very well, dispite being on the road and dispite Allen getting held a fair amount. Of course, refs could call holding on just about every play, but what I am referring to are at least 2 where Allen beat his double team and had his jersey pulled on while trying to get to Brees.
    Vikes not capitalizing on the punt fumble by Bush was critical, IMHO.
    Hard fought game…good game (although admittedly hard to watch as a Vikes fan).
    I need some time to recoup…

  64. “Hey Chilly, you bald headed wiener just take me to the airport, and pick me up in six months”

  65. KARMA!
    What will be great is that when Peyton Manning is done the only record Favre will still hold is career INT’s. FAILURE!

  66. 30 picks in 24 career playoff games. Can’t be best ever with those numbers.

  67. GB should give the #4 to who ever the 3rd string QB is
    GB should never have a brett night GB should forget he ever played the game
    All his records are going to be broken soon by Payton other then years played
    Payton will quit while he can
    Breet this brett that who give a flying crap

  68. “In the NFL, only one team has a happy ending.”
    Not when you and the rest of the team hangs out on the Love Boat– then everyone has a happy ending!

  69. Brett Favre is an iron man and one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. Hope you come back next year!

  70. I’d say that retiring as a first ballot NFL Hall of Fame quarterback with tens of millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses, and even more in endorsements, would better qualify as “going out on top” than virtually any other future retiree in America.

  71. Only Mike Florio could have watched that game yesterday and called Brett Favre’s performance a “failure”. Obviously, Mr. Flowerio….has NEVER played competitive sports in his life!!! I’ll bet he was a crack shot on the debating team in college. I would like to have Mike Florio for 10 minutes in the ring….and HE can name his price….and the purse would go to his favorite charity!!!! Let me know where and when Mike.
    GunnyD, USMC Retired.

  72. JasonGiambi says:
    January 25, 2010 1:21 PM
    Florio, you are a jackass. And you have a really sweet hair cut.
    I totally agree with this. Florio your haircut is wack.

  73. First, a disclaimer. I am sick of Favre and was rooting for the Saints last night (still am). I am not a Packer fan nor a Vikings fan. But I thought Favre was at his best last night, getting up after a hit that should have been a penalty (and negated a pick) and staying in the game. Sure the pick was bad, but his play kept them in the game all night. I was especially impressed by his performance after the game. He handled that loss with total class staying on the field and hugging and shaking hands with the winners. And the fact remains, the Vikings are nowhere near the NFC Championship without Favre. He gave it all he had and took them to the cusp of the championship. Did he go out on top? No. Is he a failure? Hell no.

  74. In the last 3 years he has taken two different teams to the NFC championship…..no big deal, happens all the time.

  75. Werder is reporting Favre wont be back.
    Given Werder’s track record accuracy on Favre is about .05%, its safe to say Favre will be back in purple next season.
    It also doesnt suprise me from him since he is a huge ‘Boys homer and he really doesn’t want Favre back to rout his team again next season.

  76. He’s a lock for the Hall of Fame. He’s got the passing records that matter. He’s got his Superbowl ring. He’s got his MVP title. Damn freakin’ straight he’s going out on top. I salute a warrior.

  77. Wow, The hatred for Favre. Where would the Vikings have been if Favre was not the QB. My guess is the same place they were for round one but they would have been at that same place for round two as well. As many have mentioned on here, Favre has regular season and post season records. He has MVP awards and a Superbowl win. I do not know to many people that would not say that they are going out on top after that.
    If you can say that you have had a better career than Favre Go out and let the world know how much better your career has been than Favre. I am sure everyone would love to talk about you the way they talk about him. PS to you that are still saying he is not going out on top. I DO NOT SEE YOUR NAME IN THE NEWS.

  78. Jerome Bettis appreciates being compared w/John Elway……
    A better comparison might be, “John Elway and Jerome Bettis, men who truly went out on top….as light beer pitchmen.”

  79. Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, John Elway and Peyton Manning are just some of the few quarterbacks that are better than Brett Favre. Favre was the most entertaining quaterback in the history of the NFL but he has cost his teams dearly too many times to be considered the best ever.
    That is the facts, even if your nose is inserted too far between Favre’s butt-cheeks to realize this.

  80. Elway is the GOAT and to that moron that said Elway had little to do with those 2 rings…
    you don’t rate a response
    SB 33 MVP ELWAY!!!!!

  81. “Just wan’t the Vikings year”
    As a vikings fan you should know that this is your teams legacy. That and “Maybe next year”

  82. Florio, you’re such a complete moron. The guy is a legend. He could have went 0-16 and still been on top. Him competing and getting his team that far at the ripe age of your boyfriend, Terry Bradshaw, is more than many and most QB’s will ever think of doing. That is not mentioning him being a career winner with a Super Bowl ring.
    Get a life and come up with something worth reporting that you are knowledgeable of, like gay marriage in the Lifestyles section of your local paper.

  83. “I’m going out on top”
    translates to ”
    I don’t care if my team just lost, I’m still one of the best QBs ever, so F- you Vikings you suckers.”
    Also, I didn’t see Favre willing himself through anything night. I saw him taking flops and pretending to be hurt everytime he turned the ball over…only to miraculously return limp-free once the Vikes got the ball back.
    I hope he comes back for another year so I can see an epic fail again.
    What a tool.

  84. “Going out on top is different than going out a champion.”
    Trying to explain the obvious to the stupid is a noble but useless persuit.

  85. once again on the same day you say Favre stories will be limited you have now posted the 4th…..

  86. This site was a lot more enjoyable when you were still a lawyer and didn’t have time for the all the editorials you write now.
    Some of your opinions are so freakin retarded it’s a wonder that NBC pays you. Well, nevermind. Given the way they do business I guess it’s not a surprise.
    Anyhow, going out on top means that you’re still playing your best, not that you won championship.
    Bettis won a championship, but he didn’t go out on top. He was barely effective his last year and almost fumbled that dream away. Strahan went out on top. He was still a productive football player when he retired.
    Favre is going out on top (again). I don’t know why you would consider getting to the NFC Championship game (win or los) a failure. Throwing 33 TD’s to only 7 INT’s and posting a 107 QB rating is not a failure.
    It’s obvious you don’t know what the word failure means otherwise you’d know that this article is a failure. Just stick to facts and rumors and leave the editorializing to a minimum.

  87. First of all,you Favre haters are all a bunch of pussy ass jack offs. He is one of the best ever.I thought that when he was a Packer. He brings more style and fun to the game than any other player ever. He has nothing to prove to anyone.Lets get this straight for you football IQ pretenders. Even though we had a comedy of errors last night,we were still in position to win.The previous stuff meant nothing.The 12 man penalty,a coaching blunder,caused the loss. Longwell would have just kicked it.In the end,bad coaching lost. Get off Favre’s nuts irrelevant Internet tools.

  88. Okay, Okay… He’s going out on top. Just let him think that until he’s too old to come back. Enough already. Call it a career.

  89. Come back Brett just to piss off the pukers and haters here. You will make the pukers your bitches again! God Bless Brett Farve!

  90. Devils advocate here…
    Lets compare Dan Marino to Brent.
    Marino never won a SB.
    I would argue he is one of the best ever.

  91. Hey pervy would you say that Rodgers did the same thing in phoenix?
    Even though we had a comedy of errors last night,we were still in position to win.

  92. Anyone can leave the game immediately after winning the Super Bowl. Elway & Bettis didn’t want to keep going. Neither was as old as Favre is now, and I doubt that either could have played as well if they were.
    Without 5 fumbles by his team, Favre is in the Super Bowl right now. The game should have already been decided by the time he threw that pick. He played well enough to get his team to the SB.
    Favre’s ups and downs as a player seem to directly correspond to the overall distress of the team. If his offensive line, receivers, and runners hold up their end yesterday, they walk into the SB.
    Sure, the SB is the real payoff in this game. But he’s taken two teams to the NFC championship in 3 years. He had a stellar year when most people thought he was either washed up or not fit enough to be strong late in the season.
    This piece and all the insulting comments about Favre by wanna-bes with no personal stake in the matter are just wastes of time. Nobody cares what you think about his career. He’s accomplished more than any of you ever will in your lives. Worry more about your own legacy than someone else’s.

  93. i agree with pervy harvin! get off his ass already, man qbs havent won a superbowl! he has yes the last three years have been bad for him personally, but lets be honest would they have got this far with tarvaris jackson as qb?!? i dont think so, so you all need to shut the hell up already, yes its gonna be aggravatin the next few months whether he comes back or not but ultimately hope he does! And oh yeah for all those who said its his fault, how about the fricken 5 or 6 fumbles! give me a break get off his ass! bettis went out on top but he sucked that year, elway ok i get it but come on! and if he doenst come back maybe u vikes fans would love to have jemarcus russell as ur qb considering he might be the only qb that is gonan be leaving their team this year! suck on that

  94. “…..Favre played for 19 years and has 1 superbowl….. The Best?? Seriously?”
    A little selective there, aren’t we? You left out about 3 pages of awards and honors and records that he has. I hated him when he played against the Cowboys, but damn, I have to give the dude his props. Its about respect, dude. For what he’s done for the game. Not just one game of football, but THE GAME OF FOOTBALL.

  95. He will come back next year because he knows that he will lead the Vikings to another NFC Championship game.
    #1. The Vikings are a much better team then the Aint’s. Without the officials help, the Saints can’t beat the Vikings and they proved that last night. Usually when a team has 5 turnovers in a single game, they lose big time yet the Vikings still should have won that game had it not been for a blunder by Favre (he should have ran the ball on the play that he threw a INT, and we most likely would have won with a Longwell FG) or had it not been for a bunch of gifts by the officials. They call Allen for a hold, not even close. They call Leber for PI, not even close, they call that Meachem bobble and hitting the ground a catch, not even close, and they give Bell a 1st down despite clearly losing the football and regaining it short of a 1st down.
    You can’t give a guy forward progress when he fumbles the football, you can only give him the spot where he recovers the football which should have been short of a 1st down and the ball turned over to the Vikings on downs. The one thing I can’t stand is cheaters and teams that win by getting help and the Saints are both. They got a lot of help last night, and they kept hitting Favre late without drawing a penalty.
    I will say my piece and get over it. The Saints are a overrated team that doesn’t deserve to be in the SB plain and simple. Anyone with a level head would admit that the Vikings got screwed big time last night and still should have won the game. I really hope that the Vikings get another crack at them next year in the playoffs with a unbiased officiating crew, then the world will see that the Vikings are the better team hands down.
    So Saints fans, get ready for Peyton Manning to shred that piece of shit defense of yours apart on their way to another SB title. I usually don’t root for the AFC team in the SB, but I can’t and refuse to root for a bunch of cheaters who get everything handed to them on a silver platter. I also hope in this game that the Colts go after Brees’s head and knees like the cheaters did to Favre. You may have made it to your first SB, but it comes with a asterisk and you will have your heads hung low in the final minutes. Your team simply is just not good enough to win, unless of course you can hire the same officiating crew as you had last night. You think Katrina was bad? Wait till you get rocked by the Colts.

  96. Observation: If I am Minnesota, I go out and get myself the best offensive tackle (Marcus McNeill, Donald Penn or Jared Gaither) on the free agent market this offseason. Show a commitment to keeping Favre protected. Let him know how much you want him back.
    This team believes in Favre…the defense never gave up in this game…they wanted to get the ball back in his hands…they believe in the old man.

  97. Favre’s QB rating last night on the road in a dome that was very loud 70. Aaron Rodgers in a loud dome on the road first playoff game over 100. For 2 weeks we had to hear from Pervy and all these Vikings fans about how poorly Aaron Rodgers played in that game, how he choked. Where is FOF to talk about Favre’s jersey sales & how much the Packers miss them? Or some of the other Vikings fans who said the Packers fans day of reckoning was coming? Reckoning for what?? not slurping over a guy who basically flipped Packers fans off after he looked over NFL rosters and decided Minnesota had the best shot to add to his ego I mean legacy. Why don’t guys admit Favre choked he had 2 picks should have been 3. Now you stay real quiet – double standard. And you complain about the refs when you called Packers fan big fat crybabies for 2 weeks – ridiculous.

  98. Pervy Harvin says:
    January 25, 2010 2:18 PM
    “…..Get off Favre’s nuts irrelevant Internet tools.”
    LOL!!! Nice!!!

  99. Thank you Occam and all the rest who criticized this. This is a complete failure of an editorial and not because it doesn’t win the Pulitzer Prize.

  100. I no longer like Favre but I disagree with this article. You do not have to win the super bowl to go out on top. You have to go out at the top of your game. He had a good season. The problem with Favre is he could have gone out in better fashion when he retired from Green Bay and did damage his legacy by not doing so.

  101. Pervy……your posts crack me up.
    “We were still in a position to win.” —- You’re right! Until Favre threw the interception. When does the banner-raising/trophy presentation begin for the “In a Position to Win” title, or, the Schottenheimer Trophy as it’s known?
    “The 12 man penalty, a coaching blunder, caused the loss.” —- No. Favre’s INT, the inability to play defense in OT and KARMA from running up the score in the Cowboys game caused the loss.
    “Bad coaching lost.” —- In part, yes. Mr. Noodle thought that the Vi-Queens had joined the CFL and that didn’t help, but when the game was on the line, Favre choked…….again.
    The Vi-Queens are not destined to be champions and the sooner you accept that, you’ll be free.

  102. Favre IS going out on top. He is, to my knowledge, the only QB in NFL history to take two different teams to the NFC championship game in the span of 3 years – a span that saw him play with THREE different teams. What QB is good enough to do that?? Manning has been with the same team, the same coaches, the same system his entire career – and he’s a great one, maybe the greatest so far – but he hasn’t had to do what Favre has had to do. And Favre has done it at a time when a player’s abilities are supposed to be diminishing. He just put together a year that, statistically speaking, is his best ever. So yes, he’s going out on top. He doesn’t have to win a Super Bowl to do that. Yesterday’s performance was one of the most courageous I have ever seen on a football field. I read this morning that his ankle may be broken. If he played the second half on a broken ankle, then he’ll go down in my book as the greatest ever. (‘Cause you won’t see pinhead Manning playing with a broken ankle.) Regardless, he is a winner, through and through, because he’s a guy who never quits on a play, and never has quit on a play. Did you see him in the scrum for the football after Harvin’s fumble, despite his sore leg?
    And Chilly is an idiot for calling a rollout pass for a QB with a busted ankle – whether it was broken or not, the guy was obviously badly hurt, and that play has tricky footwork even when a guy is healthy. That’s why it’s a low-percentage play to begin with. That’s why no one runs it very often. Idiot Chilly.
    But Favre going out on top? You betcha.

  103. Back when the Packers lost in SB 32 Bretteney said something similarly stupid.He said that it wasn’t a set back for the Pack we will be back many more times maybe in his mind that happened.
    By the way Pervy the stat man here are some more meaningful stats
    Saints Vikings
    Lombardi’s 0-0
    Score 31-28
    Score 31-28
    Score 31-28
    Score 31-28
    Score 31-28
    Score 31-28
    Score 31-28
    Favre isn’t even the best Packer QB ever
    that goes to Bart Starr in fact no other QB won as many Chapionships as him 5
    As a man who did everything he could to screw the Pack yesterday was great.
    I sure got tired dancing on the grave of his legacy
    Go Saints

  104. @ silver
    Ok, I’ll bite… I am over what he did against Dallas, he picked apart what was a fantastic defense so good for him. I also recognize that he played his best football of his career as a 40 y/o. But I cannot say that he has every record that he does based off of his talent alone. He nearly played for 20 years! Sooner or later he will get records by default.

  105. Joe Montana is the best ever – 4 Super Bowls, best post season stats.
    Jerome Bettis – went out on top. HOF running back won the Super Bowl in his last year in his home city. Could you write a better ending? I don’t know how you (not you florio) think he didn’t go out on top.
    John Elway – redeemed him self and won 2 Super Bowls after some post season woes. Went out on top.
    Brett Favre – ended with many season with interceptions, and was a has been. Post season awards, and big numbers don’t make you the best ever, winning Super Bowls does. Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, John Elway, Big Ben, Peyton there are a lot of guys who are better than Favre.
    Mike – I agree with you 100%

  106. QB’s get too much credit when their team wins and too much blame when their team loses. BF’s career and passion for the game makes him one of the very best QB’s to ever have played the game and that has him going out on top in my book. The single most impressive record he holds, in my book, is consecutive games played and to have done so at the most vulnerable position and covering a period when QB’s didn’t wear skirts. Every team and every fan of the NFL would love to have a QB like BF on their team. 20 years of stability, star talent, always giving your team a “chance” to win…who could envision anything better?????????????? No other QB has did that to his level

  107. I think what he’s saying is that he left it all out on the field.
    He’s advertised as a gunslinger. Pretty sure you live and die with that moniker.
    One of the four best QB’s in the league based on Florio’s definition of ‘Who’s on Top’.
    Pretty sure he feels better about this season that the one he spent in NY.
    Florio’s been hankerin’ for some Sage and Tarvaris.

  108. It’s been awhile since I’ve paid much attention to the comments on this site, mainly because the level of discourse amongst the trolls is rarely enlightening.
    But even acknowledging the trollish nature of the so-called sports fans that post here, I am surprised by the level of hatred for Favre and the delight taken in focusing on the last INT to label him a failure and a loser.
    In the game I watched, I saw an amazing athlete who somehow, at age 40, was able to survive being repeatedly pummeled and hammered into the ground and keep his team in a game despite the absolutely unbelieveable number of turnovers made by his teammates.
    The teens and twenty somethings that I suspect (hope?) make up the majority of the commenting troll contingent, probably think the fact that Favre is 40 is irrelevant. It’s not. And if you don’t get yourself killed by lipping off to the wrong person before then, one day you will discover that for yourself.
    The last throw by Favre was a really bad mistake. Horrible play by him. But if you watched the game yesterday what you witnessed was an epic performance by one of the best NFL Players, at any position, ever. He stood in there and took massive hit after hit, made several absolutely perfect clutch throws to extend drives and, combined with pretty excellent play by the Vikings Defense, Favre is the main reason they were in a position to win it at the end.
    The guy is a stud. In my view, it is a shame that his performance yesterday was marred by his admittedly (and he admitted it, too) stupid throw at the end.
    Favre seems like a pretty amazing player to me. I guess I just haven’t achieved the level of perfection in my life that so many of you trolls must have.

  109. Chapnasty,
    You don’t get it. You think Favre has records solely b/c he played for 20 years, and therefore isn’t one of the greatest, but merely a guy who persevered longer than anyone else. That’s your argument, right?
    Nobody – NOBODY – plays for 20 years in the NFL unless they are GREAT. There is way too much talent in the pool, and owners and fans are way too impatient. Favre would never have the records, especially the consecutive game streak, if he weren’t one of the top QBs of all time. Besides, to get records, it isn’t merely a time thing; you actually have to do something. It isn’t like he’s standing on the field filing his nails.
    What other QB in NFL history has led 2 different teams to the NFC championship in a span of 3 years? Not to beat a dead horse, but I don’t think that has ever been done before. And the fact that it was Favre’s first year on the team … that’s a fantastic testimony to his ability as a QB. (Tarvaris Jackson certainly hadn’t managed it, and he’d played a lot longer as a Viking than Favre.) You can also argue that this year’s Jets success is due in some measure to Favre. You think Cotchery would be as good as he is today if he hadn’t been taught by a master QB? You think Sidney Rice doesn’t realize his skills have improved b/c of lessons he’s learned from Favre?

  110. Favre isn’t even top 5 ever. He’s overrated, reckless trash that has held his teams back more than he actually contributes. He will never be in the same class as Montana, Elway, Manning Namath, Unitas, or even Marino.

  111. For al the real haters there is nothing that THE greatest QB of all time could have done to “walk out on top”. There would always be something that the haters would use to belittle Favre. He could have won the SB and thrown for 600 yds doing it and the haters would have complained that he threw an interception…………you haters are a joke! Give the man, the legend, Brett Favre his due props!

  112. Please stop talking about how many super bowls Favre has!!! Talking about super bowls hurts peoples’ feelings on PFT.
    A Steelers fan

  113. StevePhillipsLikesFat/UglyChicks says:
    January 25, 2010 1:15 PM
    What a fitting end for this Drama Queen. Hopefully during your retirement, you get the “Clap” from your tractor seat
    He will if YOU have been riding it before he get on.

  114. To all the Florio haters…stop reading this site. I personally enjoy the site and commentary and cannot understand why people feel they need to consistently bash Florio for making opinions on news. I have a suggestion for all of you, please stop reading the rumor mill and go to another website with your comments.

  115. The Vikings were in a position to win the game- period. But then, the sheer stupidity of not realizing there were 12 people in the huddle (isn’t the QB responsible for taking a lightning fast headcount when they gather for the huddle?)- and then, after being backed out of sure-fire field goal range, Brett throws an INT to guarantee a loss…
    This is NOT “going out on top”, period. When you lose because you were down by 2 TDs and had no chance, it’s one thing- but to lose because of two total BONEHEAD mental mistakes *in a row* is “going out with a pathetic, choking whimper”, not going out “on top”.
    Guess it’s karma for stringing everyone along for months and acting like a diva in the offseason.

  116. I’m no Favre fan, but this is a bit strong. He really played well this year, and I’d peg the loss yesterday more on the coaches than Favre. That was a terrible pick, but that guy wasn’t going to hit a field goal from there anyway. Maybe he should have run, but the coaches put him in a bad position. That’s when mistakes are made. For instance, what was up with that funky formation at the goal line where Favre and Peterson botched the handoff?

  117. I’ve seen some bitter posts before from Florio, but he is sure taking the Vikings loss hard. In just the past few days, Florio was glowingly writing about how tremendous a season Favre was having, “his best ever,” but it all comes crashing down because he threw an INT at an inopportune time.
    Vikings choke once again!

  118. “Blame Favre? Nah, Blame the Refs
    The final point is one that no unbiased fan can ignore.
    For the entire game, Favre received countless hits, many deemed “late”, and only received two official “late hit” penalties in his favor. This might have been the biggest joke of the entire game.
    For a league that has emphasized protecting the quarterback in recent years, especially since Tom Brady was knocked out of the season by a low hit in 2007, it was absolutely disgusting how many free shots the Saints were allowed to get on Favre.
    The low hit to the knees was the most disturbing one, while there were several others that went ignored. In fact, there was even a play when Favre was sacked, but then picked up and driven into the ground.
    The Saints were penalized for that play, but analyst Troy Aikman, a former quarterback, complained that it was a bad call, while fellow analyst Joe Buck disagreed, wisely stating that it was a blatant late hit.
    But that was before Favre’s fateful throw.
    The came overtime, where the Saints “marched” down the field, but were truly given three first downs on three separate occasions.
    The three plays in question are a first down given on a “pass interference play,” where Ben Leber was covering David Thomas.
    The ball was thrown out of reach, above and past Thomas, making it a controversial call, as the pass was arguably unreachable.
    But more than that, it was a blatant “phantom foul”, as Leber hardly ever touched Thomas, and it was clear on tape that Thomas merely tripped as he jumped for a ball that was clearly out of his reach.
    That call gave New Orleans all the momentum and yardage it really needed to claim the game.
    There were also two first down plays, one on fourth down, and another that, had it not been completed, would have resulted in a long third down for the Saints.
    The first was the past to Robert Meachem, who came down with the ball, juggling it on his way to the ground, and then only held possession of the ball after he hit the ground, with the ball slightly bouncing off the turf and into his hands.
    The booth reviewed this play, and despite two of three angles clearly showing that it was not a clear-cut reception, they called it a catch.
    On 4th-and-“inches” (another nice spotted ball for the Saints), New Orleans had Pierre Thomas jump over the top of the pile to get the first down.
    However, a review clearly showed Chad Greenway’s helmet hit the ball out of Thomas’s hands, sending the ball and Thomas backward, at least a half of a yard shot of the first down.
    The call? First down, Saints.
    There was yet another call, where Saints quarterback Drew Brees ran a quarterback sneak on fourth down, which was again converted, although the line pushed Brees back, and the ball was clearly in his mid-section, and not extended past the first down marker.
    Those four missed calls, three of them reviewed and still not overturned, are what truly lost the Vikings this game, and ultimately gave the Saints their first Super Bowl berth in franchise history.”

  119. If any of you dipwads dissing Bret Favre on here had done half as much with your abilities as he has, then maybe you would have room to talk. I am a devout Saints fan and I have the utmost respect for Brett.

  120. I hate Favre, and I was extremely pleased to see the Vikings lose because they in fact got Favre’d, but even I know Florio is being a POS gossip-monger.

  121. Pery this blaming the refs thing – wasn’t that what you were bashing Packers fans about calling us crybabies after the Cards game? You are such a hypocrite – just ridiculous.

  122. It’s long past time that we stop calling Favre “one of the best ever.” Favre was great when he was paired with Holmgren. Since then, he’s been a trainwreck, often throwing more interceptions in a given season than he did touchdowns. Good quarterbacks have great numbers. Favre is a good quarterback. Great quarterbacks win championships. Last I checked, Brett has 9 bare fingers. Sayonara, Bretty.

  123. Pervy continues to be the biggest hypocrite on the planet, after railing on Packer fans for ‘whining about calls’, then he spends his entire Monday coming up with his opinion-filled ‘facts’ on blown calls that cost the Purple Peter Eaters the game. Karma. SKOL.

  124. Balls on the ground. Balls on the ground. You can’t score touchdowns with your balls on the ground!!!!

  125. MaybeNext Year…..you are making Florio look bad by posting comments that are far better than his original article. It is getting painfully obvious that Florio is really not much of an NFL fan….

  126. Pervy Harvin says:
    January 25, 2010 3:17 PM
    “Blame Favre? Nah, Blame the Refs
    Are you kidding me? You are actually going to go in that direction? You are more pitiful than I had imagined. The “late hit” that rang Favre’s bell, thge penalty for which led to the second Viking score, never should have been called. It was the most devestating hit of the evening and a damn good one. Favre handed off and stood in the path of the pursuer in a weak attempt to “block.” He got pasted and never should have gotten the call. The St. Brett Syndrome. It sounds like it is going to be a long off-season for you Pervy-boy. The “real” Favre may not have shown up during the regular season and I have to admit that it puzzled me. But he came back just in time, cementing the correct and commendable decision that Ted Thompson made to move on without him. Now, I am convinced more than ever that the Packers will win another SuperBowl with Rodgers before the Vikinmgs vever get another look. That’s what “all-in” gets you….all or nothing. Enjoy your nothingness. WAIT WAIT WAIT. I completely forgot about the two wins over the Packers…and to that I say…..”Good For You!” Do you like apples Pervy? How do you like them apples?

  127. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The media goes nuts trying to twist a story or comment their own way. Brett Favre did not lose that game. He, along with the defense kept the Vikings in the game up until that fateful interception. There were two fumbles by other players in the redzone, that had they not fumbled maybe the team could have scored and not have put him in that position in the first place. Brett Farve gave everything he had and more in that game to try and will the Vikings to victory in spite of the fact that he was taking a brutal beating. Everytime he looked to someone for help on the offense they would fumble anopther opportunity away. By the time he threw that interception he probably felt he had to force something to happen. The VIKINGS lost that game. NOT Brett Favre.

  128. # i’m president charlie! says:
    January 25, 2010 3:09 PM
    Please stop talking about how many super bowls Favre has!!! Talking about super bowls hurts peoples’ feelings on PFT.
    A Steelers fan
    Nah… just the ones where the victory was helped by either referees or steroids.
    It’s weird- I can’t think of anyone I know who has a problem with all those Patriots or 49ers or Cowboys SB victories in the 80s, 90s, and 00s, but it seems like there’s a million folks who see most of the Steelers’ SB victories as having an asterisk next to them.
    But I digress…. Brett Favre blew it and is *not* going out on top 🙂

  129. From 4 Follower
    Florio: After the effort that Brett Favre showed us all last night and the interest he has consistently stirred up for your business you were truly a jerk to take this line of approach in your article. Brett Favre at 40 having the best season of his life (including his own Superbowl year) has made this season more enjoyable for a lot of fans. For all of those Favre haters who spew out their venom in these blogs, think how many fans he has out there. If not fans of his at least football fans who simply enjoy watching him play.
    Why else do all the games he’s involved in set viewership records.
    The Vikings did not lose last night because of Favre. They lost because the Saints did a better job of protecting their QB than the Vikings. The few times that Brees was touched he didn’t like it one bit!. Meanwhile Favre was being mauled again and again.
    That is the only thing that the Saints did better.
    Look at the statistics. The Vikings overwhelmingly outplayed the Saints in every category but fumbles and hits on the QB.
    I’d like to see how smoothly Peyton would continue to perform if he ever underwent the mauling that Favre took.

  130. If “The Anointed One,” Brett Favre says he is going out on top, who am am I, “a dipwad” in the eyes of oldsaintsfan to question him.
    In this “Outcome Based Education” society which rewards students for trying when they think 2 + 2 = 5, because to tell them they are wrong is destructive to their fragile psyche, it is really no wonder the media continues to worship at the alter of the “Anointed One,”Brett Favre.
    Makes me real proud to be an American.

  131. @ pervy
    All of your arguments are fine and dandy if they were right. All of the replays were questionable, I’ll give you that, but the rule is it has to be clear and none of them were. So as a result they couldnt overrule the call. I actually agree that they were questionable but it wasnt clear proof. They lost the game because they didnt win it. Had they just pulled it off in the 4th quarter they wouldnt have had OT. Another theory I have is if the NFL really was trying to sway it one way or the other, it would have went towards Favre. They could have had a media field day with that one.

  132. Favre will be a first ballot HOF’er.
    BS artist Florio couldn’t even make it as a lawyer.
    Which one went out on top?

  133. The use of the going out on top phrase without winning it all shows first off that winning it all was not the most important thing to him. Individual achievements matter more. So if you want to salute a guy for going out on top because of his career accomplishments have at it.
    Meanwhile, others will see pretty clearly that no matter how impressive all his records are, to focus on those as the reason to claim to be going out on top, in the immediate shadow of your TEAM losing a game that means they did NOT go out on top, is proof that the man is a selfish prima-dona.

  134. My guess is he’ll be back because he doesn’t want his (good) records that he “could care less about” broken too soon by Manning. In the meantime I suppose we can listen to the Favre worshippers cry that if the Vikings had just surrounded him with more talent, he would have won another ring – all by himself. Pervy, wow… I expected you to take the loss a little bit more like a man. More whining in your post than in all Packer posts combined after we lost to the Cards. Well, it’s a cold, cloudy, beautiful day where I am. Enjoy your seven month Favre Watch, mud ducks.

  135. Brett Favre is the most overrated QB in the history of the NFL BY FAR!
    He is NOT one of the greatest QB’s ever, he is simply the Sports Media’s favorite player of all time. That’s it.
    I’ve never seen the sports media have such a giant hard on for a guy ever.
    I thought Rich Eisen was going to weep yesterday while masturbating over Favre.

  136. Mike, I don’t agree on this AT ALL.
    In college ball, the second you slip out of contention for the championship, it’s over. I could care less about a bowl game. A meaningless consolation prize. The SEC Championship has meaning. But this year, winning the SEC was a step toward winning the NC. If we’d lost the NC, I’d still be proud of the SEC win. But for most teams, college football has ONE prize only.
    Pro football has several. It means something to me to win the division, to make the playoffs as a wildcard, certainly to win the conference. Yes, the Super Bowl is the ultimate get. But it’s not the only thing that matters. And that’s coming from a fan of the only team with six Lombardis.
    The Vikes would never have gotten as far as they did without Favre. They won their division, swept their arch rivals, and made it to overtime in the conference championship. He wouldn’t have been in a position to throw an INT if not for the bonehead 12-men-on-the-field incident, which wasn’t his fault. He took a beating last night that would have leveled QBs half his age but kept going. His numbers this season were among the best of a 19-year career. He kept us all watching, drew the biggest regular-season audiences in NFL history. And if he leaves, he goes with most of the QB records plus a Lombardi in that back pocket.
    If that’s not going out a champ, what is?
    Brett, stay. I hope my Steelers come roaring back to win it all next year. But it won’t be as much fun watching football without you.

  137. Brett’s last 5 trips to the playoffs:
    2010 – Throws pick w/ 15 sec. left vs Saints
    2008 – Throws bad pick in OT vs. Giants at home to lose shot at SB
    2005 – 4 INT in loss at home to Vikings
    2004 – floater INT to lose to Eagles
    2003 – 2 INTs vs Falcons for 1st playoff loss in GB history
    2002 – 6 INTs to single-handedly lose to Rams
    These of the stats of the greatest QB ever? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    You guys are just buying into the media hype.
    The Media jerks off to Favre. Apparently some fans do to.
    He’s an all time CHOKER!
    Awwww poor Brett!!!! Did they hit you too hard?
    Poor baby!

  138. Oh Bunny Hop …
    Not everyone has a problem. Only little green rabbits like you. Steroids were legal in the 70s and players from all the teams used them. That’s what’s called an even playing field. The interesting thing isn’t that a couple of our guys did. It’s that most of them didn’t. And where have you been? In the last decade, every successful team has been accused of having help from the refs. We now live in a whaa whaa world. If you guys ever find success, you’ll experience the same incessant whining we get. Just ask the Gators.

  139. The last three years of his career has been “failure”. A 38 year old leads the Pack to the NFC title game and a 40 year old leads the Vikes to the NFC title game. Are you clueless. I know you play to win the game but has any other QB led his team to two of the past three conference title games, much less with two different teams? He had the best year of his career when you look at TDs to Ints. Just becasue a douche bag lawyer doesn’t think Favre went out on top does not make it so. If Manning can throw 39 TDs and 9 Ints as a 40 year old and only lose the conference title because the NFL leaves the outcome of a game up to a coin toss and then makes three bad calls does not take away from what Favre did this year. All you haters that predicted doom and gloom for the team and the locker room should have you pundit cards revoked.

  140. Man…..tops, bottoms, pitchers, catchers, divas and queens, I was going to leave a comment about ol’ Brett and last night’s game, but this is obviously a gay dating site.

  141. He’ll have a hard time repeating this year again. He did prove he can still play, and he proved he can take a hit, but he will never go out as a Super Bowl MVP, the odds are too tough.

  142. His choice was to hang around, now he can live with that decision and whatever else is in his head. He has to make his own peace. Personally, I will remember him for all of his records, his longevity, and his penchant for blowing the big ones!
    Do what you’re gonna do, think what you want to think, It matters not to anybody other than yourself.
    For your family’s sake, quit the game before you get killed or disabled.

  143. Hey Pervy – You continue to embarrass us. Let it go! Do you mean by get off Favre’s nuts that it will be less pressure on your tongue! Keep trying to convince yourself that you have a football IQ. At least you are the only one that believes it. You are the biggest embarrassment to the purple & gold. As Favre is one of the best ever, that is true, but the sunset is there and maybe it’s time to walk into it. And not just until training camp is over again!

  144. Man, if Favre’s last 3 years were “failures” then Donovan McNabb has been the biggest failure of a qb the league has ever seen……4 championship losses and a superbowl loss.

  145. Vikes-N Farve
    Don’t be so bitter dude. Seems to me I remember a bunch of Vikes fans telling Packer fans after the Cards game that they shouldn’t be blaming the refs. Shoulda put the game away. That boat rows both ways bud.
    And as someone said earlier where is Fan_of_four. Last night must have been pretty hard for her although the loss really wasn’t his fault, by no means was it his fault. He was his usual warrior self, except for that last play.
    Where’s BigSkye. Sorry dude, this wasn’t your year after all.
    Bottom line the last pass Favre threw for each of his last three teams was a pick. Two of them were heart breaking passes that kept each team from the SB. That being said, Favre is the best thing to happen to the NFL in a long time. I’ve enjoyed watching him play and no one can say he has not had a storied career.
    Personally, I hope he’s done but I will say that there will be a void on Sunday’s knowing he’s not QB’ing somewhere. Thanks Brett, for what you did @ GB @ for the NFL. The last two years have been tough but you are one of a kind when it comes to football players. Glad I got to see it.

  146. A few things about all of these posts……
    On any “best qb list” Kurt Warner is ahead of Brett now……
    Who ever put an asterisk next to a Steelers’ Super Bowl win? (I’m a Cowboys fan and not even I would say that —— in fact, you could almost put one next to SBXXX for O’Donnell)……
    You go out on top with a victory. Throwing an INT when your team has a chance to win isn’t going out on top. Elway, Bettis and Strahan (ugh!) went out “On Top”…..
    And, finally……Favre is not even in the top 10 when it comes to best QBs of all time. How can you be the best of all time when you also own the most INTs in the regular season and playoffs?
    Best of all time? Anyone who thinks that needs to re-examine what it takes to be called the “Best”…….
    He certainly falls behind (in no order)….Montana, Unitas, Staubach, Warner, Brady, Peyton, Graham, Starr, Bradshaw, Elway and even Marino.

  147. tpm58- Who the hell are you ?? A Viking fan? Could have fooled me! You are never on here to support or defend your supposed team. You lil bitch are a joke of a Viking fan,the bandwagon type they talk about. Go play on a firing range!
    LMAO- Now that I baited all of you with possible ref calls,(like BeerCheeseSoup always does) that was only a hint of the problems. Turnovers were it. Plain and simple. Do you pseudo intellects know that that was a playoff record? The yardage difference between the loser and winner.Where loser dominated yards.We dominated,we turned over,we lost.Simple as that. The 12 man penalty lost the game. Thankyou Chilly for that!

  148. to favre, a definition: repeatedly throw a game away at the end in vain effort to re-achieve past lost glory

  149. speaking of repeated choking… a lot of people think it all started with mcnabb!
    anyone remember dallas from 1978-1985? and how the rams owned them?
    danny white got a lot of the blame but roger the dodger gave one game away and jackie smith still is reviled…
    and then there was dallas from 1966-1970.

  150. To all the Viking fans talking big time trash all season, this is what you call Karma. Favre had his Superbowl when he played the Packers, so what, two regular season wins and to what end? No Superbowl, no glory, throw your two existing QB’s under the bus, extend the contract of one of the dumbest Son of bitches in all the pro football coaching ranks and cement your franchise in the history of the NFL as the biggest chokers.
    Gotta love it, now complain about the refs all off season.

  151. Krashie2010 says:
    January 25, 2010 5:15 PM
    Who ever put an asterisk next to a Steelers’ Super Bowl win? (I’m a Cowboys fan and not even I would say that —— in fact, you could almost put one next to SBXXX for O’Donnell)……
    You are a football fan of uncommon intelligence and logic, a rational thinker who doesn’t let personal biases cloud your judgment.
    How on earth did you get in here?

  152. Pervy……..
    You need to stop looking to Florio, Rich Eisen and Peter King as the guiding lights in your life.
    There’s no doubt that Mr. Noodle’s CFL moment hurt, but it was the overrated poster-boy for Vicodin that cost you the game with yet another stupid INT when it mattered most (See: Brett’s last 6 trips to the post-season).
    Along with the Karma of running up the score against Dallas and the post-season history of the Vi-Queens, which has all but doomed any chance of Minny ever seeing a championship.
    Maybe after the move to L.A.?????
    20-hours later and I’m still smiling and laughing at the Vi-Queens…….

  153. #1 Career Wins
    #1 Career Completions
    #1 Career Touchdown Passes
    #1 Career Passing Yard
    I think that’s what he means by going out on top.

  154. snh7997 said:
    #1 Career Wins
    #1 Career Completions
    #1 Career Touchdown Passes
    #1 Career Passing Yard
    You also forgot…….
    #1 Career INTs in the regular season
    #1 Career INTs in the playoffs
    Most of the records you cite are due to his longevity and the fact he’s been in the West Coast Offense his entire career.
    The INTs are why he’s NOT going out on top.
    It’s over. His legacy is tarnished forever.
    No matter what Florio, Peter King and Rich Eisen say, or write……..Favre’s legacy will always be of a guy who couldn’t get it done when it counted.

  155. hotchick says:
    January 25, 2010 3:52 PM
    The use of the going out on top phrase without winning it all shows first off that winning it all was not the most important thing to him. Individual achievements matter more. So if you want to salute a guy for going out on top because of his career accomplishments have at it.
    Meanwhile, others will see pretty clearly that no matter how impressive all his records are, to focus on those as the reason to claim to be going out on top, in the immediate shadow of your TEAM losing a game that means they did NOT go out on top, is proof that the man is a selfish prima-dona.
    Very insightful. I watched it live and he was definately focusing on himself. But to be fair, he was responding to a question about coming back, which somewhat framed his response. A lot of guys would have blown the retirement questions off after losing such a huge game, and Brett always runs off at the mouth when the mic is on. (I can only imagine what a drag it would be to have him show up at a karaoke bar. No one else would get a song in edgewise.) Bottom line is with Brett, it’s always about Brett.
    @tpm58; Pervy is our little red headed stepchild and we like him the way he is. He’s like a boundary marker. Please don’t run him off.

  156. Deb…….
    I got in here because of all of the preposterous fawning over Brett Favre. Is/was he a great quarterback? Yes. Best ever? No.
    And people need to be realistic about his legacy.
    I just found it silly to think anyone could put an asterisk next to a Steelers win.
    How is that even possible based on the talent that team had/has? From trophies 1 thru 6, Pittsburgh is the flagship franchise of the entire league.
    As a Cowboys fan, my team may be “America’s Team”……but the Steelers, more so than any other franchise, represent what makes the NFL great.

  157. bluestree- LMAO Nice try rabbit nuts,but red headed step kids are known for getting beat on. We all know who hands out the beat downs on PFT! That is me, feel blessed that you were out of my line of fire this season! You just never said much worth arguing about! LOL try harder next year eh? That is if I’m still alive.Handing the Saints the title gave me a devestating drinking problem.

  158. Who’s the bald, tranny on ESPN that’s on Favre’s nuts? I recall he wasn’t that good of a wr. Now he knows everything. Typical media. Strap it up and see if you’d be perfect.

  159. Krashie2010 says: Along with the Karma of running up the score against Dallas and the post-season history of the Vi-Queens, which has all but doomed any chance of Minny ever seeing a championship.
    Lay off the weed homer, that points on Dallas Karma holds no water. Glad you are elated,sounds like you have a fascinating life living in mom’s garage! LOL LOL

  160. >#1 Career Wins
    >#1 Career Completions
    >#1 Career Touchdown Passes
    >#1 Career Passing Yard
    >I think that’s what he means by going out on top.
    You forgot “most consecutive starts.” Because each of the #1’s that you listed are Favre’s only because he’s been playing for so long. Here’s another that you forgot:
    #1 Career Interceptions

  161. @Krashie2010 …
    Must admit I’ve been fawning over Brett, too, because I think he’s gutsy and I like watching him play. But my heart and everything else belongs to the Steelers so you just vaulted to the top of my PFT hit parade 🙂
    If you happen to run into a Pack fan named Beer Cheese Soup, whose favorite pasttime is ranting about Steelers and asterisks, please give him hell.

  162. I would say he’s going out on top “Top of his game” Until this last game I don’t think he’s ever looked better. I think Peyton is the best QB and he has choked in alot of playoff games……Otherwise the Colts would have more than 1 recent superbowl…..

  163. Besides Bettis and Elway, Michael Strahan is another high profile Hall of Famer who also went out on top.
    As for Favre, he deserves one hell of a lot of credit. He galvanized that locker room and his ’09 performance was jaw-dropping for a player of any age. His heart was also off the charts. The guy STILL plays like a kid – and that is meant in a very positive way.
    It’s a damned shame his last throw had to go down like it did – but mad respect for Favre for what he brought to the fight. Not even a Vikes fan — but one has to acknowledge and give credit where due. In this instance, Favre deserves a shitload of credit — very stellar performance on balance over the course of the 2009 season.

  164. Florio try doing this at age 40 and then see who is on top, i have been on this site for a while but that was the worst vindictive piece of assesement you have had well if you take out your personal grudge against Mike Vick. Favre is indeed a baller, Not a big fan of his but appreciate greatness.

  165. Florio try doing this at age 40 and then see who is on top, i have been on this site for a while but that was the worst vindictive piece of assesement you have had well if you take out your personal grudge against Mike Vick. Favre is indeed a baller, Not a big fan of his but appreciate greatness.

  166. As a Bears fan I’ve never quite understood the hatred of Favre. Sure he has a huge ego, but most superstar athletes do. He left Green Bay under less than ideal circumstances but he won a Super Bowl and the Packers are still a contender without him.
    Favre got the living hell beat out of him in the NFC Championship game but he was still slinging it at the end, trying to make a play. It’s not his fault that Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson couldn’t hold on to the ball or that Brad Childress sent too many men onto the field at the most crucial moment of the game. If Favre runs an extra 5 yards and Ryan Longwell hooks a 46 yard field goal setting up overtime would Favre be going out as a failure ? I don’t think so. He’s one of the top 4 or 5 QBs of all time he doesn’t have a thing to prove. At 40 years old I’d take him over any one of the parade of clowns at QB that I’ve witnessed over the past 15 years in Chicago

  167. To his adoring fans the interceptions and other mental lapses that always end his season are worth it because of the excitement level. They get addicted to the thrill. He did play at a very high level, but it came to nothing once again. The odds of him doing it again next year at age 41 are slim. He should walk away while he can do it without crutches.

  168. BigEasy33 says:
    January 25, 2010 1:48 PM
    C’mon Florio where’s the clips from the Dome with Brett doing “Pants on the Ground”….that shit isn’t so funny now….cause he probably can’t even dress himself after getting DESTROYED yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes he was destroyed…by all of those cheap late hits by the Saints. Classy! Kind of always liked the Saints, but that display made me lose a lot of respect for them. Still want them to beat Indy & the Forhead though.
    Ambrose –
    Seriously man, has anyone explained the game of football to you? If the type of hit McCrary put on Favre happened 100 times it would be flagged 100 times. Favre made no effort or motion to block on the play. Favre was not in the path between McCrary and the ball carrier (Harvin). McCrary took three steps before hitting Favre who clearly didn’t have the ball. Pull your head out and actually watch what happens in a game.
    Oh, and how’s that team of yours winning all those championships when both OTs, both CBs, a WR & a LB (all key contributers, not to mention LT & CB being 3 of the 5 most important positions on the field) well on the wrong side of 30 and most with a history of injuries?

  169. The media and replay officials declared the Saints winners after the Saints kicked a 40 yd field goal in suden death overtime. We actually thought the Saints won, when it was over. However the next day, we replayed the entire game and saw clearly that the Vikings actually outplayed the Saints and won this game. We noted that the replay judges blatantly lied in favor of the Saints…twice. The commentator’s obviously favored the Saints and assisted the lying replay judges. If you taped the game and replay the questioned calls…the false reception is clearly a fumble picked up off the turf. Then, earlier, the ball clearly came loose and was called a completion. If you watch the replay of this game you’ll see that the Saint’s win is a result of replay judge lies….and that these lies denied Favre and the Vike’s their true destiny. The Saint’s are a pathetic team…to be so proud of the way replay officials had to lie for them to get them to the Super Bowl. As far as I’m concerned lying doesn’t make the Saints winners….the Viking’s won this one, and I give them credit for their win. Ink

  170. I totally agree with what “inkpahduhtah” says. Those Refs “threw” that game Sunday so that the Saints could win!! Favre will go out on top no matter what anyone says! Favre got the Hell beat out of him (unethically and unfairly) and none of the Refs called any fouls against the Saints…those were all “Late hits” that should have been called. It’s too bad the Refs had to throw the game for the Saints. The reason the Vikes kept “dropping” the ball was because they were getting so emotional about the way the Refs were “throwing” the game for the Saints. Football is an emotional game as well as a physical game. The Saints didn’t win that game, the Vikes did!! And I don’t care what you say about Brett Favre, HE WILL GO OUT ON TOP, JUST LIKE HE SAID HE WILL!!!!

  171. Ink whatever and FancyNanc, you have got to be kidding. What color is the sky in your world. Wait, I know – purple. Saints were penalized 56 more yards than the Vikes. Weird way to “give” them the game. You know what? The Vikes probably were the better team. You know what else? The better team doesn’t always win. You lost three fumbles. You threw two interceptions. You had twelve men in an offensive huddle AFTER YOUR OWN TIME OUT! You lost, and you have no reason or grounds for crying about it. We now return you to your twilight zone…

  172. heck i thought the officials were trying to help out favray and the purples. they wanted him to win to help solidify his reputation, but the last image will be his school yard interception. ha ha no hero here just a yo-yo jerking around.

  173. Most debates about football, such as the current discussion around Brett Favre, involve a lot of unsubstantiated opinions and emotions. Personally, I prefer the scientific method where a hypothesis is developed and then tested against the facts. For example:
    Hypothesis: Brett Favre is a dumb quarterback
    Fact #1:
    He can’t spell his own name. Clearly when Brett filled out his initial
    NFL players union card he accidentally swapped the “v” and the “r” in
    his name. And we all know what a pain it is to have something like this
    changed with the union administration. Having his name spelled as if it
    were pronounced FAVOR has been a constant source of embarrassment for him and his family over the last two decades.
    Fact #2
    He is from the South. Science has proven that the intelligence of people
    from the South is somewhere between a crocodile and a fruit bat. ‘Nuff
    Fact #3
    He won’t stop playing quarterback. In order to ensure his legacy in
    football, Brett’s approach is to never stop playing. So in 200 years
    when people debate the greatest quarterback of all time, they can
    actually watch Brett play and judge for themselves. The flaw in his
    logic is that there is a clause in the players union contract that
    states, and I quote, “gunslingers over 150 years old are ineligible for health benefits.” Too bad.
    Fact #4
    He is directionally challenged. Brett recently stated that he was on
    top. But clearly it was the New Orleans defensive line that was on
    top…of him…making him on bottom. Oh, and there are also two other
    guys on top named Payton and Drew making Brett almost on top.
    Fact #5
    On likely his last play (assuming he does finally stop playing
    quarterback), he be dumb. When faced with the options of 1) limping
    along for another 4-5 yards and then trying a 50 yard field goal 2)
    throwing the ball to the WIDE OPEN Bernard Berrian and then trying a 45 yard field goal, and 3) closing his eyes and hurling the ball to the
    center of the field and praying….he chose option 3. That be dumb. Case

  174. @JoeBobRayFrank …
    Most debates involve a lot of unsubstantiated opinions and emotions. I prefer the scientific method where a hypothesis is developed then tested against the facts. For example:
    Hypothesis: JoeBobRayFrank is an idiot.
    Fact #1: He can’t decide on his own name. Clearly when asked to choose a user name, he was overwhelmed, so he just typed all the names he could think of.
    Fact #2: He is not from the South. Science has proven that the intelligence of people
    not from the South is somewhere between that of a lobster and a fruit fly. And they have no manners at all. Their knuckles still drag the ground. Why, it’s amazing how good Southern boys like Brett Favre and Peyton (JoeBobRayFrank can’t spell either) Manning tolerate living among them during the season. Fortunately Southern quarterback Dree Brees gets to live in New Orleans.
    Wow. Three of the four quarterbacks in the championship games were Southerners.
    Guess boys from the other regions are too dumb to play QB.
    At least that’s what I’d think if I were given to idiotic stereotypes like JoeBobRayFrank. But since I’m not an idiot, I realize there are a lot of nice, smart, well-mannered, non-knuckle-dragging people out there from other areas.
    But JoeBobRayFrank isn’t one of them.

  175. He’s not going out on Top because his terrible interception ultimately cost the Vikings a shot at the Super Bowl.
    Let’s say he doesn’t throw that pass and Longwell misses the field goal and the Saint’s win in OT. I could see a point being made that at 40 he had statistically one of his best seasons and he lead his team to an overtime away from a Super Bowl, that can be considered going out on top….kinda. But instead he had a great season statistically(nothing new there), he toughed it through a physical ass kicking(nothing new there) only to make a terrible choice and do what HE ALWAYS DOES and that is lose it with an awful pick(nothing new there).
    That small yet extremely significant detail changes everything!

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