NFL might have to replace a few Vikings, too

Not long after the last piece of confetti fell following the conclusion of Sunday night’s NFC title game, Jerry Greene of’s Page 2 raised a great point regarding two of the Pro Bowlers from the losing team.

Will Vikings quarterback Brett Favre and running back Adrian Peterson show up for the Pro Bowl?

We think the question should be extended to the other eight Vikings players as well.

After the physically and emotionally draining experience in New Orleans, it’s highly unlikely that any of them will want to get back on the horse so quickly with a flight from Minnesota to Miami for Pro Bowl practices and, ultimately, one more game.

Favre’s ankle is obviously messed up, so he won’t be playing.  As a result, the NFC team will have to replace both Favre and Saints quarterback Drew Brees.  (Get ready for the phone to ring, Jason Campbell.)

Guard Steve Hutchinson was missing at one point during the second half, which likely means he is injured.  Which likely means he won’t be going, either.

Defensive tackle Kevin Williams was questionable for Sunday’s game with a knee injury.  So look for him to take a pass, too.

Cornerback Antoine Winfield, who has a lingering foot problem, was off the field at times on Sunday.  So he probably won’t be there, either.

Thus, with six Saints now out of the mix, look for multiple Vikings to not show up, either.

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  1. This is why the term pro bowl player is a joke. “Oh so and so is a pro bowl player” Of course he is, because the 5-10 guys in front of him, bowed out of the game. “So and so made 5 pro bowls” It’s a big freaking joke. Time to get rid of the pro bowl.

  2. I’ll bet the NFL will scrap this plan really soon with so many players already backing out. The game certainly has lost its luster. In theory, it’s a good plan. But in reality, it just didn’t work because of all the players begging out for injury. Too many players who had average seasons at best will be out there..
    On another note, I was kind of hoping the Bengals would have made the Super Bowl because you just know that Chad Ocho Cinco would be the only player who would try to play in the Pro Bowl AND the Super Bowl. Gotta like the guy.

  3. Players should be awarded as “Pro-Bowlers” as a type of honor for individual achievement. But, they should scrap playing the game. It’s a waste of time and most people don’t give a darn about it anyway.

  4. Moan and complain all you want, but if you dont give a crap about the game, and dont watch, why do you care who does and does not play?
    Football on 01/31/2010 or 02/14/2010 or 05/16/2010 is all the same to me. No NFL games are played.

  5. Seriously, just scrap playing the actual game and send the players selected a game check and a nice rosewood plaque with their name on it next to the caption “PRO BOWLER”. Oh, and a nice fruit basket and a membership in the Jelly of the Month Club too.

  6. I have to agree with those who say drop the game. I thoroughly enjoy watching football, but the Pro Bowl isn’t, especially in this format.

  7. “Roboto says: January 25, 2010 8:19 AM
    Enjoy the Pro-B0wl, God’s Own….it should be a barn burner.
    You are a screwhead.”
    Awwww Roboto, which team made you cry? C’mon, give – did you long to see Your Hero in one more final meaningless game this year before the real game the week after? That’s the “barn burner” I’ll be watching.
    It’s almost time for school – better get your lunch and books and get moving because the bus is coming. (It’s yellow and short so you can’t miss it.)

  8. Who would want to show up after losing the NFC Championship. Pro Bowl is getting worse than the All Star Game. Dont they realize that this game is really unplayable due to the nature of football?

  9. Roboto, they already do.
    It’s called being All Pro.
    You want a good time to play the Pro Bowl?
    Play it Draft Week.
    1.It’s 3 months after the season so players are healed.
    2. It’s 3 months before training camp so any injuries have time to heal before then.
    3. It’s right about the time I am DYING!!!!! for some football. I will watch ANYTHING.
    Problem solved.

  10. I always thought the Pro Bowl was just the NFL’s reason to send deserving player’s and their supporting familys on a tropical mini vacation for some rest and relaxation . The best reward was not playing in the game ,but the locale. I guess the economy has caused the change but I am sure the players think it sucks.

  11. Not that anyone watches the Pro Bowl anyway, but having it the week in between the Conference games and the SB is just stupid.
    You always have alternates coming in, but to have so many makes it ludicrous. I mean, seriously Florio, Jason Campbell?

  12. Pro Bowl should be played the week before the NFL Draft. The players would show up and it would be watched.
    This new format assures it of being the Flop Bowl.

  13. Pro Bowl needs to be played in Hawaii two weeks after the Super Bowl. The reason the majority of the players show up is they treat it like a vacation and bring their families with them. What a bonehead idea it is to play it before the Super Bowl.

  14. Hah, say what you will about the quality of the game, but it will have the highest rating of any Pro Bowl played.
    NFL fans will turn it on just because they want to see football, like they have every other week since Labor Day. The Pro Bowl ratings were so bad it wasn’t even shown on network tv anymore.

  15. Enjoy the Pro Bowl Viqueens…..and Who F’n Dat to all of the trash talking dumbasses and to the true legit fans of the Vikings..good game!!

  16. There is no way Brett Favre plays in this game. Not even considering his ankle injury, he hasn’t played in a Pro Bowl for 14 years. In that time, he made six Pro Bowls and skipped them all.
    Although Favre definitely boosted Fox’s ratings by doing the whole Pants on the Ground thing, I can’t see him doing the same thing for ESPN by retiring, then saying the Pro Bowl would be his last game. Imagine the ratings that would get!

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