Pete Carroll starts looking for players

With the ink barely dry on his five-year contract, new Seahawks coach Pete Carroll already is rolling up his sleeves and tackling the task of improving an underachieving franchise only four years removed from a Super Bowl appearance.

According to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times, Carroll showed up in Mobile, Alabama Monday for the first day of Senior Bowl practices.

Great to get back into it,” Carroll said, per O’Neil.  “To get back here, and just
get in the mindset, and make sure that I take advantage of this

The Seahawks hold three of the top 40 picks in the draft, and Carroll and G.M. John Schneider sat together as players were measured and weighed, and as they practiced.

Later in the day, Carroll got a glimpse of his past — and possibly his future — when Alabama coach Nick Saban arrived to a hero’s welcome.  Saban parlayed a national championship at LSU into the head-coaching gig with the Dolphins, only to quit the NFL after two seasons and return to the college game.

Whether Carroll lasts longer than Saban remains to be seen.

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  1. i think carroll with some money and control could be like belicheck with the pats .bill wasn’t the best with browns….remember??????

  2. “Carroll and G.M. John Schneider sat together as players were measured and weighed.”
    Good to see them going to work right away to improve the Seattle Seahawks!

  3. In his last 3 NFC championship games Favre`s final pass was intercepted. In all 3 instances it directly led to his teams not winning. This is one of the huge reasons why the Packers let Favre go. He played poorly in the playoffs since 98. Not to mention the circus he made regarding his on again off again retirement. Remember, He retired from the Packers in march of 2007. Packers then give starting job to Aaron Rodgers. Packers also spend 2 draft picks on QB`s one was a 2nd rounder. Packers then begin to prepare offense around Rodgers. Then in late May 2007 Favre tells Packers he wants to play again. Packer personel make plans to fly to Mississippi to discuss the matter with Favre. The day before the Packer personel (Gm Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthey) were scheduled to fly Favre contacts them and tells them not come because he will remain retired. Ok Packers then reassure Rodgers he is now the starting QB and develop team around Rodgers. Then during camp Favre tells Packers he wants to play again. Packers have already moved on and were tired of this soap opera. Also keep in mind Rodgers was in a contract year and that there no way he was going to re-sign with Packers if they brought back Favre again. Also remember Favre had held the Packers hostage the 2 previous seasons with his retirements. The Packers had enough of it. Favre got to the point where he thought he was bigger then the Packers. In fact the year before when Asked what the team thought of him delaying preparations for the next season, Favre responded:
    “What are they going to do, cut me?”
    Favre is/was a great qb but it was time for him to go. Favre wanted to go to the Vikings. The Packers naturally didnt want him to go to a divisional rival. He was traded to the Jets. After that season he lied and told the Jets he was retiring. Of course he just told them that so they would release him. Then amazingly he comes out of retirement to sign with the Vikings.
    Most Packer fans have a bad taste in thier mouths regarding how Favre handled the situation. Yes, both sides could have handled it better but I think Favre deserves most of the blame.
    Packers now seem to have a very good QB in Rodgers for the next 10-12 years. Had the Packers brought Favre back Rodgers would be gone.

  4. Hmm.
    Let’s see…trading with Arizona, New Orleans, Tennessee, and perhaps NBC’s the Biggest Loser, or wherever Mike Williams ended up.
    He thought about the Bengals but like the Jets, knew he could get his old player easier from AZ.

  5. Pete Carroll will try to resurrect a USC pro football team. I would not doubt if they trade for Matt Leinart, draft Taylor Mays and pick up Reggie Bush in FA.

  6. i know people love to smash on college coaches and that the theme of the posts will probably be about how much of a failure Carroll will be but i for one believe he will not only live out his 5 year deal but be around for a while in Seattle because he was a pro coach in college and he nows the diffrence between dealing with young college kids and million dollar talent in the NFL. i think he will put in the hours needed to win and with a little luck could have the Seahawks back in the playoffs inside 3 years

  7. “Saban parlayed a national championship at LSU into the head-coaching gig with the Dolphins, only to quit the NFL after two seasons and return to the college game.”
    give credit where credit is due, Saban left the Dolphins in great position to make a run at being the first ever 0-16 team, to which they fell just one loss short.

  8. Well, Florio’s idea of a Superbowl appearance is a little different than how the rest of us see it.
    Here’s my advice for this NFC West powerhouse. Raid the Rams.
    Haha, Realistically. Draft the PAC-10. Seriously, look at the data. Just draft PAC-10 and you will get to the playoffs.

  9. As a Dolfan I really despise what Saban did, not as bad as Cam Cameron (dropping Welker due to some petty personal clash that obviously started in San Diego when they dropped him because they still had Tim Dwight), but I digress…I hope Carroll has a long tenure in the NFL this time around and that he doesn’t go running away when the going gets tough (and some college program waves a big contract in front of him).

  10. Carroll should make a call to Lendale White (RFA) and bring in his ol’ USC Bell Cow….now that the Titans have no need for his services anymore. Jevon Ringer can pick up the 3rd down duties in Tennesse. Thats why they drafted him in the first place.

  11. Seahawks are desperately in need of OL help. Glamour positions are great for selling shirts but if they don’t address their line, it doesn’t matter.
    If they can get to where they protect the QB and open consistent running lanes, they’re fine with their offensive skill positions.

  12. That’s what you’ve gotta love about PFT. Even in a post about Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, someone will find a way to post over 400 words about Brett Favre. Thanks Mountaindot.

  13. LOL Kevin from Philly. Nice work.
    If the Seahawks don’t win the Super Bowl in 2 years, Rick Neuheisel better watch his back.

  14. Florio, you write this like it’s some wild and crazy thing that he’s at the Senior Bowl. You horse’s ass. What’s he supposed to do, not go? Find something real to write about instead of these veiled shots at Seattle.
    “Doesn’t Florio have the best hair in journalism?”
    More like the worst vagina.

  15. Danny N – Holmgren did not attend Senior Bowl while with the Seahawks. That’s what Florio was alluding to.
    Not sure about Mora, but I didn’t see him there last year (and generally it’s pretty obvious where the teams are due to their general habit of wearing some type of team gear and carrying passes, staying in groups, etc). I saw the Seahawks staff, but didn’t see Mora with them.
    I agree with Florio. It’s a good thing that our coach and GM are both at the Senior Bowl. It was always frustrating to me that Holmgren didn’t show up to those, but just sent a few people. I’ve been to enough of the Senior Bowls and seen the tiny Seahawks contingent that generally looked like they weren’t even paying attention to the workouts and/or game. And then we wonder why we aren’t getting much out of the draft.

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