Pete Townshend spills the beans on The Who's set list

Last year, there was plenty of suspense regarding the songs that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band would play during halftime of Super Bowl XLIII.

This year, the musicians who’ll be performing apparently have decided that suspense and advanced age don’t mix very well.

Guitarist Pete Townshend has disclosed the set list to Billboard

The 12-minute performance will consist of a “compact medley” of five songs — Baba O’Riley, Pinball Wizard, Tommy, Who Are You, and Won’t Get Fooled Again.

In fairness to Townshend, it’s possible that he didn’t hear anyone say not to talk about the set list.

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  1. Maybe he also didn’t hear that you shouldn’t possess or get your jollies off of child porn. Where’s the outrage over this? NFL
    cracks down on all kinds of player behavior, ads, business parnters, but the freaking WHO is playing half time of the super bowl???

  2. surprised there’s no My Generation, but this seems to satisfy all Who fans…should be interesting what kind of medley they come up with

  3. I asked the wife if Florio would make the same joke if it was Stevie Wonder and would say maybe he didn’t see the memo about it being a secret. She said probably. She knows nothing about football but she knows plenty about smart-asses!

  4. No shock.
    Baba had to lead and Won’t Get Fooled Again was a natural closer.
    Im so glad the NFL figured out that cheesy pop stars are not nearly as good as stars that have lasted 3 or 4 decades. Everyone has a song they like by the Who, they may not even realize it. How many 50-80 year olds like Prince? How many sane people like NSync and Britney Spears???
    Im glad he told the setlist. That way I don’t sit there hoping they play a song and get pissed when they don’t.

  5. Townshend is partially deaf (because of his loud music playing). Of course he didn’t ‘hear’ that Florio

  6. I don’t think it matters – anyone thinking they wouldn’t play Baba, Who are You, and Won’t Get Fooled, when the game is on CBS – and the band’s two other most popular songs won’t be shocked. This is exactly what I expected.
    Are the halftimes getting longer and just the amount of time devoted to a performance is being cut?

  7. who cares. i don’t watch football for halftime. I go and spend that time dropping pounds in the bathroom.

  8. all the upset over the “wardrobe malfunction” and they bring a pervert out to do this years half time.
    Makes loads of sense.

  9. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just add two more CSI shows and then run a montage of the opening credits for all 5 shows?
    Then again I don’t know what’s worse – We won’t get fooled again, David Caruso, David Caruso taking off sunglasses, David Caruso committing crimes against puns while taking off sunglasses, or teenagers once again rushing the super bowl halftime stage to mindlessly worship a bunch of overaged grandpas.

  10. The Who
    Tom Petty
    Bruce Springsteen
    Roger Goodell is really in touch. Yeesh.
    Sorry gentlemen, but if I have to choose between Janet Jackson’s titty and Britney Spears’ lip-synching vs. a series of has-beens (not as severely with Bruce albeit) I’m going to go for the acts that make it move a little (hey look Florio, now I’m kissing your ass).
    But seriously… what does the NFL expect… a bunch of 50-70 year olds are going to *remember* how good those bands *used to be* or lecture their children and grandchildren how music used to be??? how many freakin’ times can we hear the same damn 4 songs from these geezers and PRETEND like it’s new again??? Get over yourselves.
    I think I’m watching that kitty super bowl crap or whatever it’s called this year.

  11. My favorite song by them is the Seeker, and I thought it would have been mildly appropriate for this.

  12. To ncm
    You do realize he was abused as a child and was doing research for his autobiography right? He was cleared. He was dealing with real life issues that affected him his whole life. While you can’t understand, clearly, things aren’t always what they seem or what you hear briefly in the news.
    How do people keep attacking something that the rest of us know wasn’t the case? Do some reading before you spout off about “outrage”.
    If you don’t like him for what you don’t have a clue about, turn the TV during Half Time. Meanwhile, the rest of us who know that judging someone based on hardly any facts is foolish.

  13. Aren’t there any other bands available?
    I can think of 250 that would be more relevant and interesting than the Who. But that’s just me and everyone born after 1961.

  14. It was great knowing The Boss performed last year and then saw the WORLD CHAMPION PITTSBURGH STEELERS destroy the Arizona Cardinals.
    Maybe, Timmy Tebow can come up on stage this year with The Who and play the part of Tommy.
    And, Florio? Beethoven was a deaf genius, too. So, don’t get cute.

  15. Townsend was cleared of all child porn charges… he was doing research…
    these guys are what.. 60 something… Rock on Dudes…

  16. ncm42 – Townsend was exonerated by the British Police, who later apologised to him.
    Abused as a child, Pete Townsend has battled more demons than most over the course of this life.
    Ignorance on your part is one more thing for him to fend off.
    Mind you, musically, that doesn’t alter the fact that the Who died a bit in 1978 (Moon) and completely in 2002 (Entwistle). Still, it will be a good show – anything is better than Springsteen.

  17. I guessed all of these except Pinball Wizard. Mainly because of the CSI programs, but Who’s Next was also a pretty big album.
    Finishing with Won’t Get Fooled Again and that patented scream is a no brainer. And probably a message to the Hip Hop community about their chances to do another halftime show.
    Who dat gonna beat dem Colts? Go Saints!

  18. Another halftime to leave the room or take a nap. Let me know when they get someone who isn’t at risk of falling over dead on the stage.

  19. The world is filled with idiots who only read the headlines and never bother to find out if anything is actually true.
    Where is the outrage over the lack of intelligence in the average American?

  20. To those who are “uninformed” about Townshend’s arrest, a few on here who ARE informed have done a
    good job in explaining what was behind it. I’m the biggest Who fan there is. I think they’re the Greatest
    Rock n Roll band of all time. Well, when they were in their prime I mean and the other half of the band was alive…thanks for putting the explanation out there for
    those who didn’t know about Townshend’s inner problems from his childhood. For those of you who don’t buy it, hell, look at the story of Tommy-what’s
    half of THAT about ? child abuse. He was like 22 when he wrote that. Something bad happened to that dude as a child, no doubt about it. But he’s gone on to live quite a life. I applaud him. He’s a God of Rock n Roll. They’re clearly at the end of their career. Nice to get to see them play still
    sometimes in some format.

  21. Frankly I was more excited when the Guess Who (or at least Randy and Burton) reunited for the Grey Cup a few years back.

  22. To all of you saying they should have gotten a more contemporary act – put down your Playstation controls, get a job that pays enough for you to buy Super Bowl tickets, and MAYBE the NFL will accomodate you. Whippersnappers.

  23. If you seriously give a sh!t about who the half time entertainment is for the Super Bowl you need to get out of your parents basement a little more often and live a bit.

  24. Wow – are you people all 12? Nevermind, I’ve seen some of the comments on this board over the years, and that question really seems to answer itself. Speaking as 24 year old, The Who is AMAZING. This isn’t a preference thing – you simply have no appreciation for music if you don’t like them. Unlike the disposable garbage you typically listen to – this music has stood the test of time, I’d love to see if people are still listening to Miley Cyrus in 10 years.
    I will actually be watching this halftime show – unlike the ones 10 years ago where they try to mash one hit wonders on the same stage from 70 different musical genres.

  25. Imagine that, a classic rock act playing their 5 most popular songs. Never would have guessed that!

  26. .VoxVeritas says:
    January 25, 2010 11:51 PM
    (wardrobe change)
    Poop (acoustic)
    More Turd
    Nothing says we’re the most popular sport among the younger generation like THE WHO at halftime of the Super Bowl!!!

  27. Maybe Michael Moore will jump up on stage Abbie Hoffman style during the set to taste the wrath of Townshend’s guitar…now that would be halftime entertainment.

  28. Maybe, George W. Bush could be tarred and feathered as half-time entertainment. I’m sure a few folks from the New Orleans area would love to get revenege on the guy that helped destroy their city because, quite frankly, he just didn’t care.

  29. I liked the Who and saw them in concert – 25 years ago. Vegas should post odds on the next Super Bowl halftime show which doesn’t feature a group fronted by an AARP member. Worst part will be the phony enthusiastic teenagers paid to get up close to the stage and pretend that they are excited to see these guys.

  30. “I’m sure a few folks from the New Orleans area would love to get revenege”
    I’m sure they would too, but go ahead and try to get them out of their FEMA trailers to do it.
    I’d like to see Iron Maiden on the Super Bowl halftime show. And Black Label Society.

  31. In the 50s I remember my mom and dad calling me into the room to look at the TV and them explaining how popular the Dorseys were.

  32. someone needs to go back to d&d in his (her?) momma’s basement.
    the who are still excellent. who by numbers wasnt that good, who are you was just fine, then downhill till some of the new album. but they have reinvented and rewritten several older songs. a devotee of goth/horror rock wouldnt get it.
    heard they would play ‘the seeker’. ‘tommy’ is a whole album (double album, actually).
    i am sure there will be no wardrobe changes or acoustic guitar. they arent the genesis of peter gabriel (never were) and townshend always plays pinball wizard electric live.

  33. I wonder if those who protest Pete Townsends involvement with the NFL production are aware of the NFL’s realationship with the forever ongoing child molesting catholic church, child molesting Pope Benedict- a Pope John Paul crony, and the direct involvement with the church supported child molesting activities?????????It is still going on and the devaite perverts( ie: bishops, cardinals, priests etc.) are still having sex with children- see Ireland 2009, 2 priests resigned Xmas day in protest to current church policy as the church condones sex with childrfen.

  34. First…Shame on all you guys who rush to judgement with half (or less) of the facts. Fortunately, our legal system is based on “innocent until proven guilty”. And he was cleared of all charges. read the other posts for the details of his childhood.
    Second…Yeah, there probably were some other bands available. I hear The Fools were ready to go. Maybe they could have signed The Bots or Buzz King. Allison Iraheta might have done it, too. Aside from Ms. Iraheta (you rock, by the way) if anyone (myself included) has even heard of these guys, you spend too much time listening to music. If you haven’t…there’s a reason for that.

  35. (geezer ON)
    The bad news is, sales of Depend® Undergarments should skyrocket. Good for the economy.
    The good news is, I heard a rumor that Up With People is opening for them.
    (geezer OFF)

  36. The Who are out-dated. Daltrey should stick to what he knows i.e. late night infomercials.
    A fan of child molesters wouldn’t get it.

  37. @grandavenue and NickLincoln: He was not “cleared.” They chose not to prosecute, and he publicly said the government was right to warn him, because what he had done was wrong.
    In my line of work, I deal with people who use the “research” excuse all the time. And OJ is looking for the “real killer,” right?
    I work with abused kids, and anyone who has spent any time in that world knows that, if you download those images for ANY reason, you are contributing to the problem, and you are helping to perpetuate the cycle of abuse. The image(s) he downloaded showed a REAL child, who was the victim of REAL crimes, one of which was Pete’s download. There’s no excuse for it, no matter how you want to look at it.
    Go ahead and download an image of child pornography. When the FBI shows up at your door, tell them it was for “research” and tell me how that works out for you.

  38. “Instead of pressing charges, the police elected to caution him, stating, “It is not a defence to access these images for research or out of curiosity.”
    In a statement issued by his lawyer, Townshend said, “I accept that I was wrong to access this site, and that by doing so, I broke the law, and I have accepted the caution that the police have given me.”[36][37]”
    I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, because yeah he suffered some tragic shit. But those of you judging ME and calling ME ignorant because I judge without knowing the facts….
    For the last 5 years, I have worked with exploited children. The case in which Townshend was caught up is one of the thousands of case studies we are required to review. So think what you want of how much any of us “know.” The fact is, every time someone accesses one of those sites (especially when the PAY to do so), it gives the site more hits, generating more revenue, and encouraging the operators to obtain and/or create more child pornography, thereby ensuring that more children will be exploited and victimized. He was WRONG for doing it, regardless of his alleged motivation. Or is the trauma he suffered as a child license to encourage the abuse of more children?

  39. Frankly, the most offensive thing was the guy who suggested the NFL should have gotten Nickelback.

  40. The fact that the NFL is allowing a known sex offender to perform at the Super Bowl is completely insane. WTF? This piece of crap shouldn’t even be allowed in the country, much less be allowed to perform. And to boot, the Who sucks. What a shame.

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