PFT Daily: January 25, 2010

As the football-watching world turns to the question of whether Brett Favre will return for a 20th NFL season, there’s a question that should not be ignored.

Do the Vikings want him?

PFT Daily considers the issue. 

20 responses to “PFT Daily: January 25, 2010

  1. Florio……
    Only you, Peter King and Vi-Queens fans are the only ones who actually CARE whether he comes back.
    The rest of us are going to focus on what appears to be a FANTASTIC matchup in the Super Bowl.
    While you cry, blubber and wait on pins and needles over the fate of the most overrated, choke-artist in the history of the game, the rest of us will be looking ahead to the Super Bowl.
    And a 2010 season WITHOUT (hopefully) the egomaniac who thinks he’s bigger than the game (thanks to people like you and Peter King).
    Mr. Noodle better hope he comes back, because with Rosenfels and T-Jack he’s looking at 8-8 at best.
    Maybe when the Vi-Queens move to L.A. they’ll rid themselves of their curse, but I doubt it.

  2. Farve is better than anything the Vikings have and why wouldn’t they want him back, they wouldn’t have even gotten to the NFC championship without some of his miracle plays this year. I hate that his last play was an interception because he tried to do too much, but without the fumbles from Peterson and Harvin earlier in the game, that play wouldn’t have even been needed. You can’t blame one person when there were 5 turnovers that changed hands by the Vikings. They, collectively as a team, should have taken better care of the ball and then they would have a trip to the Super Bowl coming up.

  3. the media wants the “will he or wont he” horse race again so they can get website hits etc…
    favre only has 29 more teams he has to play for on his farewell tour. he can probly throw passes like that last one for another 30 years.

  4. Everyone including the Vikings want Brett back. Florio, you want Brett back. He is an easy living for you. He is still one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the league. Had the rest of his teamates taken care of the football earlier in the game, he would not have been in a situation to make a crucial mistake at the end of regulation. To pin this loss on him is absurd. There is only so much one man can do and he did it, all year long. See ya next year Brett.

  5. First Viking fans must be teased to distraction. Only then will Lord Favre reveal his decision. On your knees vassals… and bow to the glory that is Favre. Pucker up… his regal arse awaits your attention.

  6. The Packers should sign him, he SWEPT them so he already has 2 wins they didn’t have.The Packers went home 2 week’s ago so they should be well rested and had enough time to realize they need a QB. H e does have the # 4 jersey already, think about it, call him, he can sling it.

  7. Mike and for the rest of the Favre haters did you watch the NFL in 2009. The NFL has a lot of bad teams that are hard to watch and they all lack one main thing, a decent qb. Think about the teams in the NFL that have decent, not great but decent qb’s and you will find the list very short. I think Favre was fun to watch and he will be missed unless one of these high rated qbs in the draft actually turn out to be worth anyting. I seem to remember the great qb out of Notre Dame now with the Browns, how easy it is to forget his name.

  8. The Vikings don’t even make the playoffs without Favre, Tarvaris Jackson, are you kidding me?
    Favre had a season ANY QB in the league would love to have, making one miracle play after another.
    The Vikings lost because the Vikings beat themselves, with a little help from a PI penalty, which involved no contact at all.
    Brad Childress shouldn’t have a job today.

  9. If the Vikings somehow grab McNabb than Favre is done. Favre will not play for another team. Despite what the media says, Brett is not “desperate” to win a SB at any cost, he already won the SB.
    If the Vikings want Brett back, and add some players to shore up the defense, than Brett will answer the call.

  10. Hasn’t Zygi Wilf the Queens owner said on MULTIPLE occassions that he wanted Favre back.
    Again, another NON-STORY by Olbermann, I mean Florio.
    How many stories on Favre just since last night Florio, 37 ??? And, I’m sure another 37 by the end of the week.
    Who’s the one REALLY milking this for all it’s worth ??? Florio, what a bleepin’ hypocrite.

  11. The bottom line is we will all watch the Super Bowl, not because it’s a great match up, but because of the great commercials! Now that Farve and the Vikings are out, the storyline is gone. Nobody cares about the Colts winning another one or the Saints getting their first. BORING!! I might just find a way to golf in the dark two Sundays from now.

  12. First off Andy is not trading Donovan. Secondly even if he did hes not going to trade him to Chilly. Why would he? Andy is not going to risk his former Assistant winning a Superbowl with his Former QB. He doesnt want to hear that he couldnt do with Mcnabb what his former OC did the very next year. Hes not going to risk that. Also Im pretty sure the Eagles play the Vikings next year. Its one thing to have Brain Dawkins a Safety come back its totally different to have their former franshise QB return. He seen what it was like between Green Bay and Minnesota this year. He doesnt want that. Andy and Chilly are close friends lets be honest no one really wants their friends to do better then them. They want to be the first and Im sure Reid will do everything in his power to make that happen.
    If they were smart they would sign Mcnabb to an extension and try to trade him after next season. That way they wont have to listen to the trade drama but still would be able to trade him. Because any team that would trade for Mcnabb would still have to sign him to a huge extension so they wont care what kind of contract he will becoming to their team with.
    I am about 99% positive that Mcnabb will not be a Viking next season.

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