Ravens reel in Pees

We recently reported that former Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees was not a candidate to assume the same position in Denver because he had lined up something else.

Per a league source, Pees will be the new linebackers coach in Baltimore.

The status of Ravens linebackers coach Vic Fangio, who has worked for the team since 2006, isn’t known.

24 responses to “Ravens reel in Pees

  1. I hope that Fangio doesn’t read this site. Such a terrible way to find out you have been fired.

  2. So Pees would rather be a LB coach than a DC in Denver? Good work there McDouchebag.

  3. Denver dodges a bullet on this one. Pees was the worst DC the Pats have had in the Belichick era. There are few Pats fans sorry to see him go. Hopefully Pepper will get the job and the D will get its balls back.

  4. Pees will be the next big thing in 2 years because of Ray Lewis. That’s why he took the job with Baltimore. See Marvin Lewis, Del Rio, Mike Nolan, Rex Ryan, Mike Singletary, etc

  5. Congrats to the Ravens. Pees couldn’t cut it as a defensive coordinator, but he’s an excellent linebackers coach and was a big part of why the Patriots linebacking corps was so feared in their Super Bowl seasons.

  6. pretty funny, all the people who said it was definitely Buffalo and were so proud of themselves for knowing more than Mr. Florio and kudos to Mike for not patting himself on the back here. Go Ravens, I’m excited to see what happens with this defense next year. Does this mean that they’re positioning to go after former Patriot A.T.?

  7. oh, and look for Pees to be a head coach in the NFL in 5 or less years (Del Rio, Lewis, Nolan, Singletary, Ryan) am I forgetting anyone who else that Ray Lewis has propelled into the head coaching position?

  8. Pees was the defensive coordinator at Miami University in 1983. One of the senior defensive backs on that team was John Harbaugh. No surprise here.
    Note Vic Fangio is the only person to serve as a coach for the Batimore Ravens and the Baltimore Stars, but at 62 he’s older that Pees or Mattison.

  9. I think Pees was looking to scale back his responsibilities.
    During the Pats – Texans game, for example, he head a health scare and went to the hospital in the 3rd Quarter (ultimately released with nothing wrong) and I think there was something to do with his heart as well.
    Not everyone wants to get promoted, he’s getting old now too. The LB thing makes sense. Don’t think he’ll be looking to become a HC anytime soon.

  10. by mattison! worst dc the ravens have had! he doesn’t know how to call home and he doesn’t know how to call a game.

  11. HarrisonHits, you sir are a moron. Mangini was the worst DC. Pees’ stats are right there with Crennel’s. Check your stats.
    New England’s Defense for the last 9 years.
    Year/ Coach Total Defensive Ranking Scoring/ Pts. Allowed
    2001 (Crennel D.C) 24th 6th
    2002 (Crennel D.C) 23rd 17th
    2003 (Crennel D.C) 7th 1st
    2004 (Crennel D.C) 9th 2nd
    2005 (Mangini D.C.) 26th 17th
    2006 (Pees D.C.) 5th 2nd
    2007 (Pees D.C.) 4th 4th
    2008 (Pees D.C.) 10th 8th
    2009 (Pees D.C.) 11th 5th
    Source http://www.nfl.com

  12. Hurt Bones, Fangio is 51 years old. He’s younger than both Mattison and Pees, who are both 60. I played high school football against a team coached by Fangio (Dunmore HS, which is near Scranton, PA), so I knew he wasn’t much older than me (I’m 48).

  13. fangio is a billick leftover. harbs is supposed to be hard on the coaches and fangio isn’t a fan(gio)
    let him leave. he wasn’t all that important here anyway.

  14. fangio is a billick leftover. harbs is supposed to be hard on the coaches and fangio isn’t a fan(gio)
    let him leave. he wasn’t all that important here anyway.

  15. Whatever the stats relative to Mangini and Crennel, the Pees-coordinated defenses couldn’t make a stop in enough crucial situations. The half time adjustments for which NE had become famous were either inadequate or invisible in the last couple of years. Losing games in which leads were held was common. These have not been NE tendencies in the past.
    Now Wilfork is clamoring for Pepper Johnson for DC. Perhaps the linebackers will campaign for Patricia. It’s likely all these guys are great teachers or Belichick wouldn’t have them at all, but it’s another thing to coordinate an entire defense to keep up with ever-evolving offenses.

  16. Yeah, its McDaniels that is to blame.
    The dude took a cushy job coaching LBs for the Ravens. Doesn’t Lewis already do that? In most other places, this is called early retirement.

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