Terrence Cody is this year's Andre Smith

In Alabama, the food must be awfully damn good.

For the second straight year, Nick Saban’s college football program is sending to the NFL a player in serious need of an upper-body support garment.

Last year is was offensive tackle Andre Smith.  This year?  Nose tackle Terrence Cody.

Per the Press-Register, Cody sent the needle spinning to 370 pounds at the Senior Bowl weigh-in on Monday.

The photo on the Press-Register web site tells the story.  Hopefully, there will not be any shirtless running from Cody at the Scouting Combine, his Pro Day workout, or pretty much anywhere else.

28 responses to “Terrence Cody is this year's Andre Smith

  1. I never understood how anyone in sports can be fat. They have access to the greatest facilites in the world, they can buy the leanest and cleanest foods and some can even afford to hire chefs to cook it in a healthy manner. I understand this guy is a college kid and probably cant afford all of that, but you would think he would take advantage of the facilities around him and bust his tail to be in shape.

  2. With the amount of teams switching over to a 3-4 base defense recently and the fact that maybe one true NT comes every year in the draft, what he looks like is irrelevant; this guy will be an early round draft pick.

  3. He looked fine when he blocked that field goal against Tennessee to save their season.
    I guess if he weren’t so disgustingly overweight the media would say he needs to bulk up. Must be nice to be able to criticize people all the time. Hey Florio, go call him fat to his face, see how that works out.

  4. Wow there had to be some serious battles for the last piece of cake when both Cody and Andre lined up across from one another at the training table.

  5. So it’s Man Boobs you’re talking about? Many of us aren’t ready to be on the front cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine. From the photo Cody looks like he needs a lot of upper body work, arms, shoulders, back, chest, torso and some cardio as well. Cody could get in shape if he went to the right team. From his appearance he may not go in the first round which could be fortuneate for some team. I think the Steelers could get him in shape. He could learn behind a excellent nose tackle in Casey Hampton.

  6. Terrence Cody can dunk a basketball at his size. He’s deceptively athletic for his weight. A better article would be about how he owned the kids lining up opposite him at the senior bowl practices today.

  7. yet you don’t mention that at 360 last year the kid could dunk a basketball….you talk about an athletic freak…DAMN

  8. Oprah has more muscular development in her uppper torso than Cody does. His new nickname should be Mt Milk Boobs.

  9. If he could do that at 360, imagine what he could do at 345 and more solid…
    The bottom line here is that Cody probably cost himself some bills. So the large stack of money that he eventually gets will be smaller by about a Pacman rainstorm at the scrip club.

  10. Cody is a big ol’ boy … who’s going to be making big ol’ bucks because he’s athletic for his size and some NFL team is going to want that big ol’ boy on their D line. He saved our season by batting down a last-second field goal and helped secure our first National Championship since 1992. That makes him look pretty darn beautiful to me.
    We love you, Mt. Cody!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!

  11. maybe coach saban could get a reaility show with manuel wright, andre smith, and mount cody and find out which fatboy can lose the most weight.

  12. if saban is such a drill instructor, why does he have guys 2 years in a row that are complete lard-asses? is he the bad guy and the s&c coach the softie?

  13. Jungle Juice says:
    January 25, 2010 11:06 PM
    He can dunk a basketball? I’m not sure how that helps him as a Nose Tackle….
    Who has to patch the floor after that dunk…doh!!!

  14. Anyone see a trend with top Saban players?
    Jamarcus Russell, Glenn Dorsey, Andre Smith, Terrence Cody…

  15. And these lard asses you make fun of are probably still better conditioned and faster than you…just look at how quick Vince Wilfork runs to the side lines gaining an edge…it’s freakish.
    I think they just envision the football as a turkey…
    But seriously these guys are in better shape than most of us posting and writing on PFT.

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