Titans fire Earnest Byner

A day after his 22-year-old conference title-game blunder was knocked down a peg in the pantheon of pro football pants-pooping, former Browns running back Earnest Byner has lost his job.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the Titans have fired Byner, who joined the team in 2008 as its running backs coach.

In 2009, one of Byner’s charges, Chris Johnson, rushed for 2,006 yards.

Per the report, Kennedy Pola will replace Byner.

If the Titans had moved more quickly, they could have brought back Sherman Smith, who worked for the team from 1995 through 2007 before taking a job with the Redskins.  Smith recently joined Pete Carroll’s staff in Seattle.

Then again, maybe Titans coach Jeff Fisher waited to dump Byner so that Fisher wouldn’t have to tell Smith to get lost.

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  1. I think the ‘Skins backs did pretty well while he was in DC as RB coach too. This smells funny, why in the world fire Byner?

  2. Why would the team with the best RB in the league fire its running backs coach? i don’t get it. But then again.. i don’t get why Fisher still has a job with the Titans

  3. The Vikings had 3rd down at the Saints 39-yard line. Favre knew that a field goal attempt from there was pretty much useless. It was 3rd down. So he was trying to make a play and pick up some yards to about the Saints 30yd line.
    It didn’t work.
    Nowhere near as big a blunder as a guy who carelessly fumbled the ball away inside the 5 yard line (I say carelessly because that’s what it was, it’s not like a couple of guys violently ripped the ball from him).

  4. What does “knocked down a peg in the pantheon of pro football pants pooping ” mean?
    And about “The Fumble”, if Webster Slaughter runs his route, the ball never gets stripped. Just saying.

  5. Byner did a good job with Portis and Betts for the ‘Skins before Zorn let him go so he could bring his buddies in.
    The Vikes should hire him. Whoever has been coaching Peterson needs to be replaced and Byner has the experience of coming back from conference title game blunder.
    Byner’s got the experience and the Super Bowl ring to show AP the way forward.

  6. How does that work? Chris Johnson had one of the most productive years in NFL history and he is let go? Doesn’t make sense to me. He must have done something to Fisher or something in the organization to get him in such hot water. I know here in Washington he was supposedly an inside source as to what was going here in Washington in Joe Gibbs last year and that didn’t really carry a lot of favor with management. He was one of the few coaches that were not retained from the Gibbs era when Zorn came in. By and large it was really strange. Always like Byner and wish him well wherever he ends up because he seemed like a quality guy and I liked him here as a Redskin.

  7. I don’t think it’s a surprise that two of Del Rio’s strongest supporters have now left for lateral positions.
    He is surely on thin ice next year and seems to have lost power to Gene Smith. Hopefully Koetter is finally allowed to open the offense up next year.

  8. Kind of odd considering Chris Johnson almost broke the single season rushing record this year. Seems like Byner was doing a pretty good job.

  9. You need to give more info than that. The guy was the RB coach for a 2000+ yard running back and he gets fired??? Doesnt make sense.

  10. Hey Notorious,
    F YOU! Have you ever seen that play? God himself might have fumbled on that play. Jeremiah Castille absolutely blindsided him (because Slaughter didn’t run his route) and almost ripped his arm off. What a P.O.S. you must be.
    As a Browns fan, I would gladly welcome him back if the Big Show wanted to bring him along.

  11. Hey Mike,
    Do you even HAVE an editor? I’ve read the first line of this article and from the “A day after” to “pants-pooping,” and it makes no sense?
    I imagine you think editors and interns are useless and interfere with your intellectual expressions, but seriously, have someone who doesn’t like you read your stuff first.
    Sheeesh, read it again. Poor sentence structure. Your English teachers are not proud of what you did with their time with you.
    Good luck with the resume writing….

  12. Ya gotta love Florio and his hatred for all things Browns related. He reduces Byner, a great running back and coach, who excelled on 2 teams, to being “knocked down a peg in the pantheon of pro football pants-pooping” and only mentions his time with the Browns.
    Never mind the fact that he was with the Redskins as a player and coach *longer* than his playing/coaching career with the Browns.
    Never mind the fact that his career with the Titans, helping coach a beast of an RB to a 2000+ yard season, has zero to do with what happened on one play over 20 years ago.
    Never mind the fact that poopy-pants Florio himself gets knocked down 50 pegs here every day.
    All that’s important in Florio’s world is remembering the one bad play he was a part of 20 years ago as a member of the Browns.

  13. Please address the actual “WHY” component of this story you hacks. How the EFF does Chris Johnson’s coach get fired?

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