Vanden Bosch makes it to Miami, too

With two of the Colts’ Pro Bowl defensive ends no longer available to play in the Pro Bowl due to their team’s berth in the Super Bowl, the AFC team needs two replacements.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Kyle Vanden Bosch of the Titans is one of them.

It’s Vanden Bosch’s third career Pro Bowl, even if he didn’t expect it.

It surprised me and it surprised a lot of people,” Vanden Bosch told Wyatt.  “But it shows a lot of people — offense and defense — still respect the
way I play and the way I bring it.  The coaches and players got me in
with their votes, so that is a great sign of respect.”

And it gives Vanden Bosch a chance to showcase his talents with the uncapped year approaching; he’ll be an unrestricted free agent in March.

Then again, he’s got his work cut out for him.  He had only three sacks in 16 regular-season games.

5 responses to “Vanden Bosch makes it to Miami, too

  1. “It’s Vanden Bosch’s third career Super Bowl, even if he didn’t expect it.”
    Wow. What’s even more impressive is that the Titans didn’t even make the playoffs.

  2. So a pass rusher with 3 sacks getting in the Pro Bowl is officially much worse than a QB with an 83 rating who threw for more yards than Brady or Palmer and only Brees, Manning and Favre threw less INTs? Great, now go stick it up your arse Garrard haters.

  3. This is a guy I would love to see next to Wilfork…He needs a big guy though just look at what happened once Haynesworth left…
    And Seeryer you should look up the stats as Garrard didn’t come close to the passing yards Brady had. Brady had over 800 yards more passing, not to mention a 15 TD to 10 INT ratio is nothing to be proud of. You want to see a 2 to 1 ration with that stat line and Garrard wasn’t close. Not sure what you’re thinking in comparing Garrard to the top 5 QB’s in the league.

  4. footballnut,
    My mistake on Brady. He still threw for more yards than McNabb and Flacco only threw for like 15 more yards than Garrard. The point about the INTs is there is only a handful of QBs in the league that threw less INTS than Garrard. 15TDs is not great but 10 ints is when you throw the ball 516 times. For example, Flacco threw 12 picks in 499 attempts. Similar, though garrard was statistically better. I guess what I am saying is the difference between Flacco and Garrard or Palmer and Garrard is simply that their teams were in the playoffs this year and the Jags were not. Numbers wise though, Garrard was as impressive. Not his fault his D only had 14 sacks. Not his fault he is the first QB since 1983 to have two starting rookie tackles. Not his fault Torri Holt can’t run and Mike Sims Walker is just a decent WR in the NFL, nothing more, nothing less. Mike Thomas, Jarret Dillard and Zach Miller are all rookies. So Garrard throws for 3,600 yards with three rookies, a vet who can’t run and a third year guy who finally stayed on the field. And he was hit more than any other QB in the league. MJD was a TD maker but that is about it. Look at his ypc in the last 8 games. Until Week 17 he went 160 straight carries without a 15 yard gain. Point is David is a good football player and you can win with him. You can’t win with no pass rush and you can’t win with safeties that can’t tackle and you can’t win with a poor offensive line. Address those three things and Garrard is back in the playoffs and probably winning on the road like he did at PIT a few years ago. And if not for sorry ass Dennis Northcutt, Garrard possibly would have runied the Patriots perfect season before the Giants were able to.

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