Bucs G.M. Dominik defends Morris

Coaches who go 3-13 aren’t usually described as “very good” or “fantastic,” but those are among the words Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik used to describe head coach Raheem Morris today.

Dominik, addressing the media at the Senior Bowl for the first time since the end of the regular season, said he thinks Morris has the team on the right track.

“I feel like Raheem did a very, very good job of keeping this football team upbeat and motivated,” Dominik said.  “I think that was very, very important . I feel like Raheem did a fantastic job calling the defense and being head coach at the same time and I feel like it actually improved his head coaching ability.”

Dominik also defended his own decisions in player personnel, saying that even though the Bucs went from 9-7 in 2008 to 3-13 in 2009, he believes the team is in a better place than it was a year ago.

“I’m aware that 3-13 is the reality, but I’m still excited about the direction we’re headed,” Dominik said.  “I really am.  As you sit here today, you can pick apart the roster but I do believe that the guys that are in our locker room, the guys we added in 2009 and the success we had with our trades — every trade we made over the last 12 months — were all correct.  All the decisions we had to make were difficult, but I believe they were correct and I do believe we had a successful draft last year.”

Dominik is doing his best to put a positive spin on a lousy season. Bucs fans can only hope that another “successful” offseason translates to a little more success in the standings.

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  1. Hey it’s not Morris’ fault the Glazers are deeply in debt and some of the cheapest owners in the NFL. You can only work with the tools they give you and when the better teams get 30-40 million worth of tools you don’t have its hard to compete.

  2. Who is Tampa kidding? Their roster is not at all positioned for success and their trade for Freeman was not even close to “correct.” They’ve reverted back to the Buccaneers of old. Raheem Morris is in way over his head, their owners are swimming in debt and they’ve invested their future in a guy who was mediocre at best in the Big 12. I look for them to be cellar dwellars in the South for at least the next 4 years.

  3. all year long I saw posts from Buc fans saying what a terrible coach Morris is…& from pretty good posters
    but nobody has really said why they think he’s a terrrible coach…I didnt see any Bucs games this year but I dont recall any coaching forkups either
    can any Buc fan be specific & break down why he is so awful ? beyond the 3-13 record that is

  4. Obviously Dominik really is as stupid as he looks! He should be on the next garbage truck out of town, along side Morris.

  5. Who is bucs picking in #3 overall?
    I’m thinking Berry (S) or Mccoy (DT).
    I’d like to see Bucs trade up to #1 and pick Suh

  6. They are rebuilding, losing happens. Get over it Buc fans, you were not going anywhere the way things were

  7. Well, Radio did manage to beat the Packers. I’ll always have a soft spot for him for that.

  8. Dominick and Morris WILL lead this team back to the SuperBowl! Patience people.
    It took Cowher…what…15 years to win a title and yet everyone seems to be drooling to get him.
    Give these guys a chance!

  9. *None of the players cut (Brooks, Dunn, June) wound up on a roster.
    *Before his untimely demise, Gaines Adams was a bust in Chicago, so a second-rounder looks good.
    *Josh Freeman has good upside.
    Not everything was a disaster. Look at the bright side — you could be in St. Louis!

  10. @ spliffbunker
    You can start with his assistant coaching decisions, to hire Jim Bates, going away from the tampa 2 which the bucs franchise success was built on and the CURRENT defense was built for, i TRULY believe that the bucs would have won a few more games if it wasn’t for the change to the 4-3. Basically, the bucs under bates this year set a record for points allowed through a certain number of games, as soon as they canned bates, and went back to cover 2 the defense improved greatly. Also hiring jagz for O coordinator, then firing him before the season, awful. Though their is a learning curve, raheem looked way out of his league with these decisions.
    Though he made some really poor decisions, i think he earned another year towards the end of the season, there was some improvements, big road win over the NFC champion saints.

  11. Raheem surrounded himself with friends, people that he got along with, and got along with Raheem. You can bet those players that can get out of Tampa will do so ASAP. It was OK for players to have bad days often as long as they were trying in Raheem’s eyes and were not replaceable. Gaines was traded not because he did not try…he was let go because of his salary. I think Raheem and Dominick were very jealous of Gaines from the get go.

  12. DonkeyBuffaloeChipFan – “Their roster is not at all positioned for success and their trade for Freeman was not even close to “correct.”
    The Bucs drafted Freeman with their pick in the 16th round. What is this trade you speak of DonkeyBuffaloeChipFan or are you just making things up as you go?
    JackA$$ – the Bucs didn’t trade for Nugent. “An unrestricted free agent in the 2009 offseason, Nugent signed a one-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on March 4 and won the job over Matt Bryant in the preseason due to Bryant’s injury. After converting just two of his first six tries (2 blocked) through four games, Nugent was released by the Buccaneers on October 5.”

  13. @ simeon_97 :
    the OC firing in pre-season puzzled me as well
    but looking from afar it seemed to me they improved as the year went on in what was a rebuilding season
    we suffered with Bates as well though whether it was scheme or talent i’m not sure
    anyway it was apparent that a lot of Bucs fans hated Morris but other than name calling etc I really didnt see a lot of posters saying WHY it was a bad choice…he probably wasnt ready to be a head coach yet but maybe with the last place schedule & playing the NFC West you guys can keep that streak of last to first going… a long shot
    for sure but it seems to me they got pretty competative down the streach when they could have gone in the tank

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