Charges dropped against Donte Whitner

Last April, Bills safety Donte Whitner was arrested in Cleveland for aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

His apprehension included the use of a Taser gun, which prompted Whitner at one point to threaten to file a lawsuit.

Now, the matter is closed. 

According to the Buffalo News, the charges were dropped after Whitner completed a “selective intervention program,” which required him to meet with a probation officer over the past three months.

The outcome, though favorable to Whitner from the perspective of the criminal justice system, likely will subject him to scrutiny under the Personal Conduct Policy, since enrollment in a program of this nature still falls within the broad definition of the term “disposition of a criminal proceeding” under the policy.

6 responses to “Charges dropped against Donte Whitner

  1. “Aggravated” disorderly conduct (drunken jerkoff in public) and resisting police (fight the cops too), then threaten a lawsuit.
    Another NFL role model.
    What a loser…

  2. I was worried that you would be unable to turn the dropping of charges against Whitner into a negative, but you come through in the end with your reference to the term “disposition of a criminal proceeding.”

  3. I’m a bills fan and the guy is probably one of the most overrated guys on the team. He hasn’t done Jack since he’s been in Buffalo. Ship him off to the Raiders.

  4. I am not sure what a “selective intervention program” is but if he went in voluntarily and the charges were dropped shouldn’t that be the end of it both criminally and in the court of Goodell? Of course if he was ordered by the court then I could see Whitner being suspended a game or two.
    Any chance you could answer the question of if his enrollment was his choice or the courts?

  5. He should have exposed himself like McEntyre did. And then declared it was “worth millions”.
    That would have impressed the cops and the judge.

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