Hue Jackson will call plays; Hackett's status in doubt

New Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson confirmed Tuesday that Tom Cable is no longer calling plays for the Silver and Black.

“I’m hired as the offensive coordinator, and I’ll be the primary
play-caller,” Jackson said to the Ravens’ team website.  “That’s my role. It’s a chance to go out
and assist the head coach and be the best offense we can be.”

With Jackson in place, the future of quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett is in doubt.  The Oakland Tribune writes that Hackett hasn’t been seen with the Raiders at the Senior Bowl. Hackett had some “blunt reviews” of JaMarcus Russell that may not have sat well with Al Davis.

Then again, Cable was rather dismissive of Russell publicly and remains on the job.

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  1. As a Raider fan I’d be pretty excited… except this is to try to elevate Jamarcus, and you can’t polish a turd. Good luck Hue, may the stick ’em be with you.

  2. Why can’t we just all agree that Mr. Russell is a future Hall of Famer in the AFL 2?

  3. Apparently JaMarcus is more coachable than Cutler. And Cable’s got even less job security than Lovie. Just sayin’

  4. In a totally unrelated event today…….Brett Farve isn’t going to play in the Pro Bowl this year.

  5. I wouldn’t start jumping to ideas, as there is a relationship between Cable and Hue Jackson back to their days at Cal, there is also a relationship between Hue Jackson and Paul Hackett. When Jackson was the OC at USC, Paul Hackett was the head coach. Further, Paul Hackett was not the OC for the Raiders this past year, he was the QB coach and I can see him staying in that role

  6. Jackson also said, “I’m the Wiz. I’mmmm the Wiz!” and then marched around in a funny hat.

  7. Paul Hackett to become Head Coach!! Report it Florio! Report it! C’mon – Paul Hacket to take the role of Raider’s HC. Report it!!!

  8. Bland news ! Now when JaJunk gets canned and that idiot Herrera fades away then I will have a glimmer of hope that Dead Al may see some light at the end oif the tunnel. With any luck it will be an on-coming train.

  9. I was hoping Mike Brown would be smart and hire this guy as Bob Bratkowski’s replacement. But I guess letting Al Davis try him out as OC to see if he sinks or swims is better than us doing it. So once Bratkowski’s contract is up (i think next year), if Hue has done well in the black hole, Brown will go after him. Then we’ll welcome him in. 🙂

  10. So the Bears lost a guy to the Raiders. A coach thought to himself the Raiders with Russell, Al Davis & Cable are a better bet for me long term than Cutler, Jerry Angelo/McCaskeys & Lovie Smith.
    A twice failed (granted he didn’t have much to work with, but still) OC won’t even talk to the Bears.
    Ladies & Gentleman we may have a new clubhouse leader in ineptness
    Looks like another year of keeping my NFL Package…

  11. Interesting that Florio chose not to write this? I imagine it’s because Hue Jackson himself stated in the article that he spoke with Tom Cable but primarily spent his time with Al Davis.
    This whole time Florio has been on a witch hunt trying to find any evidence that Cable is going to be fired and to find any actual concrete evidence that supports his theory yet he hasn’ t found any.
    Did PFT ever consider that maybe Tom Cable suggested Hue Jackson as OC and Wauffle when it came the D line coach? Of course you didn’t because it doesn’t produce HITS when you are trying to increase your ratings because you know Raiders fans will be all over your “sensationalism” when they believe the website is full of it.
    Looking at recent Raiders articles it appears Florio is the one who likes to stir the pot with titles like this: “Raiders deny report that Cable is safe.”
    The Hue Jackson is hired as OC title is written by Gregg or Michael David Smith but not Florio. He likes sling the dirt and sees if it sticks.
    When he looks like an idiot he lets others write. That’s cowardly.

  12. Awesome! The final piece to the puzzle. We are definitely Super Bowl bound now. All you “haters” may not realize this, but Al has been secretly setting up the Raiders to lose the last 7 years to lull the other 31 teams into a false sense of security.

  13. “I think it’s a good decision by the organization,” Cable told the National Football Post. “It’s someone that I’m familiar with. It’s someone that I think can help us take the next step, so we’re all pretty excited about it.”
    Tom Cable

  14. R.I.P. to your franchise when coaches start finding the Holy Trinity of Davis, Cable and Russell more promising than what you have to offer.
    As a Falcons fan who remembers Florio predicting them to finish dead last…even behind the eventual 0-16 Lions in his 2008 preseason projections, I hope the Raiders play some 500 ball this year and make Florio eat it.

  15. Hackett was the QB coach, and as mentioned above has worked with Jackson in the past. Chances are, he’ll stay as QB coach to give Russell some continuity. He’s had problems as a head coach and as an OC, but he has good references as a QB coach.
    The guy who should be worried is ‘passing game coordinator’ Ted Tollner. I think he’s under contract, so I imagine he’ll just get moved to another position. Let’s be honest, he wasn’t a great success was he?

  16. Why would the hiring of Hue Jackson mean Paul Hackett’s “future is in doubt”? QB coach and an OC are two different jobs. WTF are you making up now?

  17. Raider B says: January 26, 2010 6:26 PM
    Why would the hiring of Hue Jackson mean Paul Hackett’s “future is in doubt”? QB coach and an OC are two different jobs. WTF are you making up now?
    lol, exactly.

  18. PFT publishes the same rumors as many of the other leading sports sites. Maybe now that the Raiders have fixed their problem their fans will stop attacking the site and refocus on their pathetic organization. It’s not PFT’s fault that most of the league views the Raiders organization as a joke…C’mon. It’s all good now right…Davis + Cable + Jackson…can you say “5-11”!

  19. Lott42, what an idiot! LMAO. Ronnie Lott was a Raider him self and your talking smak? Your a walking contradiction.

  20. “So the Bears lost a guy to the Raiders.”
    Its not that hard of a choice, where would you rather live sunny Cali or cold ass Chi town?

  21. This is good news, I say sign Vick and let Gradkowski and Russell fight it out in training camp to see who will start. Giving JRUSS the team was the worst idea ever. Make him earn it or sit his butt down on the bench. If we get a decent O-line in the draft free agency, we will be ok At least a .500 team. Im sure lil Mikey Florio is gonna throw tantrum, and piss and moan about how terrible the Raiders will be. But imagine this if there were no Raiders in the NFL, Florio would be collecting unemployment and writing articles for pocket change on the street corner in Oakland…..hahahahahahahaha He deep down loves the Raiders.. C’mon Mikey say it one time with me RRAAAAAAAIDERS!!!! Save your smacktalk for other teams like the Vikings Chargers Lions etc. Who have not even sniffed a super bowl Appearence and/or Title in the last three decades. now thats a story!!!

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