More shakeup on Del Rio's staff

Two coaches have jumped ship from Jack Del Rio’s staff this offseason, and now one is getting pushed out. 

1010XL’s Frank Frangie reports the Jaguars have fired defensive line coach Ted Monachino.  Joe Cullen will take his spot.

The team didn’t deny the report, but said there will be no official coaching announcements until the entire coaching staff is filled.

Meanwhile it’s been pointed out to us that something continues to be weird about the entire Jaguars situation.  Two of Del Rio’s closest aides on the team, Kennedy Pola and Mike Tice, left town for lateral moves.  That’s just not something you normally see.

6 responses to “More shakeup on Del Rio's staff

  1. Tice left before Del Rio’s fate is known – and maybe he just doesn’t believe Del Rio will be around long. That doesn’t mean Del Rio’s a jerk, it just means Tice thinks he’s getting fired next year.
    Pola has been pissed since Dirk Koetter was brought in as Offensive Coordinator – something I believe PFT reported. Pola wanted the job and I don’t think the team ever even considered him for that position. Until you know whether or not Jacksonville tried to extend him, it’s hard to interpret what it means… did Pola ‘fire the Jags’ or did the Jags fire him?

  2. Oh, and since the Jags have had a terrible Offensive Line for YEARS and seemed unable to develop any talent there (except maybe Pot Roast Knighton) — and the play of Henderson and Stroud seemed to taper off the longer Monachino was around — maybe Monachino isn’t actually a good coach.
    Most times when you’re not good at your job, you eventually don’t have it anymore.

  3. You’ll find Tice in Miami. He’s got tickets to sell!

  4. this is worrying. i hope gene and jack find suitable replacements. Im not liking cullen though.

  5. Tice wanted to be an OL coach. The Jaguars and Del Rio are more than happy with Andy Heck. Tice found someone who wanted to hire him as an OL coach, and went. Sometimes it really can be as simple as they say it is:,0,1406418.story
    #begin quote
    “Initially, Tice said Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio was resistant to letting him interview. But Tice reminded him they had agreed that if another team outside the AFC South offered him an opportunity to coach the offensive line, Del Rio would allow him to leave.
    Tice wanted to get back to doing what he thinks he does best. He was an offensive line coach for five years with the Vikings before being promoted to head coach.
    “I really enjoyed coaching tight ends and the group I had, but I wanted to be involved in the pits again,” Tice said. “That’s what I am.”
    #end quote

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