PFT Daily: January 26, 2010

Since we’ll be talking plenty about the Super Bowl teams next week, let’s continue to bask in the misery of Vikings fans.

Today’s PFT Daily takes up the issue of Adrian Peterson and his consistent inability to secure the football on a consistent basis.



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  1. Sweet I can’t wait to watch this. Unfortunately, I have little defense for him this time, as that was a disaster.
    Incidentally, I liked the written version of this kind of stuff better. Much easier to look like you’re working when you’re reading something at work rather than sitting there watching a football video.

  2. Tell the truth!
    Paul Allen hung up on you today because of this constant bashing of the Vikings. He also kicked you off his show for next week.
    And he confirmed what so many of us have said–you mis-interpreted his call of Favre’s interception. PA called you on your lame excuse that you only had a brief clip.

  3. So now you’re a coach? I am sure he and Viking’s coaches will get right on that Tiki Barber thing. I am sure they never thought of that. Way to go!

  4. To quote the good Reverend Robinson, “Haha, that’s what they get for making deals with the devil!”

  5. wiscdave-
    about an hour ago i heard the same short clip of that vikings announcer on espn radio…..just saying.

  6. First time posting since my Vikings lost…… F Adrian Peterson. He can retire for all I (and everyone else i talk to) care. No patience for the fumbles. I dont give a damn if you get 125 and 3 if you continue to fumble.
    Dear AP,
    You killed our chances in the playoffs last year, you killed our chances to secure homefield advantage this year, and you killed our superbowl chance this year. Go away. You’re terrible as an ‘overall’ back as a result.
    Pissed off Vikings Nation
    PS if the Vikes let the reliable Chester Taylor go at the expense of dingling AP around I’ll be signing off. I can’t take this anymore.

  7. Im a diehard Vikings fan and I love Adrian Peterson but come on man! Un Fu&*^&% believable. What can you do!?

  8. By the way… basking in our misery? Great Im so glad a Lawyer trying to make money off of “fans” is now basking in the misery of the “fans” that bring him the money. F you Florio.

  9. Viking’s fans need to chill……i’d bet there are 31 other headcoaches that would take Peterson in a heartbeat. Viking fans are starting to sound alot like the sour grapes Packer fans as it regards their disrespect for BF. Look at the averages and you will see that Peterson hasn’t fumbled anymore than some all-time greats by the name of J. Brown, W. Payton, E. Dickerson etc……
    Peterson is still the best all around pure running back in the league, wish he were on my team.

  10. mixman34 I feel your pain. I’m torn about what you do with AD you really cant trade him or cut him you can only hope that somehow he can fix the problem. Keep your head up man.

  11. There exists the possibility that his “famous hand strength” is actually one of the primary causes of his fumbling problem. AP could be gripping the ball so hard that there’s no wiggle room when impact occurs. In other words, with a softer grip, the ball might actually have room to give just a little and remain within his grasp, versus no wiggle room, and thus ejecting from his grip entirely upon impact.

  12. Ball on the ground.
    Ball on the ground.
    Looking like a fool with the ball on the ground.
    Complain when you get taken out of the game.
    Go back in.
    Then repay your coach by fumbling again.
    Ball on the ground.
    Ball on the ground.
    Looking like a fool with the ball on the ground.

  13. pftfanboy,
    Are you calling Paul Allen a liar?
    I listened to the entire game on radio while watching the TV broadcast and it was clear in the context of his remarks (not just somebody’s clip, edited to prove a point) that PA was criticizing the play call.

  14. I am glad that someone is pointing out that it wasn’t all Brett Favre’s fault. He played way above anyone’s expectations and had a decent game against a good pass rush against the Colts. Yes, he should have tucked the ball and gained 4 yards on that last interception play. But I have seen alot of QB’s, including the great ones, make that same kind of play trying to do too much and getting burned. Farve makes these plays all the time and when it turns out good no one says anyhting except, “that was Farve being Farve”. As for AP, he is still one of the top 3 RB in the league even with his fumbling, but he does have to do something because the people on this page are right, he has been the main one screwing the Vikings over the last 2 years. You would think with AP’s drive that he will want to work on this in the off-season. But only time will tell. As a Chiefs fan I can slightly understand. With the emergence of Jamal Charles (I know he is not AP) running great at the end of the season except for his fumbling it is hard to be too mad at a great runner even with the fumbling.

  15. MrHumble says:
    January 26, 2010 1:38 PM
    Look at the averages and you will see that Peterson hasn’t fumbled anymore than some all-time greats by the name of J. Brown, W. Payton, E. Dickerson etc……
    True… But those guys played in an earlier era. The game has changed. RBs who can’t hang onto the ball are not given a free pass like they once were.

  16. What good is it to have an awesome RB that can pound it down opponents throats all year long but then CONSISTENTLY puts the ball on the ground in big games… at crucial times… I loved AP as much as the next guy, but Im in this thing for the bowl baby, not to watch a great back be great and then kill our hopes and dreams, again.
    Just sayin…
    Sorry my denial phase is wearing off and the ANGER is starting to set in…….

  17. What made me most mad is when Chilly FINALLY benched him, he got frustrated and angry. You know what AP…. YOU are not immune. You were lucky to not be stuffed into a locker after the first one let alone the 3rd etc….
    People can blame Favre all they want he was a warrior in that game. We dominated to the tune of +218 yards all game. We should never have been in that spot trying to catch up. The fumble at the 5 yard line after we scored a moral victory in recovering Bush’s muff was atrocious. Right as we gained momentum AP dropped it again. F you AP.

  18. 7 of the top 10 “Most Commented” posts are about the Vikings… no wonder why Florio won’t let it go

  19. We all know Adrian dropped those balls on the ground…….and the Saints had nothing to do with those fumbles………and Brett Farve is gonna win the Super Bowl………and the Vikings outplayed the Saints……….and………oh, that’s right………THE VIKINGS LOST THE GAME.
    Can we move on please to SuperBowl 44 coverage.

  20. I love watching the Jets during the post season, they made me proud and showed no matter how much the experts know you have to have belief
    in your team and they had that and so did I. In the end they didn’t have as many good players to plug in the holes but they still had fight in them.
    It was a good run and I had a damn good time cheering them on.
    Vikings fans should enjoy their run too, sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way!!

  21. @ wiscdave-
    i wasnt calling anyone a liar. i was merely pointing out the fact that the major media of sports also played the very same clip.
    so while you may have a point – i dont think florio deserves that much of a beating….. for this one.

  22. The Vikings have nobody to blame but themselves. First, they thumbed their nose at the NFL reg Starcaps, people don’t like teams that bend the rules, just ask the Patriots. Then Chilly allows Favre to run the team, never a good idea but even worse when its a guy who believes in his own legend, then they extend the contract of the head coach who at that point never won a game, how is that a good idea?
    Finally the football gods got together to exact revenge and they arrange a game where the Vikings would outgain the other team by 200 yards and still lose. To make that happen, Peterson had to fumble and to make it really hurt, Favre had to throw an INT on his last play of the season. Done, done, and now the Vikings are done but don’t tell Pervy that, he is still basking in the moral victory.

  23. Vikes haven’t been to the SB in more than 30 years. “Bask in the fans misery”…what’s up with the hate from this website?

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