Polian on the new Pro Bowl procedure: "It's stupid"

At a time when the NFL is facing plenty of external criticism regarding the decision to play the Pro Bowl a week before the Super Bowl, the league probably isn’t looking for any internal complaints as to the new format.

Colts president G.M. Bill Polian probably didn’t get the memo.

In a recent appearance on 1070 the Fan with our pal Dan Dakich, Polian sounded off regarding the situation, via SportsRadioInterviews.com.

It’s stupid,” Polian said.  “It’s a disruption, but we’ll deal with it.”

He apparently doesn’t like the fact that, even though the Colts players named to the team don’t have to participate in the game, they have to show up at the event, and maybe wave to their moms.

“If it weren’t for the Pro Bowl disruption, they would have the weekend off, but they can’t because we have to send those players to Miami to do Lord knows what,” Polian added.  “We’ll come back and practice on Sunday and the Pro Bowl players will go and do whatever they have to do and then the team will leave on Monday.”

Asked whether the Pro Bowlers will fly back to Indianapolis on Sunday and then travel back down to Florida with the team on Monday, Polian said, “I don’t know that they fly them back.  I think they plan to keep them down there that evening.  They haven’t even told us yet what this is all about.  We don’t even have any details or anything like that.  Maybe they will call us Friday and tell us.

“In any event, the fact of the matter is that we’re thinking that they’re down there Sunday night and they will meet us Monday, which is a hell of a thing, isn’t it?  It sends a great message to all the young people out there and all the coaches that talk teamwork that you take your best seven players and split them up from your team at the ultimate moment in sports.”


In unrelated news, Polian’s tenure on the Competition Committee could be ending soon. 

Maybe they’ll call him Friday and tell him.

60 responses to “Polian on the new Pro Bowl procedure: "It's stupid"

  1. It’s not like they couldn’t get the whole team to fly on Sunday, right? Might be a nice bonding experience for them to all be in the stands.

  2. Average everyday fans knew this was a dumb idea the minute it was announced but the all powerfull, all knowing NFL management types are just realizing what a dumb-ass idea it is now. Hopefully they soon realize what a dumb idea the OT rules are along with a bunch of other rules.

  3. I certainly hope that the rule requiring the super bowl players to show up at the pro bowl also includes those who have opted out of playing. They should be required to make an at least an appearance since they were voted in.

  4. it is stupid…big nose Polian is right…but be sure that Goodell will give him a nice fine for speaking his mind.

  5. when you’re right, you’re right. and he’s… well, right. it is stupid. trying to make an admittedly pointless game have meaning might not be the best plan of action here. maybe they plan it for the wednesday in between week 8 and 9 next year to split up the season, like baseball. that would be awesome.

  6. i like this guy’s balls. he is 100% right. i didn’t know they were making those players do this. what a joke.

  7. Polian’s right. The whole idea is stupid. You cannot ever make the Pro Bowl relevant. Not when players don’t want to exert themselves in the game. Not when you hamstring the teams by greatly restricting what they can do schematically. It’s stupid. Get rid of the game. Or just move it back to Hawaii after the Super Bowl and accept the fact that it’s not going to get great ratings.

  8. This is the first smart thing Bill Polian has ever said. He’s a quitter, and a petty little man, but at least he’s not completely in the tank.

  9. As much as people on here hate Bill Polian, you have to admit that hes right. If players arent playing i n the Pro Bowl, why do they have to have anything to do with it?

  10. Plus it’s not the same as Hawaii so the players do not want to go to Florida, it is no longer a fun trip.

  11. This Idea of the Pro Bowl a week before the Super Bowl is horrific. Would in their right mind would pay to go see a game that doesn’t matter anyways with the 2nd tier stars of the NFL?? I might not even go if I had a free ticket. The only solution to the Pro Bowl is to move it back to the week following the Super Bowl. Then, if players opt out of the game for anything other than an injury they should never be allowed to be voted back in. They won’t get their bonus and they won’t ever be allowed to play in the game again. Then if players are still opting out after that it’s just time to get rid of the game all together. A pro bowl should be a game to feature the stars of the league. This new format has just watered down the talent and it’s embarrassing for the NFL to even call this a game of league’s brightest stars. The only solution I can think of is to not reward players with money or the ability to call themselves a pro bowler is they opt out.

  12. Yes I’m a Colts fan, but even if this didn’t affect my team, I would agree that this is idiotic. So the Pro Bowl players in the Super Bowl still have to show up, and those who “bowed out” don’t have to? If the NFL wanted this to be a draw, they should never have moved the timing in the first place.

  13. Oh, maybe Baby Bill can get this rule changed too. “teams play too rough with our receivers” we demand at least 1 pass interference call every 4th quarter of every game” That guy knows talent, no doubt about that – he might be the best of all time in that dept. but quit crying about everything.

  14. If I was a ProBowler and in the Super Bowl, I would stay home with my teammates and prepare without distraction!
    F… The Probowl!

  15. Aren’t there several empty stadiums in Miami? Why can’t they just go down Sunday and practice there? It would sure beat the snowy/cold weather in Indy.

  16. The probowl is stupid.
    There’s simply too great of a risk of injury for players to play hard. So you end up with a glorfied scrimmage…snooze…
    It doesnt matter when you play the game, no one has any interest in watching a scrimmage of allstars. And you’re never going to get players to play hard. So…cancel the game…wont be missed

  17. This plan is unraveling faster than a ball of cheap string.
    A hell of a thing for the Pro Blow…..err…Bowl. I meant Bowl, damnit!

  18. I find this new Pro Bowl arrangement a little short-sighted, frankly.
    Bringing it to the mainland rather than Hawaii could be a fanfare boost that draws a bigger live audience, but holding it prior to the Superbowl seems highly likely to inspire more “no shows” which I would think lessens audience (live or televised) appeal.
    Geez guys! The NFL is beginning to remind me of the newly Republican Senate!
    What’s next? A TV Blackout if the stadium isn’t pre-sold?

  19. I wasn’t aware that the Pro Bowl players who are on the SB teams were required to show up at the (Un)Pro Bowl. How about those players who were chosen but decided not to play because of ‘injury’? Do they have to appear also? Stupid-stupid-stupid.
    Said it before and will say it again: Get rid of the Pro Bowl (and all All-Star games) altogether. Just have players/coaches/media vote on the players and name them to the squad like they do for All-Pro honors.

  20. I’m sure the NFL is going to go back to the original pro bowl next year. This year is a joke and i’m sure it has screwed up a few contracts and future contract negotiations

  21. If Polian is crying foul about the Pro Bowl you can bet that Goodell is already sending his apologies to Colts nation. Hell, if Robert Kraft joined Polian, the league would probably just cancel the whole damned weekend.
    P.S. Why is Indianapolis the only city that hosts the combine? it seems like it gives them an unearned/unfair advantage with the scouting.

  22. How about Polian just keeps his players home and writes the NFL a big fat check for the fines for them not showing up? Problem solved.

  23. Make both teams send their full roster to the probowl and be announced. Its all about the fans in the end.
    They dont do Introductions of the players at the superbowl anymore.
    Also, did anyone get the idea that Polian is worried about his guys partying that night or something?
    Dont worry Bill, this isnt the Bills anymore….

  24. since when are players required to show up for the pro bowl? playing in it or not?
    I remember several times when he was with the vikes that Moss just didnt go.
    He was always healthy, he just saw it as the joke game it was and didnt want to waste his time going there. I know there have been many others over the years that refused to waste their time in a meaningless exhibition, and were willing to give up the bonus check.
    Why cant the colts players do this? Or say they have the flu that day and cant make it there? What is the NFL gonna fine them for not going to the freaking probowl?

  25. The pro bowl is outdated.
    Years ago, it was a another check. The sum they get know is not worth it to the players.
    Just make it honorary and cancel the game.
    If they wanna go to hawaii, bring back the superstars competition.

  26. I never watch the Pro-Bowl anyway. Meaningless game, but moving this was just plain stupid.
    And to add insult to this, you took 10 players out of this game that the fans obviously wanted because they voted them in, and replaced them with players the fans obviously did not want because they did not vote them in?

  27. The whole idea of the Pro Bowl being the weekend before the Super Bowl is a horrible idea… Not only are you eliminating players from the 2 best teams from playing (7 Colts and 7 Saints), all the other play off teams are still licking their wounds and will bow out too…
    Seriously David Gerard as a Pro Bowl QB? Really??? I think Matt Schaub had a better than average year, but the Pro Bowl starter for the AFC? Seriously???
    Your attempt to make the Pro Bowl more relevant has turned it into even a bigger farce than the NBA Slam Dunk contest…

  28. Get rid of the game all together and have a skills competition or something like that. I’d rather watch a QB Challege, or something that shows off the leagues up and coming stars over any Pro Bowl games, the week before the super bowl or not.

  29. Why did they move the pro bowl from Hawaii in the first place? And why now before the Super Bowl? Is that for ratings, thinking people will go to Miami a week early and stay for the SB? Or is it for bored people waiting for the SB who will watch it on tv?

  30. The only dumb idea is playing the game in the first place,,,regardless of when it is.
    I remember as a kid when Green Bay never made the playoffs it was cool to see James Lofton in the PB because it was the only national exposure my team ever got and to see Lofton catching passes from Montana or whoever was cool when I was 9. But now every team makes the playoffs at least once every 3 years with a few exceptions and with the web even the worst teams are in the news everyday.
    I just get nothing from it. I don’t sit there and think..oh cool,Aaron Rodgers is on this national stage shoulder to shoulder with the greats of the game..I am so proud….
    No…what I really think is oh dear Lord don’t let him or CWood get hurt!
    Name an official NFL all pro team at seasons end. Have 2 at each position from each conference (2 AFC QB’s 2 NFC QB’s,etc). Have an awards show on FOX at 7pm on the Friday before the divisional round and give the guys trophies and whatever. Name your ROY and COY and all of that in one swoop. Lets guys eat chicken and wear suits to a big banquet hall and chill with their peers and go up on stage and grab a nice glass paperweight and nobody has to get hurt or fake an injury to avoid playing in a menaingless game that could result in a career ending injury.
    It will take Randy Moss or Julius Peppers suffering a career ending injury on the 3rd play to get rid of this game once and for all.

  31. They should do what the NHL did one year and play North America All-Stars vs The Rest of The World.

  32. IT IS “STUPID”.
    The Colts are practicing on Sunday… but not the biggest Colts stars because they are forced to just show up for the Pro Bowl and NOT TRAVEL WITH THE TEAM.
    NFL, that IS about the dumbest thing you’ve done recently.
    Miss practice, don’t travel with the team, don’t play in the game, and put the Pro Bowl over Super Bowl preparations… “STUPID” indeed NFL.
    This can all be resolved by just moving the Pro Bowl to the week after. There is absolutely NO REASON why the game is played this week and not after.

  33. SWILPackfan says: January 26, 2010 3:41 PM
    P.S. Why is Indianapolis the only city that hosts the combine? it seems like it gives them an unearned/unfair advantage with the scouting.
    The NFL, per se, doesn’t run the Combine… but rather by the National Invitational Camp and it’s sister company National Football Scouting… which is HQ’d in Indianapolis, as is the NCAA. NIC and NFS have agreements with a local health organization to provide physicals and such for the athletes…
    From the Indianapolis Business Journal:
    “For the 2006 Combine, Clarian executed 2,683 X-rays, 400 MRIs, 350 physical and psychological examinations, hundreds of blood tests, urinalyses, EKGs, CAT scans, ultrasounds, bone scans and more in just four days.”

  34. Agreed. The new Pro Bowl format is stupid.
    Not nearly as stupid as pulling your starters when you’re 14-0 and leading late in the 3rd quarter of a game, but still pretty stupid.
    Polian and some members of the media and fans can say all they want if the Colts somehow beat the Saints, but even then with time you become just 1 of 45 Super Bowl champs. Impressive sure, but not truly historic like 19-0 would’ve been.
    Worst. Decision. Ever.

  35. who wudda thunk the guy could be SO correct after managing perhaps the biggest front office blunder in pro football history (pulling starters)???

  36. TO SWILPackFan –
    How does Indianapolis have an advantage in the scouting department simply by the location of the Host city of the Combine? I would just like the rational. I am interested.

  37. hurls187 says:
    January 26, 2010 3:25 PM
    i like this guy’s balls. he is 100% right
    no homo

  38. hurls187 says:
    January 26, 2010 3:25 PM
    “i like this guy’s balls.”
    First off, thats what she said.
    Second, it is ridiculous that the NFL is requiring the players on the SB teams to make an appearance. It is a pointless distraction for these guys while preparing for the BIGGEST GAME OF THEIR LIFE!
    BUT, obviously the purpose of this game (like any “All Star” event in all major sporting leagues) is to create some bonus revenue. No, the Pro Bowl well never dissappear, and I dont fault the NFL for trying to maximize their worth. Any good business does this. I actually applaud the way they make changes every off season to “improve” the league. Its a major reason why its the #1 sport in this country, and soon to be the world. Does every change guarantee success? No. But they have gotten it right well over the majority of the time and the fact that they are always looking to improve is a good thing.
    Who would you rather have running your league: Roger Goodell, Bud Selig, David Stern, or Gary Bettman? Exactly. Goodell may swing and miss on the Pro Bowl and a few rule changes, but the integrity of the game is in tact and at the same time improvements are made every year. That cant be said with the other 3.

  39. If Polian and the Dolt’s are complaining about it, it will get changed. They complained about receivers being touched after 5 yards and now a CB can’t breath on a wide-out. They bitched about hitting poor Payton and now he wines everything someone gets near him. Polian, why don’t you shut up and have another scotch.

  40. Wow I didn’t realize they were making the players on the SB teams go and watch, that is absolutely terrible.

  41. Even as a kid I thought the probowl was weak. Its not real football.
    It’s clear that the “powers that be” thought that more people would pay attention to the probowl during Superbowl week.
    Then, the law of unintended consequences showed up. Resulting in:
    -Too many players from the Superbowl teams = too many replacements. It’d be interesting if they even did an analysis to see how many probowlers in years past were competing in the Superbowl.
    -Players who might be willing to go after 2 more weeks, bowing out.
    -Players not wanting to go to a Superbowl city, instead of Hawaii.

  42. I might feel bad for these guys if there weren’t people 681 miles away from Miami in Haiti with REAL troubles.
    This douche wants to talk about sending a bad message out to kids? Bitching about flying around the country in private jets to kick and throw a ball is hardly a burden when compared to the real problems in the world.
    Shut up and count your money jerk off.

  43. Gotta agree with 4fraud, haven’t watched/cared about the PB since I was a little kid. Also like his idea for an All Pro ceremony.
    Just replace the Pro-Bowl with the Senior Bowl and put it back in Hawaii. I’m sure those college kids would LOVE a free trip to Hawaii and I’m much more interested in seeing a game of college all-stars (?) / draft picks than I am seeing a scrimmage of players worn down from a 16+ game season.

  44. As the nfl trys to go into other markets they rob the good people of Hawaii of the one chance a year they get to see almost NFL football live.
    While its hard to feel sorry for those folks living in hawaii I would think we could consider an american state VS the damn Britts
    You take a game away from Hawaii are you going to give them a regular season game?
    This idea sucked maybe the probowel should be played in England
    Taking regular season games overseas robs fans of a home game

  45. What if the Ravens and Vikings would have made it.
    The Ravens had four starters going, vikings had ten.
    That would be a hugely disproportionate inconvenience, giving an advantage to the underdog team, because usually the teams with the better records get more attention/PB voting.
    What if Brees or Manning got freakishly hurt during the pro bowl?
    Who’s head would/will roll if a starter in the superbowl steps funny and snaps a knee?

  46. Why not do a sophomore vs. Rookie game instead and just recognize a truly legitimate fan-voted all-star team. They don’t need to play, but they don’t get paid a large chunk either. The sophomores vs. rookies would at least make for some interesting television. Obviously go back to playing the game in Hawaii the week after the super bowl, because it also may be some of the players first trip to the Islands. They might actually be excited to take the trip in the first place and they are still young enough to the point that they still may somewhat put enough energy into the game to make it fun, and for a lot of them it is a chance to prove who really deserves rookie of the year honors etc… I don’t know, could be a bad idea, but I think I would rather watch that. Just my two cents.

  47. let atlanta play houston. they narrowly missed the playoffs and both were rolling again at the end of the regular season.

  48. callmecougar says:
    January 26, 2010 5:18 PM
    I might feel bad for these guys if there weren’t people 681 miles away from Miami in Haiti with REAL troubles.
    This douche wants to talk about sending a bad message out to kids? Bitching about flying around the country in private jets to kick and throw a ball is hardly a burden when compared to the real problems in the world.
    Shut up and count your money jerk off.
    That’s right. Because there was an earthquake we can’t talk about anything else. Great idea. Glad you shared it with us. Now why don’t you fly off to Haiti and help out? Clearly, sitting here and talking football isn’t what you should be doing.

  49. That’s right. Because there was an earthquake we can’t talk about anything else. Great idea. Glad you shared it with us. Now why don’t you fly off to Haiti and help out? Clearly, sitting here and talking football isn’t what you should be doing.
    No body said you can’t talk about it. I was just stating how childish is is for a millionaire owner to bitch about it.
    Now go back downstairs in mommy and daddy’s basement and diddle with yourself in front of a poster of Florio.

  50. I live in Hawaii and I could tell you the reason the Pro Bowl never sells out in Hawaii is because it is a boring game. It lacks intensity that you get from a regular season game.
    If they want to make the game more meaningful they should rename the Pro Bowl to the Hall of Fame All Star Game and have it in place of the Hall of Fame game. That way you get all these football starve fans to attend and watch on TV, players are not burnt out from the season and you will have a bunch of future Hall of Famers playing a game honoring the Hall of Famers of now.
    The only problem I see with this is that it may conflict with training camps or like any other game the risk of injury.

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