Report: Colts will leave Pro Bowl at halftime

The Indianapolis Colts are required to make an appearance at the Pro Bowl game in Miami on Sunday night.

But they aren’t required to stay for whole thing.

Alex Marvez of reports that the Colts contingent will leave the game at halftime to return to Indianapolis with their teammates.  Then, they’ll travel with the team on Monday to Miami.

Per Marvez, the league will permit the players to leave at the half, “after fulfilling media and television responsibilities.”

Saints players also will return to New Orleans on Sunday night and fly back to Miami the next day.

The 14 total Saints and Colts make up nearly half of the 29 players who have bailed on the annual all-star game.

67 responses to “Report: Colts will leave Pro Bowl at halftime

  1. The 14 total Saints and Colts make up nearly half of the 29 players who have bailed on the annual all-star game.
    bailed???? I think they are playing for something a little bigger.

  2. For a league that makes as much money as the NFL, they run it like a bunch of morons. They deserve all the hate they will get whit the lockout. The greediest SOBs ever.

  3. Why don’t they all just show up and sit on the bench or mill around on the sidelines…they know how to do that!

  4. I can’t believe the NFL didn’t foresee these problems. What a turd this has turned out to be.
    Add yet another chink in the NFL’s shield courtesy of Roger Goodell.

  5. OK, this is just ridiculous. Does every player that withdraws from the Pro Bowl have to appear, or just the SB players? I’m all for having the PB in the in between week, but this is just crazy. Let those players concentrate on preparing for the big game.

  6. Why can’t the NFL realize that this game isn’t about ratings but about honoring the hard work, talent and sacrifice of these players.
    The game should be in Hawaii at the end of the season to hell with ratings the players deserve a little R&R after a grinding season.

  7. Asinine….fly back to Indy (or New Orleans) to turn around and fly back the next day?!?
    I don’t care if it is a plush charter plane that 90% of football fans would never see the inside of…its a waste of money.
    I get the whole team concept, really I do but two long flights in two days? Why not just stay in Miami?

  8. Every Colt and Saint required to appear at this joke of a game should be provided with a nice big Hawaiian lei to wear around their neck. Just as a jab at the commish and NFL for this ridiculous requirement.

  9. so the nfl wants them to fly to miami, watch the first half of a meaningless game, then fly back home and fly back to miami again. Its clear the Nfl head office on park avenue needs drug testing.
    Let’s see what Goodell has screwed up:
    -allowing the bills to play meaningless games in toronto in a ghetto stadium with horrible turf.
    -allowing the england games to continue, when fans in europe don’t care about the game.
    -the discussion of a pointless 17-game season, when coaches already rest guys in a 16-game season, and tons of players get hurt in 16-game seasons.
    -the destruction of the draft format and allowing it to go to 3 nights instead of the classic weekend draft, where fans of all teams can take a weekend off relax in new york and just chill out.
    -the pro bowl debacle, why miami? why before the superbowl? why do you allow QBs that pass for 10 touchdowns to make the probowl.
    -allowing Espn to broadcast and ruin monday night football.
    -take out those damn headsets outta the player’s helmets, and allow QBs to call their own plays, and allow MLBs to call defensive players, Goodell needs to put the game back into the player’s hands and let them control the tempo.
    -being too lazy to constrcut a rookie entry level contract.
    -allowing al davis, jerry jones, and dan snyder to continue to be douchebags.
    -fining players for doing dances, while he doesn\t fine teams like cowboys for being ignorant/

  10. “Bailed???? I think they are playing for something a little bigger.”
    Exactly. As usual, Florio takes a complete non-story and tries to instigate some sort of feelings of outrage. (This place really is the trashy National Enquirer of sports journalism).
    Sorry, but instead of lashing out at the Colts and Saints players who dare think preparing for the SB just might be a little more important than the meaningless joke that the Pro Bowl’s become, I’ll just use this as further proof that the Pro Bowl itself has become a meaningless mess.

  11. Shit, why even show up in the first place…. this is a joke.
    The NFL really needs to re-think the Pro Bowl.

  12. I may be an idiot for saying this, but why don’t the Pro Bowler Colts and Saints just stay in Miami overnight? Would it be that terrible to spend another night at the hotel?

  13. So the greatest player of all times has to go from indy to Fl and then to indy them Fl
    Can anyone this is so dumb you would think its being run by oshitbma

  14. Nobody cares about any story related to the pro bowl Florio! Unless the story is “Pro Bowl canceled” nobody gives a f-ck.

  15. It finally is time for the NFL suits on Park Ave. to admit that this annual charade has seen its final days. 29 players are opting out of the game, 14 of whom are playing in the SB. Poorly planned and ill-timed only begins to describe how this game has fallen in the proverbial crapper. Other than the money the league continues to garner from the game and surrounding activities and festivities, it is worthless.

  16. Stop this Pro Bowl game madness now. If they’re going to do anything, how about a skills competition? Maybe they could bring back the Fastest Man contest. Maybe a QB accuracy competition. There’s not much to work with because of the nature of football, but at least some stars might actually participate in non-contact skills contests.

  17. Boy, is this STUPID !!!
    What NFL Jackass dreamed this stunt up? Fly to Miami on Sunday so they can wave to the crowd … fly back home Sunday night – get up – fly back to Miami on Monday morning.
    Screw Super Bowl preparations … we need to see them on Florida soil a week early so that we can be thrilled to death as they smile for the TV cameras. Nice. Real Nice.
    Has Goodell ever blocked a punt? Maybe he should stand on the 50 yard line and “take one” at half-time of this snore fest … I might even tune in to watch that one.

  18. How dumb….. Day after day players from the Vikings, etc can drop out of the ProBowl but the teams in the Superbowl are required to be there for “obligatory” reasons and the ratings….. How F’n dumb.

  19. The No fun league fines for everything. So why not fine all the players that bailed on the game? Except the Super bowl team guys.

  20. Roger Goodell sits in the sky box and over looks his kingdom and the posters above are right, he really has screwed things up. I wonder if his people who kiss his butt will let him know what the TV ratings were this past weekend and maybe he will get off his dead ass along with the NFL Players Union and get a deal done before 2011. When anybody interviews him, his answers sound like a lawyer, in fact I think he has his law degree, maybe he will start a blog.

  21. The pro bowl is in its death throws and will be a little story you tell your grandkids about.
    “I remember when I was little, they played this ridiculously meaningless game at the end of every season. They called it the pro bowl, but it was nothing but a bunch of dudes playing backyard ball in the middle of their vacation.”

  22. Bigbluefan says:
    So the greatest player of all times has to go from indy to Fl and then to indy them Fl
    Can anyone this is so dumb you would think its being run by oshitbma
    What a highly intelligent individual you seem to be.
    Good to know they finally got round to installing wi-fi access at the trailer park.

  23. Decision to play the pro bowl this weekend= worst decision ever! Seriously, whoever thought this was a good idea is an idiot! Superbowl players should NOT have to deal with this BS during their most important week of the year!

  24. Hmm. What would be the penalty for not showing? I think I’d take the penalty. Make Goodell put his money where his foot is, I mean mouth is.

  25. Florio…wheres the “Colts pull players early again” headline…they played into your hands perfectly here!

  26. Really? Why can’t they just drop out like everyone else has. Guys like Favre or Rice dropped out but they don’t have to show. While the Pro-bowl has always been a bit of a joke, this one will be ridiculous.

  27. Yeah, this Probowl thing has been handled terribly by the league. Mind you, Indi are hardly helping matters by requiring their players to travel back only to go back again the following day. I’m assuming this is something the team are insisting on anyway, I can’t imagine it being the players’ choice.

  28. daffy87 says:
    January 26, 2010 10:55 PM
    Nobody cares about any story related to the pro bowl Florio! Unless the story is “Pro Bowl canceled” nobody gives a f-ck.
    Actually alot of people care that the NFL is forcing Superbowl players to show up to the damn probowl.

  29. “So the greatest player of all times has to go from indy to Fl and then to indy them Fl
    Can anyone this is so dumb you would think its being run by oshitbma”
    Well Bigbluefan, looks like you once again have to turn something that isn’t political at all into a game of politics. The irony kills me, really. You are calling Obama dumb, yet your rhetoric is nonsensical. Yeah keep proving just how brilliant your neoconservative mind is.
    Oh and yeah put the Pro Bowl back to Hawaii after the Super Bowl. Doing away with it altogether would be stupid. Every league needs an All Star game.

  30. No one cares about the Pro Bowl. I have alot of friends that love football, yet every year I dont know of one that watches the Pro Bowl.
    This ain’t baseball or basketball.

  31. so the colts and saints are allowed to go home after they fulfil their media responsibilities?
    Isn’t there an entire WEEK before the superbowl for that crap?

  32. The should have the Pro Bowl players just play Madden against each other on giant screens in the stadium. It would be just as entertaining, and the only possibility of injury might be a thumb strain.

  33. they are required to attend?
    that’s stupid. The probowl is supposed to be a reward. I guess more players will bail next year.
    Pretty soon it will be played by a bunch of alternates. I can’t wait to watch that.

  34. Re:leatherneck says:
    January 26, 2010 10:47 PM
    I may be an idiot for saying this, but why don’t the Pro Bowler Colts and Saints just stay in Miami overnight? Would it be that terrible to spend another night at the hotel?
    I was thinking that same thing.

  35. This is idiocy at it’s finest. Every Colt and Saint should pull out of the game due to injury, and then say they are better for the Super Bowl the next week. Flying down to wave at the crowd is just stupid.

  36. Florio: Is that a means of the players/NFLPA to tell the Owners that the players don’t want two additional regular season games???
    I consider myself a fan and don’t want two additonal games as well. Fix the playoffs and rookie pay and we’ll be fine.

  37. A few comments…
    1. Waste of air travel.
    2. Many of the Colts & Saints are nursing injuries and should be at their team’s facility with the team’s doctors/trainers to receive treatment.
    3. It sounds like if they are leaving at halftime then they will probably be on the sidelines during the first half. What happens when a tackle out of bounds rolls up on Manning’s ankle or knee? It’s feasible.
    4. I like the idea of playing Madden between the Superbowl All-Pros which could be played remotely. This could turn into a charity event for Haiti, the NFL’s Play 60 or raise money for youth football for inner city programs or American Samoa.
    5. Lastly, I think Roger is trying to hard to leave his mark on the NFL when he should be focusing on a new CBA.

  38. The NFL rarely does something that is so obviously stupid, but this is one of those occasions. The idiocy for the NFL to open themselves up to ANY scrutiny regarding the players who are in the Superbowl, their biggest event, is a once in a generation stupid decision. This is akin to Coca-Cola changing their formula and bringing in New Coke in the ’80’s.

  39. Am I the only person who got at least a little entertainment/enjoyment out of watching my favorite and my most hated NFL star players showing a little personality & yakking it up in sunny Hawaii in February, as I gazed out the window at the frozen tundra of my yard? Especially considering there’s nothing else worth watching at that time of year anyways?
    Maybe that’s the leagues ploy here, make us appreciate what we had.

  40. In other words, the Colts stars will be doing the same thing they did the last 3 weeks of the season: leave at half time?

  41. I’ll repeat the sentiment….What a waste of money!! Why can’t they just stay there and wait for the rest of their respective teams to show up the next day!!

  42. The Pro Bowl should have stayed after the Superbowl. If the NFL really wants a game during the 2 week lag, then have the Conference Championship losers play for the 3rd pick in the Draft. Winner gets 3rd, loser gets 4th. Would have been interesting to watch Favre play the team he left in the dust last season.

  43. I’m not a tree hugger, but leaving at halftime in Miami to fly back to Indy just to turn around to fly back to Miami the next day is ridiculous. A tremendous waste of money and gasoline if they fly non-commercial airlines.
    Use that money they’ll waste on that flight from Miami to Indy and give it to the NFL veteran’s group that Ditka advocates.

  44. It isn’t like Florio wrote the story. It was Marvez at fox sports that wrote it. I will never understand why some people complain about Florio’s posts and continue to read this posts. It seems like it is the same people everytime. Do some of you just need attention?

  45. Thats what you get when the people in charge & the owners of the teams never played the game. Buch of old white guys in starched shirts & 25,000 dollar suits pushing there stupidity upon all of us. What a joke professional sports has become. From Selig to now Goodell trying to convince the American public to care about a stupid game that doesn’t count for nothing. Selig is the ultimate idiot with his all star gimmick of whoever whens that league gets home field advantage, not because they earned it but because they want to keep making money off of the public. Preseason football charges the same amount for a game where the starters might play a total of 3 quarter for 4 games.

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