Tim Tebow has strep throat, will play in Senior Bowl

Maybe Tim Tebow has an excuse for his unimpressive showing in Senior Bowl practices.

ESPN is reporting that Tebow has strep throat.

The report on SportsCenter was short on details, and it’s not clear whether strep throat causes quarterbacks to struggle under center, but ESPN did say Tebow is still planning to play in the Senior Bowl.

The news that Tebow has strep throat was first noted on Twitter on Monday night, but wasn’t reported in the media until the Tuesday afternoon SportsCenter.

38 responses to “Tim Tebow has strep throat, will play in Senior Bowl

  1. Maybe it was all the yapping he was forced to do tapping the Super Bowl anti-abortion commercial?
    Or maybe St Timothy employed AP’s anti-fumble coach to train him up for the Sr Bowl?

  2. Pure comedy how they’re already trying to spin this and say strep throat is to blame for his disaster of a showing. Also interesting how this was only mentioned after his horrible showing.

  3. I am a Tebow fan but do we need to know everythign about his every move?
    It is the same way with Obama and where he goes to lunch etc.
    In the news today, in order to help Tebow go to his right better, he bagan wiping Florio’s a** with his right hand.

  4. This kid is a product of the media love affair with his “heart and passion.”
    There is now way he should be considered anything more than a late round ( 4-7 ) project player.

  5. Maybe Baby Jesus should come see Benny Hinn down in Orlando. Benny can annoint his jacket and toss it in Timmy’s face and give him a miracle healing.

  6. Media is desperate for another darling now that Bert Favre is likely gone. Enter yet another media friendly gun-slinger. Will he be another Lonesome Rhodes? Only time will tell.
    The key is if Peter King gets a text message from him.

  7. C’mon… everyone knows that strep throat, left untreated, can develop into a raging case of fumble-itis.

  8. Tim Tebow has yet to throw his first pass in the NFL (it will be an incompletion), and I’m already sick of him.
    He’s the JJ Reddick of football.

  9. perhaps it’s from getting to close to all the little boys he circumsizes in his spare time.
    tasteless jokes are the best.

  10. I guess thats why he kept “coughing the ball up”… surprised you missed that opprotunity at a lame joke Florio.
    This guy is the new Brett Favre, hasnt even been in the league for 20 minutes yet and people are following his every move like hes been in it 20 years

  11. What has Tebow ever done to receive the hate he gets? Hate the media who obsess over his every move, not him.

  12. I saw that guy talking at the podium after the practice on espnnews…he talked and takked and talked, barely took a breath and never stopped. It was a giant run-on sentence. So maybe that’s why his throat hurts.

  13. “I saw that guy talking at the podium after the practice on espnnews…he talked and takked and talked, barely took a breath and never stopped. It was a giant run-on sentence. So maybe that’s why his throat hurts. ”
    god bless.

  14. I thought he was infallable? I guess the batphone to the big man up stairs doesn’t get reception in Mobile.

  15. In unrelated news…..
    Tebow will be doing another Super Bowl commercial, this one about the horrors of playing football with strep throat.
    Pro strep throat groups are outraged!

  16. I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-shirt cause it says like, “I wanna be formal but I’m here to party too,” cause I like to party, so I like my Jesus to party.

  17. strep throat shouldnt be anything….. he healed Urban Meyer from his life being in danger from stress in just one practice

  18. I gained more respect for him for the Superbowl ad. There’s more to LIFE than football. PUN intended!

  19. JAG880 says: January 26, 2010 2:24 PM
    “What has Tebow ever done to receive the hate he gets? Hate the media who obsess over his every move, not him.”
    …nothing. The ones who make fun of him are just losers who are very insecure with themselves. I totally understand how people can choose not to be a fan of his as a football player, and I can also understand not agreeing with his religious views, but the guy has never done anything to warrant the kind of sophomoric hatred that many of the doofuses on internet message boards and comment sections dish out to him.

  20. I’m glad Tebow is showing how ungodly overrated he really is. It’s bad when Tony Pike is showing him up down there right now. Of course that wasn’t mentioned here though. Just wait for the combine. You’ll see Tebow is nothing. Oh wait, he might have a yeast infection then.

  21. Oh, why don’t you Baby Jesus fans just stop crying. You can’t deal with the teasing? Don’t read the posts.
    I wonder if Tebow supported the lie that was the Iraq War? Can hardly be called “Pro-Life” in that case, huh?

  22. BTW….we can ALL agree that if anyone was running a pro-choice ad, Focus on the Family would completely and utterly lose their shit, right?

  23. This is the Tebow that we all expected. Fumbling snaps, throwing into the dirt and getting shown up by Div II QB’s.
    For his sake, I only hope the media documents without bias how in the post practice supper he feeds the entire offense with one EAS Myoplex supplement shake.

  24. Wow. These comments are a sad reflection of our society.
    It’s not Tebow’s he fault he was such a great college player and and even better person. It’s the media’s fault for over-exposing that. You all can only wish you were so valuable to this world.

  25. Pike puts on 20 lbs and he will be a first rounder. Of course if he does that by the draft, he will probably have failed a drug test.
    Personally, I don’t care for Tebow because of the “no one will work harder than me” speech. What kind of sanctimonious bull crap is that. Plus in the title game when one of the announcers said that spending only five minutes with Tebow would make anyone a better person. The media overhyped him. Great college player, but lets not make him any more than he really is. And anyone using an athlete as a role model for their children is a moron. My wife and I are the role models for our children, and the only people we count on a such.
    The only upside so far is that he is not addressing any of the crap he gets, for that I respect him.

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