Yet another Pro Bowl replacement

R.White.jpgWith the Pro Bowl five days away, yet another new player has been added.

The Falcons have announced that receiver Roddy White is now on the NFC roster.

The release doesn’t name the player White will be replacing.  The other receivers are DeSean Jackson of the Eagles, Miles Austin of the Cowboys, Sidney Rice of the Vikings, and Steve Smith of the Giants.

Since Rice is the guy who has played most recently, Rice is the guy most likely to have joined the Minnesota exodus from Miami.

UPDATE:  ESPN reports, via Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, that Rice has indeed backed out.  He’s the fourth Viking to bail.

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  1. I think moving the Pro Bowl to the week ahead of the SB in the same city was a well intentioned failure. Far more players seem to be backing out and the reality is a lot of them probably don’t give a sh*t about a chance to go to Florida as compared to a trip to Hawaii.
    I think the game has to go back to Hawaii and stay there or what little tiny bit of validity it has will be totally lost.

  2. They’ve managed to make the least-popular all-star event in sports even worse. I’ve watched the pro bowl the last few years and I don’t think I’m even going to bother this year.

  3. The NFL should just open the Pro Bowl to volunteers who want to play…
    Bookmark this: The NFL will do away w/the PB in the next 3 years.

  4. Replace this game with: RAMS VS LIONS
    with the winner being award the 1st overall draft pick.

  5. I bet if the NFL took away those Pro Bowl game checks we would have less ‘injuries’. Either make the players play and add some incentive or just get rid of it. My best memory is when the late Sean Taylor laid out that kicker! Can anyone else name a vivid memory of ANY Pro Bowl?

  6. It can’t be DeSean because he actually did his UStream show on the plane to Miami yesterday. And then he did an update from his hotel room. Plus, he’s selling DeSean Pro Bowl T-shirts on his web site.

  7. Awesome. Because the fake game needed to be watered down even more. When’s Shane Falco going to be announced to play?

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if more continue to drop out since it’s no longer a Hawaii getaway, which is all these guys probably saw it as in the first place.

  9. Adam Schefter just reported that replacing Vikings DT Pat Williams will be DT Justin Smith from the 49ers, who is actually a 5 technique in the 3-4.
    This is starting to get sad.

  10. Can we finally declare the 2010 Pro Bowl experiment an utter failure?
    The NFL needs to just accept the fact that the continental US fans do not care to attend and the NFL players do not have a burning desire to go to Miami — a desitnation that most of these players have gone to before. The NFL fans in Hawaii will go to the game because it is, you know, the only NFL game played on the island all year so it is a special event. The players and coaches will gladly go to Hawaii because it is, you know, a tropical paradise that makes for a perfect end of season family vacation.
    The prospect of getting injured in a Pro Bowl game is not not overcome if the game is in Miami.

  11. The Pro Bowl is turning into a joke.
    They should add JaMarcus Russell. At least he needs the reps……

  12. So, how long until Goodell reconsiders putting it the week before the super bowl?
    Since right now the current system seems to make it that, in addition to the people who just don’t want to be there, the players from all of the final four teams will just elect to stay home. You’d expect a lot of the best players to be on those teams.
    Better yet, just cancel the pro bowl entirely. There’s no need for it.

  13. At the rate the NFL is going, they’ll have a greater % of players per position making the probowl as hockey teams making the NHL playoffs.
    I heard there were 7 centers that could call themselves probowlers. That’s over 20%!
    Florio, you should have a probowl counting meter on the home page.

  14. Shocker… while I applaud the NFL for trying to make the game relevant, this was just a bad idea. First off, it’s not in Hawaii this year due to their previous dispute with them. Secondly, doing it the week between the Chumpionship games and SB is just a bad idea… obviously, you lose all the SB participants and what players want to play six days after getting their hearts ripped out IN THE SAME LOCATION as where they’d like to be to play the SB!? At least after the SB, only one team’s players may bail due to heartbreak–plus since it’s in Hawaii they may bite the bullet and show up anyway. Good intentions, unintended consequences–like most well-meaning “legislation”.

  15. I thought Jackson was already out as WR, or do I have that backwards? Wasn’t there a story that he would be the KR because he got more votes that way? So his WR spot came open?
    Maybe I’m taking crazy pills.

  16. Someone asked for a vivid Pro Bowl memory… I have one. I think it was two years ago that Adrian Peterson treated the Pro Bowl like a regular game and ran like a mad man. He put his shoulder into people and didn’t go out of bounds.
    Of course, he didn’t fumble so it wasn’t entirely like a real game for him.
    (I am a Viks fan that is still pissed off).

  17. “Replace this game with: RAMS VS LIONS
    with the winner being award the 1st overall draft pick.”
    Now this is a quality idea…

  18. Goodell does not make mistakes, he is always right…..especially when it come to making a profit which is all that matters to him.
    that being said I got free tickets to the probowl and far be it from me to turn down the opportunity to tailgate in beautiful south florida weather with a bunch of friends knowing that i can rely on my girlfriend to drive my drunk ass home.

  19. Vivid Pro Bowl Memories????
    Farve on the ground….Farve on the ground…..
    Oh, sorry, that was in the NFC Championship Game in New Orleans.

  20. CdnMike, as a Saints fan, you guys played a great game and have a good young team. Solidy the QB position and you’ll be a force for years. AP will be fine. He is the 2nd best RB in the league (behind Chris Johnson).
    When I get to a realistic fan – I find it easy to have real talk.

  21. Since the Pro Bowl is a meaningless game, it is not a compelling or entertaining game to watch. So the NFL should scrap the game, but still name the NFC and AFC Pro Bowl teams — it is an honor that should be rewarded with a trip to Hawaii.
    If they want to make the week between the Championship games and the SB relevant, play a NFC/AFC consolation game. The losers of the Championship games will play for 3rd and 4th place with the winner gettting the better draft position.

  22. @ RayDaMayor of ??? His own mind i guess…Hmm. Great post. I hope another sub-par game gets you through the Superbowl. If the Vikes didn’t beat themselves, lord knows as well as you do that you would’nt be found on this thread. Why are you on a Viking thread anyway?? Now that your team made it to the big game isn’t there anything to post on your own teams page? Good luck in Miami. :)See you in NO next year…

  23. Minnesota players just arent man enough to accept that they are playing in Miami a week earlier then all their fans gauranteed. And yes pervy harvin, you are still my bitch. Ill let you out of my death grip once you manage to beat my SAINTS, I feel as if I have some time……………..hmmm, what to do? I guess I can clear my wall for that Super Bowl Champs poster……………..

  24. Good for Roddy, he managed to have 11 TD’s and 1,153 yards this season despite not having Matt Ryan throwing to him for 3 games.
    Also, the Mike Vick post is funny, it’s amazing that Roddy White has had 3 1,100+ yard seasons in a row, one of them being in 2007 when the main starters were Joey Harrington and Byron “I better throw it into the stands” Leftwich. His best year with Vick.. 506 yards. Roddy has admitted to not taking football serious his first few seasons but to me it seems someone couldn’t throw good passes over someone not catching the ball.

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