Kaeding injured at practice

Well, this makes a lot more sense.

Nate Kaeding’s sudden withdrawal from the Pro Bowl was because of injury. He showed up for practice Wednesday morning, but suffered a “slight tear” in his groin, according to Jarrett Bell of USA Today.  That is one rough way for Kaeding to go into the offseason. 

There was a line of thinking that Kaeding had an opportunity to wipe away the bitter taste of his final game by hitting some field goals during game action.

Instead, he’ll have to start rehabbing a new injury.

UPDATE: Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune spoke with Kaeding after the practice.  The kicker was disappointed that he won’t participate in the rest of the week.

“I had mentally structured it in my mind, I was going to take this week
seriously,” Kaeding said. “I was looking forward to getting out there [in the Pro Bowl] and getting to kick and going through that, rather
than six months from now.”

19 responses to “Kaeding injured at practice

  1. What else is going to go wrong for this guy? Dog gonna get hit by a car?
    Wouldn’t wanna be on his flight back to Sandy Eggo.

  2. Nate owned up to his misses after the game, answering all questions asked of him. The guy is money during regular season games…but goes all Ray Finkle in the postseason. Must suck to a kicker…talk about highs and lows.

  3. Gregg,
    Any idea why Sebastian Janikowski (Seabass) was passed over for a second time? He had a better year than Keading and his replacement Dan Carpenter from Miami.
    Can you guys figure out if Seabass passed on it?

  4. Yeah right… kicking a couple of useless field goals will make up for the three he freakin yanked during the playoffs to lose the game… Perhaps you should be more concerned with finding a new home in another city. Thanks Nate, you choke artist

  5. How in the world would anything he could have done in the Pro Bowl “wipe away the bitter taste of his final game”?
    I don’t care if he hit seven field goals, had 5 tackles on kickoffs, and came in at QB in the fourth quarter and threw 3 touchdown passes, nothing he could do in a worthless exhibition would have atoned for what he did in the playoffs.

  6. “Take this week seriously”…….BRO are you kidding me…..The most serious week of your life was two weeks ago. This is the least serious week in the history of competitive football. I doubt the coverage will make more than one loop on sportscenter.

  7. This guy gets the yips every time it counts, and now he strains his vagina before the pro bowl? Have fun with that, Charger fan.

  8. Who’s the new QB starting for the afc after all the cancellations? BRADY QUINN?
    This probowl is going to blow

  9. Has anyone mentioned that he wasnt feeling quite right when he missed those field goals and that this injury was coming on?
    Ive heard stories of guys just not feeling right in the weeks just before something tears

  10. Speedy Recovery Nate!! Still the most accurate kicker in the NFL!!!!! We’ll take you in Miami if they don’t want you in San Diego….

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