Keenan McCardell will join Redskins' staff

We noted yesterday that former NFL wide receiver Keenan McCardell was interested in joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ coaching staff. Today McCardell has a coaching job. But not with the Bucs.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Washington will hire McCardell as its wide receivers coach.

McCardell was a coaching intern last summer with the New York Giants, but he has never been on a coaching staff. He also has never played for Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, but Shanahan apparently thinks McCardell’s wealth of NFL experience makes him a good fit for the job.

Although most fans likely don’t remember it, McCardell both began and ended his NFL career with the Redskins. He was drafted by the Redskins in 1991, and his final season in the NFL was with the Redskins, in 2007.

McCardell also played for the Browns, Jaguars, Buccaneers and Chargers, and he spent training camp in 2007 with the Houston Texans, where he likely made a good impression on Kyle Shanahan, who was then the Texans’ quarterbacks coach and is now the Redskins’ offensive coordinator.

9 responses to “Keenan McCardell will join Redskins' staff

  1. “Shanahan apparently thinks McCardell’s wealth of NFL experience makes him a good fit for the job.”
    Yeah, because Shanahan, & almost every really good NFL coach were NFL players…Oh, wait.

  2. Our last receiving coach didn’t produce any starting wrs (except Thomas, who still definitely has not lived up to his potential) through his entire tenure. I guess nobody really knows what McCardell will be like as a coach, but holy crap, it was definitely time for a change.

  3. A coach?! hahaha thank you Shanahans, your wideouts are going to turn into even bigger pussies! The foreskins decline even further…

  4. Maybe he can help with that Oklahoma WR and the Mich St one…they havent exactly lit it up
    Well first off the Oklahoma wr’s name is Malcolm Kelly and he had an up and down year, but was rarely used until injuries occured and the Michigan State one is Devin Thomas and any redskins fan (like me) seen him and he actually started to light it up, but then got hurt and missed the last games, He will be good next year when healthy and when used Kelly will be good too and Marko Mitchell also has a future and with two stud tight ends in Chris Cooley and Fred Davis, catching is the least of my worries, but McCardell as a wr coach could be good, it will be his first job and he wasn’t a bad reciever in his day.

  5. Only thing missing there would be… oh yeah, Rod Smith or Ed McCaffrey!?
    Stan Hixon had to be the worst WR coach ever, seriously. Talk about lowering the expectations of a franchise and fanbase… “Whoa! He’s got 20 catches this yr, thats like 19 more than last yr!”

  6. i think its a great move…this guy made a career from working hard and being a class act and i think it will translate to his coaching

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