Kerry Rhodes says he wants to stay with Jets

K_Rhodes.jpgSpeaking on SNY Wednesday night, safety Kerry Rhodes said he wants to remain with the Jets.

The bigger question is whether coach Rex Ryan feels the same way.  Ryan and Rhodes spoke on Monday, and the head coach was unusually vague when asked about the player he benched for a short stretch late in the year.

Rhodes says he’ll speak to Ryan again soon, and he has the option to stay or ask for a trade.  But it would be very surprising if the Jets didn’t listen to offers, no matter what Rhodes wants.

The Newark Star-Ledger says Rhodes isn’t especially popular in the locker room, and his inconsistent tackling probably isn’t popular with Ryan.

7 responses to “Kerry Rhodes says he wants to stay with Jets

  1. It would almost be an insult, but a team could use him just to light a fire under their current Safties asses.

  2. If Rhodes is a limp-armed locker room malcontent, as this article seems to imply, he can probably find gainful employment in Oakland. Davis is likely to outbid nobody for his services. Kerry can relax with Javon and JaMarcus and Darren, and talk about how hard it is to make a living these days. Maybe they’ll hook up with DeAngelo Hall and play poker.

  3. Rhodes has become too much of a beauty queen to fit into the Rex Ryan plan. Rhodes is too busy worrying about what he wears or looks like or what it might do to his face if he were to actually tackle. Jets need another Leonhard – that kid has guts.

  4. What happened to Rhodes. Dude used to be one of the best, hardest hitting safeties in the league. Did his modeling career really effect his play that much?

  5. For what Rhodes has been getting paid…the jets have no choice but to get rid of him.
    He may as well have played safety without any most certainly never used them to wrap anyone up in tackling.
    Football is not THAT important to Rhodes, making videos and ‘celebrity’ life is.
    But most of all…I question Rhodes intestinal fortitude…quite frankly…HE’S SOFT

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